The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC January 2013 competition results

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40 clues entered. 37 votes cast (33 competitors, 4 others).


This year's opening challenge ended up in a close run contest between a few Johns, a Don and a Paul, with one of the Johns JUST pipping another.
Congratulations to John Hood who squeaked home by a single point from John Appleton. Don Manley took third place with the third John (Tozer) grabbing fourth spot. Paul Coulter prevented an all rhyming podium by securing fifth place.
Well done to everyone for getting 2013 off to a flying start – one down, eleven to go!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
14John HoodContemptible person's clever remarks point to SpoonerQUIPS (clever remarks)+ PEAK (point) to Spooner = PIPS QUEAK492  8  
213John AppletonKill, and confess nothingPIP (kill, Chambers3) + SQUEAK (confess); def = nothing (Chambers Thesaurus)481  1  
39Don ManleyI speak up animatedly to defend Queen being described as a 'nobody'Q in anag.,being=person372  4  
418John TozerNobody let offensive quips disrupt summitanag. in peak28.51  1  
515Paul CoulterMidget quips rudely during climaxP(IPSQU)EAK [apologies to Cyclops]271  3  
621Tim MooreyNobody spots an end to deadlock over recurrent EU questionpips + EU q rev in a k26.51  2  
724Tom BorlandNothing beats playing QuakePIPS = beats + *QUAKE; def. Nothing24.51  2  
825David NashOne with great expectations quakes violently, the little upstart (9)Pip(Great Expectations) ref Dickens novel,quakes violently (anag and indicator)the little upstart(def)20.50  3  
834Martin PriceSpooner's cracks nettle nobody.Pipsqueak = quips pique/def.20.51  3  
1027Dave ParfittPique as KP circulates text, one provoking contemptPIQUEASKP anag.; ref. cricketer Kevin Pietersen (nickname 'KP') and last summer's text messaging scandal201  4  
1110 Insignificant character giving best possible Mousetrap auditionbest = PIP (defeat). possible Mousetrap audition = SQUEAK (audition = something heard, Chambers)171 
1214 KP's pique; a twisted, contemptible thing(KP's pique a)*, KP = Kevin Pietersen16.50  1  
1335 Two small noises that are insignificant151  2  
1417 Nobody hit with bullet, by the narrowest of marginsdef=nobody; pip(3) + squeak14.51 
1529 Pitiful sod needs grass seed onpip, squeak: grass = inform on = squeak130  2  
1611 Insignificant quip? Speak up!def=insignificant : 'up' is anagrind for 'quip speak'11.51  3  
1728 Pique as KP Nuts revealed shrimp! Pique=offence taken; anag ind by 'nuts'; KP=snacks producer113  2  
1739 Worm prevents quake – Extraordinary!PIPS+QUEAK (quake)*111  2  
196 Criminal equips pack, head of crowbar poking out, the despicable manAnag EQUIPS PACK -C10.51  3  
1933 Spooner exclaims "Sally, say nothing!"quip speak; nothing = def10.50  1  
2140 Would he ape UKIP's irritation about question of being insignificant?(anag)ape UKIP's….Q = Question91  1  
2222 Nobody’s hurt when rider falls in lake nakedPIQUE (hurt) when rider (addition = PS) falls in = PIPSQUE; (l)AK(e) naked; def = (a) nobody80  2  
2237 Wearing Lycra, contemptible type quickly appears flusteredLycra+PIPSQUEAK =(quicklyappears)*80  3  
2420 Nobody speak — quip's terrible!SPEAKQUIP*71  1  
252 Animosity about police sergeant, a constant very petty thingPIQUE around PS + A K5.51  1  
261 A sprog's two WWI medalsPIPSQUEAK/SPROG= YOUNGSTER and WWI MEDALS = PIP + SQUEAK (OED for all defs.)50  2  
2619 Nobody quips about crashing into mountainQuips* in 'peak' = mountain. 'Nobody' = def.53  1  
2631 Quips' peak – the height of absurdity in distinguished don's exchange with little man (9)Reverend Spooner, Warden of New College, Oxford, addressing a little man, but exchanging pipsqueak for quips' peak.51  3  
297 Did Orlick make Philip do this insignificant thing?Ref to antagonists in Great expectations (Orlick and Pip) + definition40  4  
3023 Nonentity's resentment about writer's supplementary note on Alaska(PIQUE around PS) + AK30  1  
3030 Police Sergeant in strop about essentially nicking nobodyPS in pique + a + k. def. = nobody31 
3232 Speak and quip about something insignificant (9)SPEAK (and) QUIP (fodder), about (anagram indicator), something insignificant (definition)2.51  1  
3236 Unnamed Scots lass found in skip injured after parking motorbikeQUEA[N] inside SKIP* after P2.51  1  
343 Contemptible one shows up to defeat sea king, taking hold of queenPIP+SEA+K around QU20  1  
3412 Insignificant spot? Southern half of Quebec to Alaska?def = Insignificant; spot = PIP; southern = S; half of Quebec = QUE; Alaska = AK; reference being a possible retort to the (American?) suggestion that Canada is an insignificant spot on the map21  2  
3438 With Spooner's little man, jokes reach a climax we hear!"pipsqueak" spoonerised is "quips peak" (jokes reach a climax) "little man" def.20  2  
375 Contemptibly insignificant fellow peaks with a quip!Anag. peaks+quip10  3  
3726 Pak's pique-being treated/viewed with contempt (8)PAKSPIQUE*, *ind-being treated , defn- being (person) treated or viewed with contempt. Surface refers to resentment being expressed in Pakistan since the Laden raid and other events and a growing negative perception about Pakistan across the world. "Pakistan's pique.."(WP),"Post-raid pique.."(NYT) are actual newspaper feature titles.10  1  
398 Dingbat quips within the summit! (9)PipsquEAK: ipsqu = quips (Dingbat is both the direct and anagram indicator); PEAK = summit (within is container indicator)00  2  
3916 Nobody gets the better of Kirkpatrick when in pursuit of a lassie that shall be namelessPIPS + (QUEAN – N) + K(irkpatrick). Def.: Nobody00  2