The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC May 2020 competition results

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63 clues entered. 53 votes cast (47 competitors, 6 others).


Congratulations to Mr Tozer who bags his second win of the year! A seamless link to the wordplay beautifully disguising the definition in his clue. A comfortable victory.
Andy Smith takes second place, also with a neat definition that blended in well with the surface reading of the clue. First podium for a couple of years.
Tom Borland maintained his consistent run in third spot. A clue that melded together some staple elements of wordplay to produce a very convincing surface.
We have a new name back in fourth – congratulations to Peter Moore Fuller – first time on the podium with the clue that made me chuckle most.
And another new name completes the top 5. Well done to Nathan Townshend, after a handful of entries in the CCCWC competition his first podium with another hidden in reverse.
Thanks to all the old guard – onto the fresh blood next month!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
162John TozerWe’re getting on train heading for Retford and Leedsanag. incl. R; Retford is a stop on the London-Leeds line51.52  2  
249Andy SmithThe Spanish reds supply body of a superior vintageEL + REDS*; supply (adv); body = group of associated people38.51  3  
350Tom BorlandThe Spanish sun pulls in the German OAPsDER (the German) in EL (the Spanish) + S (sun); def. OAPs363  2  
444Peter Moore FullerSome of Sainsbury’s Red Leicester on the turn – are they past their sell-by date?Reverse hidden (sainsbury’S RED LEicester)35.51  5  
523Nathan TownshendLabour's red leader retires to hug treesHidden word backwards32.51  1  
64Mike AdamsChurchmen led astray by leaders of extreme right-wing sectChurchmen defn; led astray = anag ELD leaders indicates initial letters ERS30.51  2  
718Satyen NabarFound in retreat, gorgeous red leafy shrubsReverse hidden word; defn= shrubs273  5  
857Jacob WarbrickThose who spark a connection that's lacking with the generations above?WELDERS (those who spark a connection) less W (with) – defn: the generations above252  2  
920Keith WilliamsHaving dismissed opening pair, perhaps slips are the ones bearing fruit? (6)(FI)ELDERS; ref cricket234  5  
937Roslyn RougvieRestyled short dress with belt in the middle – for grannies?dres plus el anagrammed233  1  
942Ramki KrishnanSeniors making runs in Leeds ground (6)R (runs) inside LEEDS* (ground as anagram ind), def = seniors231  3  
122 Bush Senior's Council of Advisors (6)Elder + elder is elders22.50  1  
1316 Folk in care homes? Atrocious leaders are found wantinganag. less a203  4  
145 Collection of extra-mature delicious Red Leicester sandwiches served upDefinition = collection of extra-mature. 'sandwiches'=contents indicator, 'served up'=reversal indicator (deliciouS RED LEicester)19.54  1  
1536 Presbyters are led astray by turbulent affairs in RomePresbyters (def); led “astray” = ELD; affairs in Rome (ie in Latin) = res, “turbulent” = ERS16.50  4  
1615 Extraordinary leaders, except a certain Bush familyExtraordinary = anagrind, leaders = fodder, except = deletion ind, a = deletion fodder, certain Bush family = def. Surface may please be viewed as someone's (not mine) subjective comment on recent US Presidents14.53 
1646 The doddery isolated in sheltered development?Comp anag and (slightly unfair) lit – THE (anag) removed from SHELTERED (anag)14.51  2  
1852 These trees seen with wild reeds bordering lake.e(L)ders…L/lake…reeds (anag)13.51  1  
1935 Poorly sheltered, the ——— suffer*SHELTERED=*THE+ELDERS; ref care homes tragedy12.50  3  
2025 Leaders? Could be these areLEADERS = *ELDERS+A, & lit. (‘are’ = a, metric land measure)121  1  
2048 The Spanish, German and principally Scottish church dignitariesEL + DER + S(cottish)121  2  
2259 Trees seen in gorgeous red leaves from the east.Definition: trees Reverse telescopic gorgeouS RED LEaves11.52  1  
2345 The aged women coming out joining handswELDERS('joining hands', ie workers who join, minus w:women); def: the aged10.51  1  
2439 Sambuca, a fitting libation for presbytersSambuca (liquor = name derived from sambucus, Latin for elder tree); presbyters (def)101  3  
2458 Those with more experience sheltered avoiding the high groundSheltered* – the*; anagrinds high & ground102 
269 Dirty Reds slew endless village leaders(REDS sLEw)*9.50  2  
2629 Leeds Rhinos number 1 playing for seniors(LEEDS R)*; ref. to Leeds Rhinos Rugby League team9.53  3  
2638 Sad old remorse, no room for seniorsDirect – seniors. [old remorse – room]* deletion indicator – no; anagram indicator – sad.9.50  1  
2641 Senior representatives, maybe those at fine leg and mid-off, drop both openersfine leg & mid-off = FIELDERS minus FI9.51 
308 Definitely a couple of articles from the continent, supplied primarily for seniorsEL DER (both are definite articles) + S (Supplied primarily)90  1  
3114 Eel wriggling on angler's other rod, ends up in bushes (6)Anagram of EEL S R D. Definition: bushes.8.50  2  
3231 Part of group that beheld erstwhile membersHidden, semi&lit80  3  
3328 Leaders of empires, lords, diplomats, envoys, royals, statesmen (6)Acrostic &lit7.51  2  
3361 Veterans return from Bayeux's red letter dayDef. – veterans. Hidden, reversed, word Bayeux'S RED LEtter day7.51  1  
3521 In prime spots, Melody enforests treesPrime number (2,3,5,7,11,13) locations in mELoDyEnfoReSts60  4  
3527 Leaders maybe forgetting onset of Alzheimer's? (6)Anagram ("maybe") of "Leaders" after removing the letter a; definition whole clue (&lit), in reference to the sense "older person in position of authority".60  1  
3530 Not amateur leaders, maybe ? (6)& lit . anagram of (LEADERS-A)*. Definition ref Chambers – as in church elders –61  1  
3532 Partners of betters see first of local derby races abandoned (6)Elders and betters – (SEE L D R)*60  5  
3543 Seniors turned bolshie after being shunted into annexesbolshie = red (socialist); annexes = els (building extensions); so: RED (rev.) in ELS60  2  
4033 Patriarchs – leaders without a planLEADERS anagram, omitting A5.51  1  
4160 Under a new order honouring the onset of age, they would be leaders[ELDERS + A(ge)] = LEADERS; &lit.51  2  
4224 Lacking the politically correct respect held otherwise for authorities (6)respect held = anagram fodder , lacking the politically correct = remove thepc, otherwise = anagrind, + definition4.50 
436 Confused leader with no answer: one of the Pitts, perhaps?Anag LEADER – A(nswer): historical reference.41  4  
4313 "Eastenders" gripped a woman's forefathers.(H)eld + (h)ers (in a Cockney accent)/def.40  3  
4340 Senior citizens' dotty leader wants a son (6)Senior citizens is the definition , leader is anagrammed (dotty – anagrind), 'wants a' denote A being deleted from leader, Son -s40 
4617 Foolish leaders first of all ignore well-respected peopleFoolish = anagrind; leaders first of all ignore = anagram fodder (leaders – a = elders); well-respected people = def.3.50  2  
4622 Jewish authorities rejected in Bible's red lettersContained backward ("rejected") in "Bible's red letters"; in some Bible editions, red letters are used for the words of Jesus, who often spoke against the Jewish elders; semi-&lit.3.52  2  
487 Confused leaders drop initial aim to announce senior advisors."leaders" minus "a" rearranged to give "elders'.30  2  
4810 Dodgy dealers ‘lose’ article for fruit suppliers*de(a)lers, def = fruit suppliers (elder plants provide elderberries)31 
4847 The Queeen's following tips to Epsom Ladies' Day, getting those before bettersE/L/D/ER's; 'elders and betters' saying32  4  
5112 Eastender's fascinated by Bianca's bushes'eld by 'ers (Cockney indicated)20  1  
5119 Golfer Ernie gets sunburned doing a round in the treesEL(DER)S red rev.22  2  
5134 Perhaps the trees are felled – zebras get noticed periodically?Perhaps the trees (referring to ELDERS) are fElLeD – zEbRaS noticed periodically? (indicating the periodic or alternate letters noticed in 'felled – zebras')21  1  
5154 Those in authority are seldom seen without a medal, curiouslyThose in authority = definition, (-A)(RE SELD)*(-OM)20  1  
5511 Doyennes from Stratford enjoyed her society (6)Doyennes = ELDERS from Stratford enjoyed her = 'ELD 'ER society = S11  2  
5526 Leader's dropped a clanger, senior figuresanag of leaders minus 'a'10  2  
5563 Wrinklies and old dearies mix, a do I keep out.11 
581 ——— are seen as artful leaders (6)ELDERS + A = LEADERS* [a = the metric unit are (= 0.01 hectares)], a composite anagram & lit. See to read Azed's explanation of this clue type, also As in Azed, I used "———" as neither "these" (ELDERS is one word) or "this" (conflicts with "are") are grammatical0.51  3  
593 Church office holders, they are people born earlier (6)Double Definition/ church office holders and people born earlier00  1  
5951 Theo Snelders is six-a-side goalkeeper for SeniorsTheo Sn|ELDERS is 'six-a-side' goalkeeper (or keeper of the goal, ie the answer); definition = Seniors; Snelders was a goalkeeper for FC Twente, Aberdeen FC and the Dutch 1994 World Cup squad00  2  
5953 They healed hearts in row over couples' rights.hE / aL / eD / hE / aR / tS / (& lit). Right sides of couples in row. (Elders = tribal counsellors.)02  1  
5955 Those who have got along with corrupt leaders without a trace of anguish (6)Def: Those who have got along. LE(-a)DERS* {corrupt …}. The deletion of "a" is indicated by "without a trace of A(-guish)."00 
5956 Those who join kicked out with respect to them!Definition: respect to them!; WELDERS -W | The "!" is integral, imperative in the definition, ironic in the clue as a whole.00  1