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CCCWC August 2020 competition results

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60 clues entered. 48 votes cast (41 competitors, 7 others).


We can always rely on the voters to go for that clue with a "fnar fnar" factor, so sure enough, a comfortable victory for Mr Randall with his naughty but nice effort! Excellent stuff and Steve maintains his high level of consistency with a third victory of this year.
Dave Williams returns to the podium for the first time since 2010 – welcome back! – a simple but effective clue securing him second spot.
Bob Kellet also returns to the podium – only just over year gap though! – with a topical clue.
Nathan achieves his second podium of this (his first) year, so well done for that!
Tim Anderson completes the top 5 with his own return after a gap of some three years, with the anag. &lit that was also attempted by others.
Well done to all – good luck with Printer's Devilry!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
125Steve RandallI'm horny over ten hours each dayO + X + H + EA + D612  5  
211Dave WilliamsDope from old Times leaderO + × + HEAD; (def = dope)442  3  
334Bob KellettNo 10 has lost the initiative – the leader is a buffoon (6)No 10 has lost the initiative = (n)O X : leader = HEAD302  2  
48Nathan TownshendBy pursuing love with that man, lady's exposed as stupidBy pursuing love = OX; that man = HE; lady's exposed = AD; stupid (noun) = definition29.54  2  
543Tim AndersonOne could easily be hoaxedanag. & lit.271  2  
619Vinod RamanFoolish ex had admitted love for an idiotFoolish ex had admitted love = EXHAD* around O; Def: an idiot25.50  3  
755John TozerThis here’s the pudding – soup’s the other endi.e. oxhead vs oxtail; pudding = dimwit250 
85Anthony Nannini"Axe nothing !" Denis Healey initially ordered. Silly Billy !Axe o + dh (Denis Healey initially)= anagram fodder. ordered = anagrind. + definition. Silly Billy became an impressionist's catchphrase for him.24.52 
960Jessica MerchantWhere to go for neat dope (6)Toilet for cattle.211  2  
1018Amrita MajumdarFool old man on a date stealing a kiss (6)Fool -def , O (old) He (man) A D (Date) around X (kiss)202  1  
1131 Might he be easily hoaxed?190  1  
1230 'Lummox', he admitted, encapsulates himHidden; him = implied definition163  1  
1236 Noodle's some way from traditional soup.noodle=dolt(def): trad soup=oxtail: some way=distance between head and tail162  2  
1422 Idiot box, headache essentiallyHidden word14.50  2  
1526 In paradox, he, a donkeyhidden &lit; ref. Buridan's ass141  2  
161 A top university, not for admitting the fellow that's one!he+a in Ox(for)d & lit.12.51  2  
1712 Dope ring backed by union of Triads transporting ecstasy to the West (6)Definition: Dope. Wordplay: O + HEXAD moving X to the left. In surface, Triads = Chinese criminal gangs120  2  
1728 Incompetent neatness?def: incompetent. neat = ox. ness = head120  2  
1750 Steer needed before he'd get answer?OX (steer) + A (answer) in HE'D; &lit.120  5  
203 Alexander’s horse brandished a neat crownAlexander the Great’s horse, “Bucephalus” (= Oxhead), so-named because he had an ox(neat)head brand (ished) on his thigh. A neat crown = def.10.50  3  
204 Alexander's horse was literally an assThe name of Alexander the Great's famous horse Bucephalus translates as oxhead (in Chambers).10.51  2  
2215 Easily hoaxed idiotHOAXED* anagrind=easily92  1  
2314 Dumbo and what's in box he adulteratedHidden81  1  
2353 "The inspiration for the first letter's in this box," he addedHidden clue. The shape of the first letter of Phoenician (aleph) and ultimately the Latin A is believed to derive from a representation of an ox's head82  1  
2523 Idiot ex had nothing original (6)(EX+HAD+O)* Idiot = def, ex had nothing= EX HAD O = fodder, original = anagram indicator7.52 
2554 The Minotaur was such an idiotDouble def.7.51  1  
2721 Heads off to box the mad old dolt (6)Heads off to = indicator for first-letter deletion, (-b)OX (-t)HE (-m)AD, def = old (to indicate archaic word) dolt (oxhead)71  2  
2733 Neatness exhibited by genius? Just the opposite!Neat = ox + ness + head72  1  
2749 Slow van after level crossingDef – slow(as noun). O(level)+ X (crossing) + HEAD71  1  
3013 Dotty hoaxed dolt(hoaxed)*6.51  1  
3140 "O, kiss man!" – Alexander's dictate starts BucephalusO+X+HE+A+D (Bucephalus means ox-head)60  1  
3156 Times leader supports love for foolX HEAD supports O (assumes down clue); fool= definition63 
3157 Twerp is neatness personifiedNeatness = Oxhead61  2  
3445 Oxon. top dog, really a horse’s ass!Ox on top dog (head) = horse’s ass (def)5.50 
3510 Dope – excessive amount consumed by hospital drug academyOD around (X H E A), DOPE def. | OD=overdose (excessive amount), consumed=container indicator, X=by (multiplication), H=hospital, E=ecstasy (drug), A=academy50  2  
3517 Fool! It's nothing (though Ximenes wouldn't approve)Head of OX = O – anathema to strict Ximeneans52 
3552 The cox he adored is embracing a nitwit.The cOX HE ADored….. Def nitwit50 
386 Box the bad, initially discarded part of slaughtered cattle (6)Def: part of slaughtered cattle. (-b)OX (-t)HE (-b)AD {… initially discarded}.4.52  1  
3820 Had Picasso's latest ex redrawn his self-portrait?Anagram of 'had + o + ex'. Picasso often portrayed his head as that of a bull.4.52 
3829 Lower class symbol of cuckoldryLower – ref to bovine sound. Andlit.4.51  1  
4141 'Oaf' in case beginner leaves 'loaf'?(b)OX+HEAD(loaf); def:oaf44 
4244 One's first ex had strayed(O)ne (EXHAD)*, semi&lit3.51  1  
4248 Simple translation of Alexander’s.Alexander the Great’s famous horse “Bucephalus” means “Oxhead” in Greek. A “horse” is a “translation”. A “simple” is a fool or “oxhead”. All in Chambers, including Bucephalus. &lit3.51  4  
4432 Mooncalf: Taurus’s origin?Mooncalf=fool; Taurus=OX; origin=HEAD/source; ref Taurus moon (astrology)2.51 
452 Alec hoaxed Hector (6)Definition is Alec (a stupid person), (hoaxed)*, anagrind is hector (as in harass)20  4  
457 Bucephalus haunch a doltTriple definition: Bucephalus [horse of Alexander the Great, from Greek 'bous' (ox) and 'kephale' (head)], Bucephalus haunch (haunch of Bucephalus having the mark of ox' head) and a dolt (a stupid person or an oxhead)20  2  
459 Dean, maybe, having mislaid his car, is a numskull.Dean = "Oxford head" (ie head of a college) minus "Ford" = car/def.21  2  
4837 Nothing wrong having got over drug stupid! (6)O (nothing) X (wrong) +(having) HAD (got) over, container indicator, E (drug). Definition – stupid (as informal noun).1.50 
4859 Upper part of lower hexad, properly arranged, needs nothing to introduce itUpper part of lower = def.; HEXAD* after O1.52  1  
5027 In time, this idiot might be the one at the helm with a firm gripC(oxhead)lock => Cox + headlock12 
5035 No kiss for Uncle Ned, Norman Watt-Roy or Chaz Jankel?O+X+HEAD (Uncle Ned is rhyming slang); def = blockhead (Ref = Watt-Roy and Jankel are famously members of the Blockheads, of Ian Dury fame and still touring, at least prior to COVID19).11  2  
5038 Numbskull Chief, not Sitting BullNumbskull (blockhead) = def; Chief = head; not Sitting = to be excluded; Bull = ox. Chief Bull = (head ox) = Oxhead.10  2  
5039 O indicated by this in clue of wife's unfaithfulness? Ximenes would not approve!OXHEAD clued cryptically as O (but not to Ximenean standards). Definition symbol of cuckoldry.10  1  
5042 Old idiot box without top lead(b)OX/HEAD [head/lead as in 'head the queue']; idiot box = TV; defn = old [archaic] idiot12  1  
5046 Ring ex had melted down, was really foolish.O/ring…ex had (anag)10  3  
5047 Short of stock, brand leader's tip to draft workerShort of stock brand = OXO-O; leader = HEAD; Definition = tip to draft worker10  1  
5058 Type of nut not eaten by vegan unless hornswoggled or otherwise hoaxed'Nut'to mean head. Anagram (otherwise) of hoaxed.12 
5816 First off, Buffalo Bill strangles the man for dope (6)Buffalo= FOX (in the sense of puzzle, bewilder ) – F + AD (Bill) around (strangles) HE (the man) . Def: Dope (Chambers Ref). (-f)OX(HE)AD.02  1  
5824 Idiot had taken a container without lid first (6)[b]OX h(e)ad00  2  
5851 Steer president towards Lyonnaise specialty.Charade with steer for ox and president for head; tÊte de veau is apparently a Lyonnaise specialty.00  2