The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC April 2015 competition results

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53 clues entered. 41 votes cast (38 competitors, 3 others).


So now we know – it's not just Azed who has a liking for clues with a cricketing reference. it's more widespread! Congratulations to Margaret on winning with some very clever wordplay and, of course, that cricketing theme.
Tough luck on Tom, just missing out in second (following his 3rd place last month) with his very neat and concise &lit offering.
Don continues his excellent form of this year, a little way back in 3rd with the best of the Election themed clues.
Anthony in 4th place, his first podium finish since his World Cup victory last summer – his clue made me chuckle with its aptness once the Election results came in!
Finally Dave P maintains his amazing run of podium finishes this year! Coupled with the last competition of 2014 that's now 5 in a row – I will have to check the archives, that must be a record! Well done Dave, a nicely deceptive definition.

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
111Margaret IrvineCaught pushing forward in game, getting a nickHockey with C further forward, def=a nick561  4  
22Tom BorlandBlock with small yard?CHOKE + Y; &lit.52.50  2  
334Don ManleyNick contrived to back leader of ConservativesC + hokey, ref. Clegg and Cameron in 2010 Coalition441  3  
433Anthony BradleyNick Clegg's beginning to get too sentimentalC + HOKEY ~ Def: Nick ~ Ref (for non-Brits): Lib-Dem party leader382  3  
517Dave ParfittCooler drink's welcomed in hot yearCOKE with H inside + Y; def. = Cooler291  1  
639John TozerPen gag that's funny at lastchoke + y; pen = prison25.50  1  
737Jason CramptonNight-watchman contrived to follow captain's leadHOKEY (contrived) after C(aptain)190  2  
83Steve RandallBoring job about to become crucial in prisonCHO[RE] substituting KEY for RE182  3  
952David McKieWhere should drug smuggling – heroin, say – lead you?H (common description of heroin) in COKE + Y; surface provides definition17.51  1  
1019John AppletonFinally, Frederic March to work alongside Stanley Holloway?Def = "Holloway?"; final letters of "Frederic March to work alongside Stanley"160 
1120 Foremost of cons has organised means of unlocking prisonC(ons) H(as) O(rganised) KEY152  1  
1241 Place for men with convictions? Sounds suffocating (6)CD and choky hp131 
1329 Leading with clubs in game causes a stirHOCKEY with C moved to lead.12.50  3  
1451 Ultimately angry after heroin's found in fizzy drink can (6)(angr)Y after (H in COKE); definition = CAN11.50  3  
1532 Nick Cage ?Double definition Refers to actor Nicholas Cage.10.51  4  
1546 Rebel embraces satisfactory year in jail(CHE embraces OK) + Y; jail – defn10.52  1  
1736 Nick's quixotic wish: To pluck surprise victory at lastdef: nick (=prison); last letters spell CHOKEY; ref. Nick Clegg and dismal electoral prospects for LibDems101 
1748 The lock-up is a cell, holding outlaws, killers; even yegg heads.def+heads"c+h+o+k+e+y"101 
199 Catch oik eventually, after emptying prison. (6)wordplay: "after emptying" = use only outside letters of first three words; definition: prison.9.53  1  
1943 Prison church has no solutionCH+O+KEY9.51  2  
218 Can result from rigging hockey&lit. (hockey)* [can=jail=chokey]8.50  2  
2222 He swallows ok in extremely chewy porridgeok within he within c-y, porridge=def82  3  
2230 Lock-up? Children love something to open it.Lock-up is definition. CH=children; 0=love, KEY.80 
2442 Playing hockey in prisonhockey*73  1  
2453 You'd expect karma or hubris commonly starts after being banged up here.Down clue: initial letters reversed – banged up, &lit. ('starts' as noun.)70 
2610 Caught by phoney watchmanC + HOKEY62 
271 Ball and chain earlier basic in prisonCH(chain) in front of O(ball)+ KEY(basic); def = prison5.50  2  
2724 Hockey's messy penalty box? (6)HOCKEY anagram is a prison ("PENALTY BOX").5.52  3  
295 Can be caught when moving to the front in ball gameCan & chokey are both slang for prison. "Ball game"=HOCKEY, which becomes CHOKEY, when c(=caught) is moved to the front.41  2  
2912 Chapter “O”, vital to where one may begin and end a sentenceCH+O+KEY/Where one may begin and end a sentence = definition40  1  
2927 Leader of can-can can be dropped from popular dance? Can indeed!Leader of can = c; can (pokey) can be dropped from popular dance (hokey pokey); c + hokey = chokey = can, indeed! (definition)40  1  
2935 Nick's bird, Kitty, can help to start car? Why, you say?Def x4 (nick, bird, kitty & can)/choke + y.41  1  
3331 Native American tribe removed before adding first Yankee prisonCHerOKEe – ere + Y; def = prison; ref the Cherokee were forcibly relocated in the 1830s under the Indian Removal Act to allow for the expansion of European settlers.3.50  2  
3340 Pick removes ice with decisive ‘clink’[CHOICE removes ICE] + KEY; ('remove' as in 'take off' (a hat, etc.); clink = def3.52  1  
3515 Company shipping hard fruit for the canDefinition: the can. Wordplay: h(hard) in Co(Company) + key(fruit)31 
3525 Housebreaking: minimum of court's answer?HO(house, breaking=inserting) in C(first of court) and KEY(answer) & lit30  1  
3550 Two islands one of them is old in jail.inCH+Old+KEY = in jail30  2  
386 Can cyclist, retaining kinetic energy, follow olympic final?(Chris) HO(KE)Y after olympi(C). Def. can.2.53  1  
394 Bung that finished off Tory created stir?Bung = choke/bribe…finished off Tor(y)…stir/prison20  3  
397 Can move about to lead the gameC ho (-C<<) key, Can – Definition (a Prison): About – C – move to the beginning of Game (HOCKEY)21  2  
3938 Old term for clink, encountered in colonial Hindustan's exercise yards originallyo + k in initials, & lit.20 
4223 Hockey brawls fill the sin bin!(6)direct = sin bin. hockey = anagram of chokey (brawls = indicator)10  2  
4247 Taken in by psychic hokey-pokey in America (6)(C HOKEY); Containment indicator: Taken in; Definition: Pokey in America (U.S. slang for jail, see 
4249 Tight necklace cut off? Yes, once for a stretch.choke( r) + y10  1  
4513 Cloggy, off the wall Hockney has lost direction but has energydef = cloggy ;(hockney – ne + e)*; anag.ind. "off the wall" is a book of prints by Hockney00  2  
4514 Clubs phoney Indian watchmanC + HOKEY01  1  
4516 Conservative's artificially formal in prison (6)C+HOKEY01  1  
4518 Enterprising department once leaves fruit for guardCHOKE(BERR)Y00  1  
4521 Having left India, Trunchbull's cooler here (6)Having left India – ref. to Anglo-Indian orig.; Trunchbull's cooler = def. (prison [from Roald Dahl's Matilda]), here – ref. to UK usage.00  1  
4526 Ice-hockey foul – leave ice for sin binanag. (ice-)hockey; foul = entangled00  2  
4528 Leaders on cool hustings outperformed by Major, perhaps cooler!c h o + key, underrated John M's 1992 soapbox electioneering01  1  
4544 Prison is firm about a second chance, chief! (6)CO (firm) about H (a second chance) KEY (chief). Def.: prison.02  1  
4545 Prison places a constriction on your head.Prison = CHOKEY constriction = CHOKE + (Y)our head.00  1