The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC August 2021 competition results

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64 clues entered. 51 votes cast (46 competitors, 5 others).


A victory for Mr Tozer this month – but it was a very close-run thing! John triumphed with a nice anagram that formed an entertaining surface story – congratulations on first win of this year!
Second spot, just 3.5 points behind, went to Robert Vere with another interesting anagram – first podium for Robert since 2014, so well done sir!
Third place went to a mystery entrant – looks like they are from down under – a cryptic definition secured the points here, for a third place a mere single point behind
Just a half a point then to Satyen who followed on his success of last month with a second podium in a row, achieving fourth place with another anagram – but a very different surface story!
Finally, hearty congrats to Mark Jordan, who scores a top 5 finish with only his third entry. Welcome to the upper echelons, Mark, a well-constructed composite anagram.
Thanks as always to all who make the effort to enter and vote – on to September!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
160John TozerWhat draws crowds to the bookshop? A Miliband bio, oddly – Ed’s latest is outanag. of a Miliban(d) bio; ref. former Labour leader472  2  
222Robert VereI am in Bilbao madly collecting books(I am in Bilbao)*43.52  1  
334Marcus TaftLack of volume control?"volume" = book42.54  6  
433Satyen NabarItalian bimbo lacks time to develop love of books(ITALIANBIMBO – T)*421  3  
513Mark JordanCondition a librarian embodies, eclipsing readers' passion for booksAnagram (indicated by 'condition') of 'a librarian embodies' minus 'readers'; defined by passion for books (and the clue as a whole)39.52  3  
626Alastair Gerrard"I'm anal, I love books" – one suffering ——— (11)IMANALIOBBI* O=love; BB= books (in Chambers); I=one. Anal = "…having personality traits such as obsessiveness…" see Chambers. & Lit31.52  6  
735mark webberleyLiam, Bob and Iain developed a passion for collecting booksAnagram of Liam, Bob, Iain; anagrind: developed; definition: a passion for collecting books261  3  
827Sanket Anurag ShrivastavaI'm in a bio-lab cultivating a passion for bookworms (11)Anagram of (iminabiolab) indicated by (cultivating), defined by (a passion for bookworms)220  4  
930Don ManleyIn a lib. I am book mad — showing this, OK?comp. anag. & lit., lib.=library21.50  3  
946S.SreeniObsession with titles ? (11)Cryptic definition. Titles = books (Collins)21.50  2  
1162 When one's invested in books—a million pound squandered foolishly—one displays this?I in BB + AMILLION anag (minus L (pound squandered)) + A (one); this = def by implication211  2  
1228 I'm in Bilbao — travelling's a passionanagram of IM IN BILBAO has A; 'passion'=definition20.50  3  
1323 I am in Bilbao madly revealing passion for books{I AM IN BILBAO}*202 
1356 Terrible habit in a mobile – the obsession with texts (11)Definition: obsession with texts Composite Anagram: (habit in a mobile)* = (the + BIBLIOMANIA)*203  5  
1549 Passion for collecting books – most of abominable ones trashed[ABOMINABL(e) I I (ones)]*17.52  1  
1643 No volume control?Volume = book.164  2  
1718 Graduate has no alibi. "I'm involved in a craze for books" (11)Graduate = BA has… in = containment indicator *NOALIBIIM (involved) Craze for books= def14.50  1  
182 A bimbo ailing? No good getting upset. Could be annual fever. (11)Anagram of A BIMBO AILIN (-G [no good]) ; Anagram indicator "getting upset" : definition "could be annual fever" referring to the type of book that is an annual.13.51  1  
1829 I'm in Bilboa madly embracing a passion for books (11)anagram: "I'm in Bilboa + a" def: “ passion for books”13.51  3  
204 A worm’s love of leaves?Cryptic definition132  2  
211 A bi man bursting with libido, spurning Dee but desiring Emma and Maurice among othersA BI MAN + LIBIDO = fodder; bursting = anagrind; spurning Dee = remove D; desiring etc = definition91  3  
2150 Putting out squishy recliner, nice mobile librarian develops passion for booksAnagram of NICE MOBILE LIBRARIAN minus anagram of RECLINER91  3  
2311 Book love one librarian developed after giving up rights for first manuscript (11)Semi-&lit (BOOK LOVE); DEVELOPED = anagrind; ([B]ook + [O] (love) + I (one) + LIBRARIAN – RR + M (giving up rights for first Manuscript) )* = anagram fodder8.50  3  
2317 Good book edited by an Arab with a passion for the written word (11)Good book edited =Bibl(e), by = next to, an Arab = iomani with a = add a + definition8.51  4  
2339 MC leaves minicab with a mobile endlessly vibrating showing passion for texts[(m)INI(c)AB/A/MOBIL(e)]* MC = Member of Congress/Council8.50  3  
2351 Repeated book collecting in a mainly unending love I fancy!B(I)B + (A MAINLy O I)*; BB=repeated 'book', IN=I, O=love; 'book collecting' 2 words, non-hyphenated, ref Collins; &lit8.52  3  
2359 Volume control defect?Cryptic def.8.53  1  
2831 Indian wife inspiring liberal Arab, one showing extreme fondness for books (11)Indirect: BIBI (Indian wife) taking in (inspiring) L (liberal) + OMANI (Arab) + A (one) to give BIB L I OMANI A. Direct: extreme fondness for books.82  2  
2848 One's gripped by books, I'm anal, I start to obsess suffering this!I in bb. (I'm anal I o[bsess])* & lit.80  3  
2864 Without finishing guidebook to one Arab country, getting another one — a symptom of this, perhaps?Guidebook = BIBL(E), one = I, Arab country = OMAN, (another) one = I, a = A. Definition: symptom of this, perhaps?81 
3152 Rocky Balboa: I’m In Boxing in compulsive collection of autobiographies?Anag(BALBOA IM IN) around i’ (“boxing in”), anagrind=Rocky. Def: compulsive collection of autobiographies?7.51  2  
3254 Scramble for a Miliband bio, on date being released?*A MILIBAN(D) BIO; &lit.6.53  4  
3353 Rocky Balboa in film regularly about one's love for Emma?(BALBOA IN [f]I[l]M)* around I5.51  2  
348 Animal, hominid, regularly crazy with books(ANIMAL + O-I-I + BB)* Defn = the situation described in the wordplay, hence &lit.52  3  
3412 Book one topless bimbo to dance with uninitiated Taliban (11)Definition: Book ( Bibliomania, by Thomas Dibdin). Anagram: I(b)IMBO(t)ALIBAN*. Anagrind: to dance with Anagram indicator: Comic53  4  
3414 Cooked up alibi needed in a mob's raging lust for books(alibi + in a mob)*; Anagrinds cooked up + (i)s raging; Def lust for books51 
3425 If volume's turned up repeatedly, it might be a symptom of thisCryptic def (surface deafness vs. e.g. Amazon book order deliveries)53 
3445 Obsession of the Greeks with Phoenician papyrusobsession (def) = Greek “mania”; Phoenicians exported papyrus to the Greeks which they called biblos, after the Phoenician port city. Greek biblos came to mean “book”.50  1  
3447 Obsession with titles means taking on unnecessary works!Double CD51  1  
407 'Animal 101' books: "nuts used for persuasion of squirrels in fiction?"definition: "persuasion of squirrels in fiction," squirrel = a person who hoards things; wordplay: [ANIMAL IOI BB]* (nuts)4.50 
409 Arab follows detailed Bible interpretation initially – a passion for books! (11)OMANI ("Arab") comes after ("follows") BIBL ("detailed Bible"), then I ("interpretation initially") and A ("a…"). Definition is "passion for books"4.51  1  
4032 Interestingly, Namibia boils down, in the end, to a state of people obsessed with booksAnagrind='interestingly'; Fodder = NAMIBIABOILS-S (down, in the end); Definition = state of people obsessed with books4.51  2  
4055 Shelves crammed? That speaks volumes for this obsession.Cryptic. Volumes to suggest books.4.50  1  
4416 "Destroy bio lab!" —I. Amin's book, ObsessionDefinition is "book obsession". Anagram "bio lab I Amin". Reference is to Idi Amin.42  2  
4421 Hence one into books and literature endlessly scouring nation's capital?b(I)b + Lit + Romania (-t,-R)40  3  
4615 Crazy minion Ali Baba has not an ardour for booksAnagram (crazy) of MINION ALI BABA minus AN (has not an) gives BIBLIOMANIA (def. ardour for books)31  1  
4638 Man wearing apron stirring aioli is fancy for a librarian (11)defn: 'fancy for a librarian'; (BIB + AIOLI*) around MAN31  3  
4824 "I love going after endless collection of books", man accepted following onset of intellectual conditionIO [I love] after BIBL(E) [collection of books] + MAN + (A [accepted] after I [onset of intellectual]) = condition (def.) & semi-&lit.2.50  2  
4844 Obsession involving Emma and Rebecca, perhapsCryptic definition. Emma and Rebecca are the famous books in this case.2.51  2  
4858 Those opening books in British Library expressing joy with this crazeBI(1st letters)+BL(British Library+IO(expressing joy)+MANIA(craze) (& lit)2.51  4  
513 A passion for undercover work resulting in many charges, … and sentences (11)Undercover work = books; charges/sentences = DD20  2  
515 Abridged holy book , primarily inspiring and old , a main cause for shelf-stacking?Bibl(-e) abridged, I (primarily inspiring) O (old) (AMAIN)* SHELF STACKING -DEF20  2  
516 Alibi in a mob cooking the books excessivelyALIBIINAMOB cooked; & lit20  4  
5419 Graduate’s extraordinarily glib — not good, I cry over humanity’s obsession with booksBIBLIOMANIA = obsession with books | Graduate = BA | extraordinarily glib, not good = IBL | I = I | cry = OI | humanity = MAN10  1  
5436 Librarian's disease?CD11  1  
5437 Main alibi boy detailed sadly leaves a lot to be desiredMAIN ALIBI BO[y]* – leaves as in book pages10  3  
5440 Mobile libraries abominated tidying van readers left in disorder.Mobile* (LIBRARIES ABOMINATED), (T + READERS) left out = (def:) “DISORDER”.10  2  
5442 Netanyahu imbibes a litre, Arab pursues a jones for tomes.["NETANYAHU" = "BIBI"] envelopes ["A LITRE" = "L"] before ["ARAB" = "OMANI"] precedes in the sentence ("PURSUES") "A" to give ["JONES FOR TOMES" = "BIBLIOMANIA"].10  1  
5457 The object of such affection leaves, bound to be married (11)Cryptic definition. 'Leaves, bound to be married' is a cryptic definition of a book, which is the object of the affection that is bibliomania11 
5463 With dark rooms this might result in mirabilia mixed up with random books.BIBLIOMANIA DARK ROOMS anag of MIRABILIA RANDOM BOOKS &lit.10  1  
6110 Being mad about books androgynous British rugby player takes old lady to Iowa (11)Charade. mainly : BI B LION around MA – IA. NB Rugby player is "lion" on its own even though the team is the British (nowadays "and Irish") Lions so British is free (ie no double duty) to give B0.50  4  
6220 Hankering for storied treasures, Ali Baba's mission in disarray, not having a satisfactory small scout.anagram of [ALI BABAS MISSION] minus [A, S, S and S]00  1  
6241 Must always turn up volume with this thing?CD. Thing~mania.00  1  
6261 What’s one ensconced in books (extremely infatuated and anal, moi?) suffering? (11)I in BB (books) (Chambers def) + anag. of (I (first letter of infatuated) + ANAL MOI), &lit00  1