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CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2021 Annual Competition87.5  
August 2021BIBLIOMANIAWhat draws crowds to the bookshop? A Miliband bio, oddly – Ed’s latest is outanag. of a Miliban(d) bio; ref. former Labour leader1472  2 
June 2021NELSON/PRINCE (Right & Left)Leader of company in rep playing Hamlet maybe fluffed lines, missing one, just after he did it with Hamiltonanag. of c(ompany) in rep; anag. of l(i)nes + on (just after); refs. Prince of Denmark, Emma Hamilton; did it, i.e. had sex4342  5 
March 2021CORNFLAKESFalconers roughly grabbing hawk’s tail? They’ll get eaten for breakfast!k in anag.6261  2 
2020 Annual Competition222.5  
Christmas Special 2020A Christmas List (Anagram)Skol, G’n’T, chips, shirt, a CD (no jazz!), Boris’s retirementSkol lager340.50  2 
November 2020SUBMARINECryptically a ‘number’ is something you take to go underanag.; number = anaesthetic in clues154.50  4 
August 2020OXHEADThis here’s the pudding – soup’s the other endi.e. oxhead vs oxtail; pudding = dimwit7250 
June 2020THE YOUNG ONESAnarchic Gen X comedy outshone Gen Y rubbishanag., ref. 1980s TV series250.51  2 
May 2020ELDERSWe’re getting on train heading for Retford and Leedsanag. incl. R; Retford is a stop on the London-Leeds line151.52  2 
January 2020TWO-FACEDLying in midst of pasture, a cow fed freelyt + anag.145.52  3 
2019 Annual Competition314  
October 2019GULESTake a drink laced with drug and turn a shade of redE in slug, rev.722.51  1 
September 2019ASTER (PRINTERS DEVILRY)I, macho man, claimed a Vestal virginI’m a chaste Roman, claimed a Vestal virgin2450  1 
August 2019STERNUMWhat chest x-ray reveals is grim: lump insidestern (l)um(p)631.52  5 
July 2019NEVER SAY DIEScatter earth and sand very loosely, i.e. don’t pack it inanag. of E sand very + ie437.51  3 
June 2019FLUTTERBoth sides in final say it’s a gamblef, l utter240.50  2 
May 2019MERCURYMetallic element that’s sloshed aroundCu in merry, & lit.; sloshed = drunk7210  2 
March 2019NARCISSUSRacing about in cars? Suspect he fancies himselfanag. + sus921.50 
February 2019RAINBOWNot quite a Brownie? That could be meanag. less e, & lit.; Rainbow Guides graduate into Brownies4331  2 
2018 Annual Competition127.5  
August 2018FAIRY/POINT (Right & Left)What's at the bottom of the garden? Just a bit of your marrow rotting on tipfair + y; anag.; fairies at the b. of the g., marrow = essence, inner meaning819.52 
June 2018UNIONWhat could be reversed in Reno in urgencyhidden rev. & lit.; ref. divorce capital of US4581  2 
April 2018SOLITAIRESingle father embraces young temptress, losing head(L)olita in sire; single, noun1020.53  1 
March 2018SEAWATERSwear tea is off – it’s undrinkableanag.239.51 
February 2018DRUNKENNESSA French national’s acquired knowledge in clothing? It’s being wastedken in un N, all in dress9180  1 
2017 Annual Competition222  
Christmas Special 2017ARCHER (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Macron promises brighten ‘me generation’ of FranceMacron promises bright En Marche regeneration of France; name of M’s party3342  3 
October 2017EQUIPOISENothing is accepted by M. Barnier's team that could deliver a balanced outcome0 is in équipe (Fr); ref. Brexit talks2451  3 
August 2017HALFPENNYA beer leads to a pee? Not much change there!half + penny1442  3 
July 2017FIDDLERShady bower?2 mngs; shady = underhand3340 
June 2017COLLOP/SURTAX (Right & Left)"Even parts of Brexit values must change" – the Treasury may want this scrap with Conservatives' lead zero and election overanag. of even letters (def. the T may want this); C + 0 + poll rev. (def. scrap); ref. Hammond's 'soft Brexit' stance2292  4 
May 2017MICKEYBugging device acquires crucial dopemic + key; Mickey Finn817.53  3 
March 2017TRUMPETERAn ass in a fancy old hairdo – Republican one who proclaims and denouncesrump in tête(2) + R7282  1 
February 2017FURPHYAll I deliver is water – pub's in uproarPH in fury; PH abbrev. in earlier Chambers438.51  1 
2016 Annual Competition321.5  
Christmas Special 2016TWELVEMONTH/a thematic word of your choice (Right & Left)After midnight nocturnal creature holding new year bash exclaimed "Ah, I'm done with '16!"HEXADECIMAL; twelve + n in moth; anag. (bash) exclaimed ah2350  6 
October 2016CHOCTAWOriginal American candy cane?choc + taw (= flog)327.51  2 
September 2016GREASEPAINTStreep again unrecognisable in this?anag. & lit.; Meryl S.236.52  5 
August 2016LAUGHTERSomeone's merry from the sound of it – drunken hug alert!anag.925.50  2 
June 2016TECHNOJUNKIE"I'M LOVIN' IT!" Notice he's nuts about food from McDonald's?junk (food) in anag.; IT = information technology428.50  3 
MARCH 2016IMARI (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Republican press: "How Trump is going to win"Republican primaries show Trump is going to win526.53  5 
February 2016LIFEBOATSetting of fable with leading characters of Indian orphan and tigeranag. inc. I, o, t & lit.; ref. Life of Pi by Yann Martel, set in a drifting lifeboat2511  3 
January 2016PLAIN-JANEChucking the old jalapeño in cooking that's a bit blandanag. less O346.51  5 
2015 Annual Competition415  
November 2015LOCK STOCK AND BARRELHacked bank card tells crook allanag., all adv.8172  1 
July 2015POUNCECowardly Lion couldn't do it, needing Oz power first?P + ounce; ref. The Wizard of Oz3431  5 
June 2015PARLEYVOOA Frenchman, pay for love? Must be abroad missing France!anag. less F431.51  3 
April 2015CHOKEYPen gag that's funny at lastchoke + y; pen = prison625.50  1 
March 2015DREAMBOATFantasised about a snake charmerboa in dreamt1564  5 
January 2015GREEDY GUTSDaffy girl's introduction deters guy – he'll want to escape fast!anag. inc. g; fast = abstinence247.51  4 
2014 Annual Competition69  
September 2014TASER (Printers Devilry)Don't shoot me, I'm a civilian novice, man!Don't shoot me, I'm a civilian, not a serviceman536.53  2 
July 2014SHOESTRINGBudget put noses right out of jointanag.; budget adj.1392  1 
World Cup Special 2014Any 8-letter "PEN" word (Penalty Shoot-out)Flying the flag for nothing, twice – England outpennoned as goalnoned; anag. incl. O, O; England exit after two defeats1018.53  6 
May 2014BINGLECrash, 1929 style?2 meanings; hairstyle popular in 1920s; ref. Wall Street Crash, 19296210  3 
April 2014MESMERISE (Letters Latent)What religion can do – if Dawkins' idea's right, that isS; meme (coined by Richard Dawkins) + r + i.e.10171  5 
March 2014EXCALIBURThe legendary Sabre, perhaps, gives extra quality to the Listenerex. + 'calibre'; ref. crossword setter6241  1 
January 2014HOLMESIANHamelin so foolishly employing a maverick problem-solveranag.; ref. The Pied Piper534.52  2 
2013 Annual Competition711  
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2013CROSSWORD / CENTENARY (Rhyming Couplet)This puzzle may give you a vexed expression
Or entrance you – a hundred year obsession
vexed expression = cross word; ENTRANCE You, hundred year340.51  1 
August 2013CRUMBSFancy almost nothing to eat2 meanings (fancy exclam.)834.51  6 
July 2013PEAR (Printer's Devilry)Madonna was named 'a stoner' by the music pressMadonna was named as top earner by the music press; (top grossing act of 2012)630.53  1 
June 2013FLESH POTI see this has fetishes and pole dancingcomp. anag. (I see flesh pot ~ fetishes pole) & lit.241.51  7 
April 2013NEBULARUrban landscape's outline softens in a mistanag. of urban l(andscap)e; def. 'in a mist'8211  5 
February 2013SPIDERMANThis cut of stud's mixed in Findus meat products? I'll stick to Walls!comp. anag.; ref. horsemeat scandal, superhero's ability10241  3 
January 2013PIPSQUEAKNobody let offensive quips disrupt summitanag. in peak428.51  1 
2012 Annual Competition315.5  
Christmas Special 2012XMAS STOCKING FILLER (2 Defs. + wordplay)Collected material of saucier comic so rude (4,6)rou(x mas)sed; anag.; saucier = sauce chef424.50  4 
November 2012DICKEYIt's tricky keeping velocity constant in the driver's seatk (velocity constant) in dicey4323  1 
September 2012GUESTIMATERoaming estate, I mug and stabanag.3441  2 
Olympic/Paralympic Challenge 2012DIALOGUE, MONSTER, SCHOOL (DLM)Hard lines to that agile duo, GB diving partners Tom and Pete – a huge disappointment to come oh so close to an aquatic team medallines, agile duo; huge, partners Tom; aquatic team (school2), oh so close; ref. Tom Daley, Pete Waterfield, 4th in synchronised diving351.51  4 
July 2012JUSQU'AUBOUTISTELe ———? With one, it's quite unusual to see job abandonedcomp. anag. (inc. le one) & lit.441.50  2 
May 2012ROSBIFBriton on the Côte d'Azur? Guy shunning exercise lies backro(PE) + fibs rev.439.53  3 
March 2012A "GMT" word (Letters Latent)Tumbler's very nasty contents (7)GYMNAST as YNAS; hidden530.50  2 
January 2012PERCHSit uncomfortably through churchper(2) Ch921.53  2 
2011 Annual Competition220.5  
Christmas Special 2011PARTRIDGE in a PEAR TREE (2 defs & letter mixture)Fiend broke a gent's noseoak/grebe; ogre (fiend) beak (nose); BROKE A GEnt's4271  1 
November 2011DEGRINGOLADELadder going awry's bound to end in oneanag. + (on)e & lit., bound=attached628.51  4 
October 2011MOCKTAIL (New Chambers Word)Omit/lack rum in this?anag. & lit.4342  5 
September 2011CLANDESTINEEnd ties after stumbling on family secretclan + anag.525.52  1 
August 2011SHAPE/TIGER (Right & Left)Figure the female holds absolute power right after I get involved with a man-eater?a P in she; anag. + r2452  2 
June 2011FAULTGames organisers last month failing to meet expectationsFA + ult., ref. Olympic tickets disappointment10210  3 
May 2011IRONSIDEOne charged against flank protecting KingR in ion + side & lit; Roundhead cavalryman6243  1 
April 2011Anagram of 38 letters (Anagram)New Diana? Girl totally liked became a Windsor3563  2 
March 2011SPRINGTIMEIn ——— you could find temp. risinganag. & lit.520.53  1 
February 2011SHERLOCKVillain making Yard pause for thought? You'll need meer for y in Shylock & lit.; Scotland Yard4352  1 
January 2011DUVET DAYA case of down time?duvet (case of down) day (time) & lit.248.53  7 
2010 Annual Competition121  
Christmas Special 2010NATIVITY (Letters Latent)It's involving children principally that makes this playN; a(c)tivity & lit.7210  3 
November 2010PASTEBOARDHack bad at prose? This paper needs to be firmanag.720.50  3 
October 2010CAPTUREFitting's correct around collarapt in cure821.50  2 
September 2010STEAR (Printer's Devilry)If the fastening in vestment fails you could lose your shirtIf the fastest-earning investment fails you could lose your shirt171.50  6 
July 2010PUGAssertive – that's me nipping shin?pu(shin)g & lit.335.50  3 
June 2010Any "Double" Word (6 or more letters) (A Game of Two Halves)Goalkeeping spell in Africa Rob Green's last? (8)greegree; goalkeeping; Gree(n); ref. England keeper's howler vs. USA257.50  4 
April 2010GRAVEHow sad2 meanings, how3 = burial mound532.50  2 
March 2010MONEY (CLASS) (Wrong Number)You'll find this apt form o' paymentform; comp. anag. & lit. (money apt anag. = o payment)422.50  1 
February 2010BABUSHKAGranny's surprise millions left in bank lead to argumenta(m)bush in bk + a6310  1 
January 2010PALAVERFlatter TV format means set 50% smallerPAL (TV format) + aver(ages)2530  4 
2009 Annual Competition125  
November 2009Any FireworkWithout issue a racing legend, the essence of Ferrari, it handles brilliantly (8)SPARKLER: sp. + Arkle + (Fer)r(ari), ref. famous racehorse7280  2 
October 2009DUCKSHOVENot half boring, Chekov's plays – don't follow a linedu(ll) + anag., line=queue1670  3 
September 2009BONESRemains single in Bachelor Societyone in B,S824.50  1 
August 2009CABOOSEConstant Australian jeers accompany English tail-enderc A boos E; ref. behaviour at Ashes matches2420  5 
July 2009MENO (Printer's Devilry)The Lonely Hearts ad read 'Female seeks hands-on smoking partner'The Lonely Hearts ad read 'Female seeks handsome, non-smoking partner'2520  4 
April 2009MOONSHINE (Letters Latent)Order from Al Capone? No one messes with him!S; anag.; Capone supplied illegal liquor4420  2 
February 2009MCJOBEmployment such as Scrooge might offer with Jacob M not about, possibly?anag. less a, ref. Jacob Marley, A Christmas Carol2650  3 
January 2009TOKAYA sweet wine or spirit to go in a trifleka in toy; ka = Egyptian spirit of the dead1560  2 
2008 Annual Competition121.5  
November 2008WILD MARERile M. Daw? Breaking this might doanag. & lit.; seesaw Marjory Daw153.50  3 
August 2008RELAUNCHWhat our competition's had: Herculean struggles and not a little eccentricity?anag. less e268.50  3 
May 2008PHAT (Printer’s Devilry)Love poem, Oz art that's typical of the modern generationLove pop, hate Mozart: that's typical of the modern generation4280  3 
April 2008PHATCertain pairs of physical attributes can make you this?ph(ysical) at(tributes) & lit.813.50  3 
March 2008DINNER-TIMEFast reaching conclusion now entire mind's made upAnagram161.50  6 
January 2008MIRACLE'Hand of God' claim re foulanag., ref. Maradona1720  12