The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC April 2014 competition results

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50 clues entered. 37 votes cast (35 competitors, 2 others).

MESMERISE (Letters Latent)

There is no doubt that it is a little tougher to craft a Letters Latent clue that stands out, and consequently it probably makes the judging process more challenging! So it is hardly surprising that this turned out to be a closely run contest – in fact, probably the closest ever!
Hearty congratulations to Luciano for just squeaking ahead of the pack with his clue that had an excellent surface to deflect the solver from the intended meaning of the definition.
A mere point and a half back in second was Dave P. with another fine construction, well done Dave.
Martin returns to a podium finish after a gap of a couple of years, only a single point back in third!
Finally, a tie for fourth spot, again a mere handful of points further adrift – congratulations Don and for the second month running to Robert Vere!
Mesmerising stuff!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
136Luciano WardRivet I fixed in buggy seems fastened to meMESMEISE; ME+[I in SEEMS* ('buggy')]; def = rivet350  4  
29Dave ParfittEnthral audience at the last, with series given final twistM = LL; (audienc)E + SERIES with final two letters reversed33.51  2  
330Martin PriceMy French, semi-garbled, is accompanied by English charm.Latent letter: R. "Mes" + meis (anag.)+ E/def.32.51  6  
45Don ManleyCharm Miss contrived to ensnare MisterLatent E: Mr in anag.29.51  5  
417Robert VereHypnotise while I remember with partial recallS: Def = Hypnotise; (memerie)<29.50  3  
623Peter CargillMember that's shunned club's rear entrance?ME(S)MERI(S)E; member less b(club's rear)+ie; entrance=def231  5  
749Keith WilliamsWitch has outrageous heresies – off with her head!LL = M; Anag (H)ERESIES – "(H)er" head; Witch(v) = to bewitch19.51  5  
828Rod BeardsMr and Miss entangled in intrigueE Latent, anagram of (MR+MISS), intrigue = defn180  4  
833Pete MilneOne's introduced to the company of two women (one might be single!), so turn on the charmE. I in MS+MRS180  3  
1048John TozerWhat religion can do – if Dawkins' idea's right, that isS; meme (coined by Richard Dawkins) + r + i.e.171  5  
1113 Fascinate modern miss with medical scanners(-E) MeSMeRISe = MS + MRIS160  3  
1150 Young woman is impressed by man's charm!E. Ms (Young woman) + is = MSIS impressed by (insertion indicator) Mr (man) = MSMRIS.164  6  
1315 Hypnotise me twice – endless grief!S latent. ME + ME + RIE15.51  4  
1431 My, my – in Paris, one's injected with drug to control the mindMES+ME(I)S+E [R latent]14.50  2  
1543 Those finishing late matches – use rear entranceM [eserise] last letters + rear, def=entrance130  5  
1640 Sees mime curiously fascinateLL = R SEES MIME*11.50  4  
176 Charm of French art meets with English appreciationM; ES = of French art + E + RISE = appreciation; def. Charm110  5  
1842 Term for hypnotise and endlessly grip, in essenceM; (e + ri) in esse, &lit.91  3  
1926 Miss Martin's odd entranceE latent; MiSs MaRtInS; def = (to) entrance.80  4  
203 Author! Author! Vital selection of letters from a friend is bound to enthral.S not clued. Author = me plus rie from a friend. Ref. Book of letters from P G Wodehouse.7.51  7  
2034 Put to sleep and see rise refreshedM; Put to sleep = definition ("you are feeling sleepy…"); anag.7.50  5  
227 Drunk, seems I'm ejected first from entrance'R' is latent [MESMEISE]; (SEEMS I'M E)*71  6  
2246 Ungainly mannerisms as princess makes exit or entrance(E latent) Anagram of MANNERISMS – ANNE indicated by "ungainly" Definition: entrance73  3  
2429 Mr Sim's drunken entrance?Latent letter 'e'. Mr Sims – fodder, drunken – anagrind, entrance – definition6.51  2  
2437 Schoolteacher revolution following mainstream media influenceLatent 'E' (MSMRIS); Schoolteacher revolution (RIS) following mainstream media (MSM) – see Wikipedia and widespread usage; definition: influence6.52  3  
2610 Entrance of Take That is following tradition (9)R IE after MEME; S latent62  6  
2735 Redhead that is after me follows me to entrance.S; MEMERIE — 'Redhead' = R, 'that is' = IE, after 'me follows me' = MEME — 'to' = link (WP to Def.) — 'entrance' = def. (put under a trance; for surface read as 'the way in')5.51  4  
2816 Hypnotise old leper: "Remove dressing and get up!"M is latent, leaving ESERISE. (M)ESE(L) [leper (obs) with wrapping (dressing) removed] + RISE (get up)51  4  
2818 I slim, finally. Before eating, I dominate will.Letter Latent is "S", leaving MEMERIE. Wordplay: I(ME) slim finally.(M) Before(ERE) eating(containing) I. Definition: dominate will50  2  
2824 Memorandum backing former Irish Republic's entranceLatent letter: S; definition: Entrance; subsidiary indication leading to MEMERIE: MEM(memorandum) + ERIE<= (backing/reversing EIRE, ie Ireland or Irish Republic as known earlier). Surface deceptively alluding to Ireland's entry to some world/regional body50  2  
2841 Spellbind; then second kiss with Reese's Pieces.(M) Def+anag(pieces)i+reeses *Reese's Pieces & Kisses are candy made by Hershey50  3  
324 Cast spell upon troubled Mr SimsE is latent letter, leaving MSMRIS, of which Mr Sims is anag. Cast spell upon is def.4.52  1  
3327 Most excellent club's close to whorehouse entrance(letter='S') ME + MERI + (whorehous)E (def=entrance as a verb)41  4  
3339 See problem with erection, one needs to concentrate the mind?M..ESERISE….See (anag) + rise = erection (of building)40  3  
3511 'Entry' in enigmatic series represented as 'entrance'M latent anag incl e30  3  
3512 Erratic REM seems to entrance. (9)Latent letter is "I". Anagram of REM + SEEMS = MESMERSE. MESMERISE is defined by "TO ENTRANCE".31  4  
3725 Miss about to enthral man? Yes, enthral!Latent letter: E(leaving MSMRIS to be covered in the subsidiary indication). Miss about (anagram of MISS), to enthral containment indicator), man (MR.). Yes (confirmation of definition), enthral (definition)2.51  3  
3744 To transfix sides of member is sadomasochism possiblyThe E's are missing. To transfix = def.; (mr + is + sm)*.2.51  4  
391 Ancient master? Nothing better, when last of class is kept in, to induce a state of catalepsy!I latent. MES (see Chambers) + (MERE (“nothing better” – see Chambers) around (clas)S)]20  1  
392 Anger, in essence, returns to fix one's attention.Letter latent M: Anger = IRE, in essence= ES(IRE)SE, returns >> ESERISE + def.21  3  
398 English stallion's about to reach mare's ultimate entranceM latent. entrance = def; sires rev in Ee21  4  
3914 Guile employed by poet's devious miss captivating French Mister RightE latent; M + R in (MISS)* = MSMRIS; GUILE = Spenser's 'to beguile'20  5  
3922 Match eventually starts out; without a break, seamers bowl overLatent letter: I; anagram (break) of (SEAMERS-A) in M E(Match Eventually); definition: bowl over21  2  
3947 Unusually eerie Secret Service heads to entrance.Latent letter – M. Entrance = def. of mesmerise. Anagram of EERIE + S + S ("heads" of Secret Service).20  2  
4519 Loose young woman embraces man to captivateLatent letter: E. MR in (MISS)* = MSMRIS; AInd: loose.11  5  
4620 Male partner somehow seems to get round restricted entranceI latent; M(ale)+E (partner from bridge) + SEEMS* around R(estricted) ; def: entrance00  2  
4621 Man, girl, man – return entrance.(E) Man (SIR) girl (MS) man (M) returned gives MSMRIS.00  3  
4632 Numb setter after setter with ire vented out (9)S omitted giving MEMERIE – ME ME (IRE)*00  2  
4638 See confused rebel make sedate demand (9)M= latent letter , eserise, see confused=anag= ese, rebel =rise , then the definition00  3  
4645 Turn on and go up, following directions (9)Dropped letter is "M", leaving eseRISE . Direct = turn on. RISE = go up, ese = directions.00  4