The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC July 2019 competition results

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52 clues entered. 39 votes cast (35 competitors, 4 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
136Kathy MartinNew Year's Eve din? Grin and bear it!"new' indicates different arrangement of "Year's Eve din", then phrase meaning clue.50.52  3  
25Steve RandallBash on New Year's Eve in doubt at firstanagram of YEARSEVEIND471  5  
338Vinit WankhedeOne needs a very flexible attitude for success (5,3,3)One needs a very = I+NEEDSAVERY – fodder ; anagrind- flexible ; def – attitude for success400  3  
442John TozerScatter earth and sand very loosely, i.e. don’t pack it inanag. of E sand very + ie37.51  3  
512Neil MondalDo I deserve any encouragement?Do (as in prepare) = anagram indicator; I deserve any = anagram fodder; encouragement = definition370  4  
621S.SreeniExcruciating day in Everest with no end in sight ? Don’t give up ! (5,3,3)Def: Don’t give up (DAYINEVERES(-t))*. No end in sight to remove T from EVEREST231  2  
743John AppletonSeven Year Itch director originally produced Carry on RegardlessDef = "Carry on regardless", (SEVENYEAR I[tch] D[irector])*211  5  
751John DoylendVery sad indeed losing two of diamonds in play but don't give up (5,3,3)Anagram of VERYSADINDEED without DD210  1  
950Todd KonkelUnsteady nerves always find rest in encouraging words(NERVES)* + AY (always) + DIE (find rest)16.53 
1019NeelimaEnvy – a desire, difficult to give up? On the contrary (5,3,3)(ENVY A DESIRE)*, anagram indicator = difficult, def = give up? on the contrary15.53  2  
114 At the end of operation, lady doctor is ready to provide words of encouragement (5,3,3)end of operation = N, lady = EVE, doctor is ready = ISREADY*, to provide = connector, def = words of encouragement142  3  
1233 Keep trying! Scratch the head, try ideas, even when confused (5,3,3)Direct – Keep trying. Indirect – [RY (scratch the head tRY) + IDEAS + EVEN]*; anagram indicator – when confused13.53  1  
1320 Erratic Everton losing to, for example, Fulham don't give upEVER(-to)N* + SAY + DIE. fulham = a loaded die133 
148 'Carry On Regardless' is even ready to be broadcastISEVENREADY* [One of the 'Carry On' series of films]12.51  3  
1522 Expressing it in adversity, endlessly keep fighting!&lit. IN ADVERSITY (k)EE(p) – IT*122  2  
1646 Strive incessantly, but silently, to cash in.Strive incessantly (def); silently = never say; to cash in = die111  1  
173 Artfully driven, easy English Epsom Derby winneranag of driven easy + E10.51  1  
182 Always stumm, Fulham! That’s the goal of a lifetime!Always stumm = never say; fulham = die. That's the goal of a lifetime = def..100  1  
1911 Criminal is even ready to keep going! (5,3,3)Criminal as Anagrind/ isevenready*/ to keep going is definition9.51  2  
209 “Carry On Regardless” is very endearing… until just over half way through anywayAnagram (anyway) of IS+VERY+ENDEA (until just over half way through). Surface references the 5th film in the classic “Carry On” series.91  3  
2137 Not giving up messy events diary? Time to go electronic*EVEN(T)S DIARY + E (electronic); def. Not giving up8.52  3  
2144 Sieve rye and ferment to keep your spirits up?Anagram of 'Sieve rye and'8.51 
2334 Let's keep hoping for a Derby winner (5 3 3)Double definition82  1  
2345 Stay the course, even 501 years, at seaSTAY THE COURSE (def) = EVEN 501 (= DI) YEARS at sea( anag ind)80 
2541 Sadly every idea essentially gainsaid: don't give up hope!{EVERY IDEA (gai)NS(aid)}*7.52  1  
2627 Invaders eye new order – "Don't give up!"(Invaders eye)*71  1  
2640 Problems with the needy varies, but one shouldn't give up hope.needy varies (anag)72  2  
2825 Indomitable invaders eye pillageINVADERS + EYE anagram5.51  3  
2835 Madly envies ready expression of determinationAnagram indicator: madly, fodder: envies ready, definition: expression of determination5.50 
2848 This attitude verges on noble virtue, refuses ardently to perish (5,3,3)Semi &lit. This attitude (definition), verges on (the outer letters of…) NoblE VirtuE RefuseS ArdentlY = NEVERSAY, to perish = DIE5.51  2  
2849 Turning evil, Daenerys kills many but don't lose hope(EVIL DAENERYS)* – L (many); ref to Game of Thrones5.50  3  
326 Be dead-set and see one very composed*AND+SEE+I+VERY50  2  
3317 Don’t mention Charles’ ex in soundtrack for Carry OnHomophone of NEVER SAY DI, carry on = definition4.51  1  
347 Become immortal embodying, for example, an expression of indomitable spiritBecome immortal = never die: embodying for example = containing 'say' + definition42  1  
3510 Continually entertained by a Disney revamp? – Just keep goingEVER in (A DISNEY)*3.51  1  
3613 Don't ever give up? Verne's idea? Yes, it's transforming (5,3,3)Anagram Verne's+idea+Y31 
3732 Keep on having deviant sin every couple of days with a handy partner (5,3,3)SINEVERYDA* E (Bridge partner has a hand of cards)20  1  
3816 Don't give up in adverse conditions with enemy outsideDef = Don't give up. Anagram of "in adverse " and e(nem)y1.50  1  
391 Always keep quiet and be alive. Not! Don't give up."NOT" implies negative. The negatives of "Always" NEVER, "keep quiet" SAY, "be alive" DIE.10 
3915 Don't give up, even when knocked back by Daisy re going outdon't give up = def; EVEN reversed + DAISYRE anagram (going out)10 
3918 Don't quit, sever any modified part of the pedestal (5,3,3)anag + die10  1  
3924 I deny, as ever, any way to surrender? (5,3,3)&lit indicated by ?; whole clue is meaning. "any way" indicates anagram of "I deny as ever"10  3  
3926 Invader eyes blurred but unconquerable (5,3,3)Anagram (blurred) of invader eyes.10  1  
3928 Inviolable spoils invaders eye10  2  
4514 Don't give in to an embargo on naming a royal, they say.Def/never say [Princess] Di[ana] (homophone for "die").00  3  
4523 Hope vehicle registered in Spain drives any better around England (5, 3, 3)Hope vehicle [i.e. film starring Bob Hope]: straight def — Never Say Die (1939) is such a film; registered in Spain: E [IVR code]; better: anagrind; around: container indicator; England: E [Chambers] => anagram of (E DRIVES ANY) around E00  2  
4529 It's not very sane to be late with these immortal's NOT (VERY SANE*) to BE LATE (to die) WITH THESE IMMORTAL WORDS (def).00  3  
4530 Keep going like old soldiers — put into words being captured here?say in never die & lit.01  2  
4531 Keep going on French town day out – Nice occasionallyFrench town = Nevers ayd (day*) ie (every other letter of Nice also en France); definition = keep going on00  1  
4539 Perversion in every Sade? Just don't give up!Perversion (abnormal behaviour or anagram of) IN+EVERY+SADE (whose abnormal behaviour gave rise to the word 'sadism') is NEVER SAY DIE or just don't give up.00  1  
4547 Struggle on holiday and ache to go back, without easily adapting to free poolside unit?Def: Struggle on. EID + YEN {ache} rev. outside VERSATILE – TILE01 
4552 Wavy Navy: "I see red! Don't give up the ship!"Wavy Navy = Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (from undulating gold braid on officers' sleeves); Anag of Navyiseered + def01