The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC 2013 Annual Competition Result

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Annual Competition Stats

122 members took part in 12 competitions
642 clues were entered by 107 members
571 votes were cast by 100 members
1949 comments were written by 51 members
11 members competed and voted in every competition

Final result after 12 competitions

Annual points: 1st place - 5, 2nd - 4, 3rd - 3, 4th - 2, 5th - 1, 6th-10th - 0.5

1st place
2nd to 5th
6th to 10th
1Mike Baker25432
2Margaret Irvine17.5313
3Dave Parfitt17142
4John Appleton13032
5Steve Randall12.5041
6Don Manley11.5031
7John Tozer11034
7Richard Saunders11040
7Tom Borland11122
10David Harry8022
11Pete Milne6102
12John Hood5.5101
13Doug Stanford5012
13Tim Anderson5100
15Barry Solomons4.5011
15Neil Gregory4.5011
17Roslyn Rougvie3.5011
18Paul Whitehead3010
18Tim Moorey3014
18Trevor Crowther3010
18xword fan3010
22Paul Coulter2.5021
22Simon Shaw2.5011
24Andrew Varney2010
24Dave Howard2020
24Kiran Parekh2010
24warren fraser2010
28Max Woghiren1.5003
28Peter Cargill1.5011
30Andrew Mulholland1002
30James Glassonbury1002
30John Nicholson1002
30Kathy Martin1010
30Luciano Ward1010
30Martin Price1002
30Robin Gilbert1010
37Adrian Harris0.5001
37Bhalchandra Pasupathy0.5001
37Brian Dungate0.5001
37Chris Lancaster0.5001
37Chris Lear0.5001
37Clint Givens0.5001
37Dave Tilley0.5001
37David Nash0.5001
37Denis Borris0.5001
37Kenneth Horne0.5001
37Robert Vere0.5001
37sam wilkinson0.5001
37Shirley Curran0.5001
37Toby Robertson0.5001
37Vinit Wankhede0.5001
37Vinod Raman0.5001