The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2016 competition results

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56 clues entered. 40 votes cast (37 competitors, 3 others).


Hearty congratulations to Anthony Nannini! One previous podium finish, but this is his first win! A simple but effective anagram that fitted in nicely with the definition, managing to avoid the more common acting surfaces. Well done Anthony, and a fairly comfortable margin of victory.
John T came closest with another neat anagram in his & lit. offering – Meryl Streep was a lovely spot!
Back in third is Steve Randall, who gains his second podium of the year with alternative anagram fodder providing a different acting story.
Barry reaches the top 5 for the 2nd month in a row with yet another anagram variation!
So it is no surprise to see 5th place go to another anagram! Welcome to Satyen – achieving his first podium finish with us.
It was very close after the top clue, and kudos to any entrant who didn''t use an anagram!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
119Anthony NanniniFaulty gene is a part of one's make-up (11)Faulty = anagram indicator , gene is a part = anagram fodder + definition501  2  
250John TozerStreep again unrecognisable in this?anag. & lit.; Meryl S.36.52  5  
38Steve RandallApplication to play a genie's part?A genie's part (anag)30.53  1  
418Barry SolomonsFancy pants I agree, is what a traditional clown would wear?(anag) pants I agree.28.54  4  
556Satyen NabarWhat's worn in a pre-stage transformation?(INAPRESTAGE)* semi &lit281 
626Toby RobertsonLay it on thick when playing part as genie?PART AS GENIE anag; semi-&lit, ref. hammy panto makeup23.52  2  
77Brian DungateAegean trips could be a cover-upAegean trips*, could be = *, a cover-up =def230 
821Tom BorlandGene is a part encoding make-up of character*GENE IS A PART; def. make-up of character21.53  1  
952JezzTheatre foundation's comic pageantriesTheatre foundation = definition, comic = anagrind, pageantries = anagram fodder,19.51 
1015Denis BorrisDoctor eating pears with pancake (11)Direct = pancake. Anagram of "eating pears"; Doctor = indicator.18.51  1  
1110 Cast agrees I should be worked into face before start of theatricals?AGREES* + [I in PAN] + T; &lit182 
1233 Preparation for the stage requires dramatic energy and great pains(e & great pains)*170 
133 Acting in loco parentis, e.g. covering for King Lear?A in PARENTISEG*; Acting = a (see Chambers)16.52  3  
1437 Shakespearian get-up? Shake 'spearian get' up!Anag.13.57  6  
1454 This could render stage actor's face in rep(STAGE A IN REP)*, render = to coat/plaster13.50  1  
1643 Slap is terribly exasperating if wanting kissEXASPERATING anag. minus X (kiss); slap = 'stage make-up' (Chambers)134  1  
1730 Making free gains Peter a slapGAINSPETERA*122  1  
1844 Slap's exasperating when badly wanting a kissAnagram of EXASPERATING minus X (kiss). Def = slap111  1  
192 A pre-stage transformation in features?A PRE STAGE (anag) containing IN and lit10.51  1  
201 A Musical coat of many colours worn on stageA musical >> GREASE , coat >> PAINT + def.9.54  1  
2036 Seeing a part oddly, actors may put it onfodder "seeing a part" anagrind oddly9.51 
2242 Slap irritating pest in a rage.SLAP = stage make-up – (PEST IN A RAGE)*90 
2255 What luvvies lay on after a show: French bread and a drop of tea.Def (what luvvies lay on)/pain (French bread) + t after "Grease" (= a show/musical).90 
2422 Get arse pain – terrible – from slap.(GETARSEPAIN)*, anagrind terrible. Defn. slap (slang for makeup)8.53  1  
2446 Spite and endless rage involved dramatic slap.anag (involved) of spite + an(d) + rage. def = dramatic slap (slap = stage makeup: Chambers)8.50  1  
2617 Eating juicy pears smeared her makeup.anag.80  3  
2620 Floppy pig ear's neat waxen stuff that's spread on hams, perhaps.anag(floppy)pigearsneat +def81  3  
2827 Make up girl's at hand, to comfort modelDef – Make up, Anno: G -(Girl) + R (hand)+ EASE PAIN (to comfort)+ T (model)7.51  3  
299 Awfully exasperating not having kiss with oily stuff on face*E(X)ASPERATING6.52 
2945 Slick, smart and true makeup (11)GREASE (Slick) + PAIN (Smart) + T (True)6.50 
314 Actors' cover up producing ease in miserable partingPARTING* around EASE5.51 
315 Actor's make-up applied for pageantriesreverse anag5.51  1  
3339 Slap and tickle finally stops separating after a bust-upe in anag; stop = fill, plug & slap = stage make-up both per Chambers50 
3353 Theatrical makeup that is derived from pageantries(11)anag of pageantries52 
3534 Removing Macbeth outfit finally, great thespian smeared his make-upMacbeth outfit finally = H T; (GREAT THESPIAN – HT)* = GREASEPAINT; def.: his (thespian's) make-up4.52 
3540 Slap and tickle in area gets chief of police arrestedAnag. (tickle = excite) IN-AREA-GETS around P4.51  1  
376 Actress finally starting to emote sorrow, wearing substantial make-up (11)Actress finally = S starting to emote = E sorrow = PAIN wearing = container ind substantial = GREAT make-up = def41 
3714 Do I end up stripped off in a period stage production?&lit: anag(in a period stage) with (do I) reversed and removed41 
3928 "Make-up" repeating as "make up""Make-up" (definition – noun!) REPEATING AS (anagram fodder) "make up" (anagram indicator – verb!)3.51  2  
3932 Playing heartless Persian gets a slap for actorAnagram PER(s)IAN GETS A; definition = slap for actor (slap = make-up)3.50 
4123 How to make up pageantries?Anag & lit32 
4216 Drunken rats a'peeing on pancake! (11)Pancake = direct; rats a'peeing = anagram; drunken = indicator20  1  
4231 Oil with colour is great around Spain having ingested recreational drugDef: Oil with colour; GREA(S[E]PAIN)T20 
4238 Show distress – time for some nose powder, perhaps (11)Show = Grease; distress = pain; time = t; Grease+Pain+T; 'some nose powder perhaps' (as in powdering one's nose, i.e. makeup) is definition by example20  2  
4249 Strange! I ape clown for his make-upAnagram with clown as anagrind.21 
4629 Make-up smudged, in tears, Peg sad at heart(IN TEARS PEG [s]A[d])*1.50 
4724 I pant frightfully after doctor agrees for theatrical applicationTwo anagram indicators – frightfully and doctor: I+PANT frightfully (PAINT) after doctor AGREES (GREASE) is GREASEPAINT which is applied in the theatre10  2  
4748 Stage preparation disguising no ordinary part, perhaps*STAGE PREPARATION less *O(ordinary)+PART & lit.11  1  
4911 Covering rifle, a sniper with target right to be withdrawndefinition = covering; ASNIPERTARGET* = GREASEPAINTRT – rt = right; anagrind = rifle00 
4912 Different head physiognomy I grant with ease! (11)Definition: entire clue (& lit.), exclamation mark added to indicate non-standard definition. Refers to greasepaint being used to change one's appearance. Word play: [ P (head P hysiognomy) I GRANT EASE]* anagram indicator: different00  3  
4913 Dire stage pan — this'd gone wrong?comp.anag.& lit., pan=face02 
4925 Is state-dependent person suffering in great slap?s= is; e= "a person who has no regular income or who is dependent on state benefit" (Chambers); pain = suffering; slap = stage make-up = greasepaint00  1  
4935 Review of "The Agony and the Ecstasy" at His Majesty's – time they put it on at the Palladium (11)rev (PAIN EASE GR – at the word level) has ('s) T; def they put it on at the Palladium. Needs to be read as at a time in the reign of a male monarch, that theatre being currently known as *Her* Majesty's. The Palladium has double the seating capacity.00  2  
4941 Slap for player, Greek, to relieve discomfort on top of thighSlap for player = def. Greek = gr, to relieve discomfort = ease pain, top of thigh =t (down clue)00 
4947 Stage disguise in which Potter co-star accomodates right-hand man comfortably (11)Stage disguise [greasepaint]; Potter co-star [Grint] acommodates right-hand man [PA] comfortably [ease]00  1  
4951 The direction in which this point lies + juicy fruit + inchEast + grape + in {ch}00  6