The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC August 2019 competition results

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48 clues entered. 40 votes cast (38 competitors, 2 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
126Ramki KrishnanNurse starts to treat man's fractured bone (7)NURSE + T-M (starts to treat man's) = anagram fodder. "fractured" = anagram indicator. Bone is def701  8  
21Tom BorlandA bit of breast turns me on*TURNS ME (on = tipsy in C)35.53  5  
28Don ManleyBone could be problem when eating birdtern in sum35.54  2  
413Steve RandallCheck over navy uniform, it's in the chestSTEM (check) over RN (navy) U (uniform – NATO alphabet)330  1  
524Neil TalbottJolting human's breast could give this a bash&lit / composite anag: (HUMAN'S BREAST)* = (STERNUM A BASH)*32.51  3  
646John TozerWhat chest x-ray reveals is grim: lump insidestern (l)um(p)31.52  5  
77John DoylendBit of a chest problem after swallowing sea bird (7)def: Bit of a chest. SUM (problem) after swallowing TERN (sea bird)30.52 
844Barry SolomonsUnrest over money found in chest?unrest (anag) + m = money.230  4  
937jimmosco@uwo.caSkeletal fragment discovered in eastern UmbriaSkeletal fragment (def); hidden word – eaSTERN UMbria202  2  
1019John AppletonHarry S. Truman not one close to the boneAnagrind = Harry; (S TRUM[a]N [th]E)*152  2  
1129 Problem keeping bird at front of cage ?S(tern)um +definition. Keeping = insertion indicator14.51  3  
1242 Turns me funny boneTurns me (fodder); funny (anag. ind,); bone (def.)141  1  
1345 Western umpires pack a chest-protectorweSTERN UMpires, pack = include, & lit13.50  2  
1422 It cages the heart of stiff upper-class maiden (7)STERN + U + M : (It cages the heart = definition, of = link , stiff = STERN , upper-class = U , maiden = M )90  2  
1428 One helps to inspire improbable test match run-chase, he’s dropping awkward catch and somehow losing The Ashes (7)One helps to inspire (def – the sternum is essential to movement of rib cage during breathing) improbable (anagrind) test match run-chase he’s (extended fodder) dropping awkward catch (removing rearranged letters of CATCH from fodder) and somehow losing The Ashes (removing rearranged letters of THE ASHES from fodder)90  3  
1617 Gladiolus in the middle of this special set mourner oddly sent backste* m(o)u(r)n(e)r<. Gladiolus is the middle of sternum as well as flower8.50  2  
1727 One dug on each side of this, to find a part of the chest.Def.x2 (dug = "a woman's breast [Chambers]). [Implied suggestion of a treasure hunter's activity.]7.54  3  
1732 Rib anchor turns 'em aroundTurns 'em = fodder. Around = anag. ind.7.50  1  
1930 Processed muenster loses half its energy, but it sticks to your ribs(MUENSTeR)*70  1  
1948 With ten rums drunk, a plate of insects is served upTENRUMS anag; def = a plate of insects (sternum = 'a cuticular plate covering the ventral surface of a body segment of an arthropod')71  1  
2116 Front section of skeleton that edges ribs near upper middle&lit (using first letters)6.51  5  
2243 Unrest! Kashmiris essentially hurt to the bone(UNREST + M)*; topical ref to events in Kashmir62 
2335 Seven-a-side's prop forward nuts me and runs off.Def: SEVEN-A-SIDE'S (seven pairs of ribs are fixed to the sternum) PROP (rigid support) FORWARD (in front). NUTS + ME + R off*50  3  
2338 Society bird uncovered rump and breastboneS TERN (r)UM(p)50 
2340 Stop hiding cracked urn one's tucked away in the chestStop(=STEM) hiding (URN)*, definition51  1  
2612 Breastbone's stored in canister number three.Hidden word4.50  4  
2618 grim greek character returned bonegrim = stern, greek character= mu returned = um , bone = sternum4.51  2  
285 Attachment for seven ribs — in part a sinister number.See Chambers entry for breastbone for justification of seven. (SINI)STERNUM(BER).42 
2910 Bone that trendy idiot has fractured, between hip and skull (7)reverse hidden clue: find a bone whose name, put between HIP and SKULL and split into two, gives a string meaning "trendy idiot" i.e. HIPSTER NUMSKULL. Technically also semi-all-in-one30  4  
2911 Bottom line when a set of three chops is the only plate that comes with ribsTERN(a set of three) inside SUM(bottom line); The sternum is the plate to which the ribs are attached31  2  
2921 Hidden anatomy near cleavage turns me onanagram (‘on’ = drunk)34  4  
2933 Sea bird in aggregate alights on mooring for ribs.TERN in SUM = sternum (to which ribs are attached)30 
334 All over! – A bird revealed her central asset up front (7)ALL = SUM, over (= covering), A BIRD = TERN, central asset up front = def.. … so S TERN UM.2.50  1  
3315 Forbidding, with little hesitation, revealing part of the chest.Forbidding = stern, little hesitation = um, the whole shows part of chest.2.51 
3347 What’s in chest? Nothing, a pirate found, leaving useless treasure map on it*O+A+PIRATE leaving *TREASURE MAP+ON+IT=STERNUM; found=moulded2.50  3  
3614 Faster numbing admits cardiologist’s entrance22 
3639 Spymaster numbers helping to protect the centre?Hidden; definition = 'helping to protect the centre?'; also doing double duty as hidden indicator; centre/heart20  2  
3641 Tough skin behind bone (7)Tough – Stern Behind – Bum, Skin (v) – remove skin, i.e., letter B20  2  
399 Bone stock has signs of run-offdef: Bone. STEM holds the letters of RUN*1.50 
3920 Here beats the heart – perhaps behind sailor's back"um" for perhaps behind stern1.50 
3925 Mass covering bird’s bone (7)SUM(mass) around (covering ) TERN (bird). Def bone1.52 
3936 Skeletal component turns me loose(turns me)*1.50  1  
432 A breastplate providing some bodily protection?Breastplate = same as breastbone (long flat bony plate) = sternum: providing = link word to 2nd def; some bodily protection = sternum (which protects heart/lungs in humans – hence use of 'bodily') May also be read as all-in-one cryptic. Breastplate is also a piece of armour.0.50  2  
433 A metal alloy found inside a problem breastbone.alloy (TERN) in problem (SUM)0.50  1  
456 Back team's back as one protecting vital parts (7)STERN (back) UM (team's back, MU Manchester United, backwards). One protecting vital parts – definition.01 
4523 It's grim and unforgivingly miserable at the front – it's hard (7)grim = STERN then U and M; "at the front" may be borrowed to "extend" and hence tighten the broader definition "it's hard" (double duty? moi!) – thus indicating the bone at the front.00  1  
4531 Rest treatment with drug briefly given for heart protectionREST*/NUM(b) [to drug = to numb]01  1  
4534 Serves up skinned emus' and ures' tasteless hollow bone{(e)MU(s) (a)N(d) (u)RE(s) T(asteles)S} all reversed00  2