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CCCWC Christmas Special 2016 competition results

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30 clues entered. 23 votes cast (20 competitors, 3 others).

TWELVEMONTH/a thematic word of your choice (Right & Left)

Hearty congratulations to Toby whose winning clue kind of nicely encapsulated the year's theme! Toby has had an excellent, consistent year and finishes 2nd in the Annual Results – this was his second win of 2016, to go with 5 other podiums.
Runner up was John Tozer – as ever a model of consistency himself – and this result consolidated his third spot in the Annual table – well done JT!
Steve Randall claimed third place with a very succinct clue to these two long words.
Colin Thomas demonstrated that last month's win was no flash in the pan by taking 4th place, maintaining his excellent year of clueing – 2 wins and 2 podiums enabling him to finish also 4th in the Annual list.
And we couldn't keep him out – Dave Parfitt sneaks onto the podium to round off a brilliant 2016. An incredible 4 wins and 5 podiums giving him a clear cut victory overall. Many congratulations to Dave and I am sure he will be the one to beat in 2017 as well! Can the chasing pack close in on him? Only time will tell … and will there be a theme for this year's clue words? … only time will tell, but it is a difficult thing to try and repeat …

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
114Toby RobertsonLet me vow to find form – yet another year I end beaten with bad clue that's impossible to resolveletmevow* + nth (yet another) TWELVEMONTH; iendbadclue* (beaten/whisked) UNDECIDABLE40.50  5  
24John TozerAfter midnight nocturnal creature holding new year bash exclaimed "Ah, I'm done with '16!"HEXADECIMAL; twelve + n in moth; anag. (bash) exclaimed ah350  6  
320Steve RandallPeriod of lament when losing a vet who sadly died before treating escaped deerTWELVEMONTH: Period L[a]MENTVETWHO* (sadly) PREDECEASED:died before ESCAPEDDEER* (treating)323  4  
411Colin ThomasFour Seasons motel, when TV breaks, orders pieces – missing one, unfortunately – for older modelFour Seasons = TWELVEMONTH, anag MOTELWHENTV; anag ORDERSPIECES – I, older model = PREDECESSOR271  3  
419Dave ParfittOpen-mouthed fat bloke exercises with daughter, shifting five pounds to mark the New YearWIDECHAPPED (= open-mouthed): WIDE CHAP + PE + D; TWELVEMONTH: V (five) + L (pounds) + TO + M (mark) + THENEW all anag.271  7  
616Luciano WardOne year from now, the elm starts to turn very terribly bare, stunted and reduced to tattersNOWTHEELMTV* (T&V first letters); UNDECORATED (bare): ANREDUCEDTO* (AN(d) 'stunted'); (tatter = vb (intr))242  2  
730John AppletonYear when vote initially made Trump look corrupt, plain and simple, and rocked EU – time for King to reformTWELVEMONTH: Def: year, (WHEN VOTE MTL)* UNDECORATED: Def: plain and simple, (AND ROCKED EU)* -K +T14.50  2  
83Peter CargillA year when vote left Trump in front with mass mayhem could be deadly cost to Earth: typical of The White House facade?TWELVEMONTH=A year; anag WHEN+VOTE+L+T+M; DODECASTYLE (like the 12 columns in front of The White House); anag (DEADLY+COST)+E; facade=showy, with little substance?141  2  
88David McKieClubs perhaps where no ordinary seamen would be seen when lot met very merry once a yearQUARTERDECK/TWELVEMONTH – WHEN LOT MET + V* with once referring to antiquated usage142  3  
1018warren fraserOpen-mouthed dace whipped about from Ne'erday through Hogmanay; swimming five miles to the new lake.widechapped=open-mouthed(Chambers)anag(about)of "dace+whipped";from Ne'erday through Hogmanay=twelvemonth(Scottish words for NewYearsDay&NewYear'sEve)anag(swimming)of v+m+tothenew+l103  3  
1122 The Lent vow's broken around noon one year, double sandwich threw Derek's resolution after wife leaves for churchanagram (THE LENT VOW) around N = TWELVEMONTH, defn one year/double sandwich defn THREE-DECKER, anagram (THREW DEREK – W + CE)90  6  
1217 Opening of festivities makes way for terrible venom during Orangemen's Day 1935, perhaps in violent scene with destruction in Catholic enclave primarily from offensive actsTWELVEMONTH/INDECENCIES (clue break is after "perhaps"); TWELVEMONTH: F replaced by (VENOM)* in TWELFTH (Orangemen's Day), def by example ("1935, perhaps"); INDECENCIES: IN + (SCENE + D I C E)*, def: "offensive acts"; ref violence in Ulster during/after Orangemen's Day in 193581  6  
1225 This past year the start of PM May's term scored badly with peers, like Cameron before herTWELVE (noon) + MONTH; PREDECESSOR = anag (SCORED+PEERS)83  3  
1421 Previous job holder baked reprocessed TV meal half-heartedly, he won't be cooking for one year[PREDECESSOR = reprocessed*; TWELVEMONTH = TVME(a)LHEWONT*4.50  4  
1515 Maybe thirteen 'hearty' US types somewhere on ship won't slave at helm, naughtily striking alas, out for a yearQUARTERDECK,TWELVEMONTH: 2 defs, ref. hearts suit in deck (US pack) of cards; anag. less anag.3.51  2  
1529 Year the oddly vital women, by arrangement officers' confidential assistants, unhappily decamped as oneTWELVEMONTH/AIDES-DE-CAMP (THE V(i)T(a)L WOMEN)* (DECAMPED AS I)*3.50  1  
1723 The man before me – an engineer – processed broken TV where external electrical lead initially developed bug around New YearPREDECESSOR: (RE + PROCESSED)* (an engineer = RE, broken = anag. indicator); TWELVEMONTH: (TV+W.E.E.L)* (developed = anag. indicator) + MOTH about N. ODE gives twelvemonth = year.30  1  
1824 This is the year that May perhaps follows a number of French in cutting hesitancyTWELVEMONTH/INDECISION: def + May perhaps – MONTH follows a number – TWELVE / of French – DE, in cutting – IN(DE)CISION + def2.52  4  
1912 Innovative ideas to abscond by military assistants the previous yearThematic word including DEC is AIDES-DE-CAMP, (IDEAS)* + DECAMP (to abscond), military assistants=defn, TWELVEMONTH, clue – the previous year, CD20  2  
202 A year the Four Seasons went ahead of the rest, up to the end of November, then let up.Twelvemonth/predeceased: def x2 (Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons); def/pre-Dec(ember) + eased.1.50  4  
209 Disorganized telethon starts to waste viewers' money for a year – fat bloke getting local hamper? Stratford man's astonished.[TELETHON W(aste) V(iewers') M(oney)]* / WIDE + CHAP + PED = open-mouthed (Shakesp.)1.51  1  
221 2016 broadcast of first "new" live western TV theme accidently reprocessed the previous version.2016 = twelvemonth anagram (broadcast) of o+n+l+w+tvtheme ; anagram (accidently) of reprocessed def of predecessor10  4  
226 Annually, when a dozen found in common theme are freshly reprocessed from the previous year?…found in comMON THeme… prev.year = preDECessor…(anag) reprocessed.11  4  
2413 Just like Santa's helpers to get the doctor in – oddly enough to watch entertaining but ridiculously dim escapade with other helpers (11/5-2-4)TW(ELVE(MO)N)TH – anag of DIM ESCAPADE – AIDES-DE-CAMP.0.52  2  
2428 Together, all quarters complete one angry novelist – merited a second New Year's Honour?Together, all quarters complete one (cryptic definition of TWELVEMONTH) angry (RED) novelist (ECO) – merited (RATED) a second New Year's Honour (REDECORATED)0.52  2  
265 Annual span of time we are not current may shake our set waysT+WE+LiVE+MONTH; (OUR SET)* = ROUTES for the 2nd word00  6  
267 Cameron for May, 2016 in a nutshell (11/11)Cameron was May's preDECessor + description of Twelvemonth03  5  
2610 Exchange makes combination skills acquired through experience potentially overwhelming. Rest? Not without sore ring time!Thematic: Exchange [TRADE] makes [CRAFTS] (combination) = TRADECRAFTS; definition = skills acquired through experience; Anagrind = potentially; fodder = OVErWHELMing resT NoT (without 'sore ring'); definition = time! Surface suggests a boxer learning from a seasoned pro, but needs to learn some painfull lessons in the ring!01  1  
2626 This year, view outside of motel and then be confused mistakenly, donate crude bare tree for Christmas, perhaps?Definition TWELVEMONTH ("THIS YEAR") and ("VW"+"MOTEL"+"THEN") ANAGRAM; ("DONATE"+"CRUDE") ANAGRAM and "BARE TREE FOR CHRISTMAS, PERHAPS" definition for UNDECORATED.02  3  
2627 Throw out cider as brandy Cointreau and lemon are needed for this year new hotel MTV is broken.Throw out cider as brandy Cointreau and lemon are needed for this [SIDECAR: anag of CIDERAS plus ingredients] year new hotel MTV is broken. [TWELVEMONTH: def + anag]00  6