The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC June 2019 competition results

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50 clues entered. 39 votes cast (35 competitors, 4 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
15Pete MilneBat chewed butterfly, discarding the wingsAnagram of b(UTTERFL)y. Bat = flutter, as in eyelids.55.53  1  
211John TozerBoth sides in final say it’s a gamblef, l utter40.50  2  
326Satyen NabarFollowing mess, Conservative leader quits leading to speculationF + CLUTTER – C; Following= F(abbrev), mess= clutter, Conservative leader quits= delete C, leading to= link, speculation= defn.39.50  4  
450Bob KellettWhat Spooner's butterfly does after shedding its cocoon (7)Spooner's butterfly = FLUTTER BY; get rid of (shed) its cocoon B(utterfl)Y; def &lit28.50  1  
533Tom BorlandLeft turf without a farthing, this having been misplaced?*LEFT TUR(F); &lit. (f = farthing)27.50  3  
62Ramki KrishnanAgitation in Florida state(7)Def = agitation, FL (Florida) + UTTER (state)25.53  3  
749Luciano WardWhat flautist deploying tip of tongue produces?FLUTER deploying T = FLUTTER (trilling sound on wind instruments, produced by deployment of tongue): &lit190  2  
87yok-foo yapBeat Florida state (7)Charade of FL (Florida) UTTER (state)160  1  
825ALLAN SCOTTFollowing learner driver, complete gambleF + L + utter161  1  
831jimmosco@uwo.caJack might do this easily, in a breeze!Jack, i.e. Union Jack, in a breeze, might FLUTTER.160  1  
1145 Starts to fight leadership with total confusionF(ight) L(eadership) + UTTER15.51 
128 Bet florin, sayFL (florin) + UTTER134 
1236 Movement of Zebra Longwing from Florida state (7)&lit – Florida = FL, state = UTTER, the Zebra Longwing is the state insect (a butterfly of course) of Florida131  2  
1440 Pound in strong state ! It's a risk for speculators (7)pound = L, in strong state = f(l)utter + definition120 
1547 Toss an old coin – a florin say?flutter= toss a coin (archaic). FL = florin, UTTER = to say11.51 
1610 Bet of gutless fool, sayF(oo)L UTTER111  1  
1720 Fellow left complete confusion.F + L + UTTER: def CONFUSION10.51 
184 Backing financial tips? Sheer speculation ! (7)Def: Speculation UTTER (say) behind (backing) F(inancia)L90  3  
189 Bet musician keeps time.Bet (definition – flutter (slang)) – musician (fluter – rare variation for flautist) around T for time.91  2  
1815 Change of heart for heartless fool, say.FL UTTER90 
1827 Football League leaders provide a sound betF L + UTTER90  1  
2224 Folk musician keeping tempo creates quite a stirFolk musician = fluter (Collins); keeping tempo = flut(t)er; creates = link word to def; quite a stir = def (excitement/sensation Collins)8.51 
2242 Sensation with heart adrift, say?f(ee)l + utter & lit.8.51  1  
2417 Dance foxtrot with Mock Turtle!Flutter=dance; f=foxtrot+*turtle(mock=fake)81  1  
2438 Occasionally felt state of excitement! (7)Occasionally felt = FL, state = UTTER, excitement = definition. Whole clue too is & littish81  1  
2614 Butterfly swimming losing by a long shot? Could be (7)Anagram of BUTTERFLY without BY. A long shot = a bet or a flutter.7.50  1  
2637 Musician has time for a bet (7)flut(t)er7.51 
2848 We heard you flatter indiscriminately without a bat of an eye.We heard (homophone ind) you=U + FLATTER indiscriminately (anag ind) without A (deletion) = bat of an eye (def)6.50  1  
2929 Frisky turtle going after female is a racing sensationAnagram of turtle after 'F' (for female) = definition (excitement)62  1  
2946 Suit posh for a danceFL(a)<U>TTER [to flutter = to dance]61 
3112 Both sides in Final speak of feeling nervous.Both sides in F(ina)L + utter/speak of..50  1  
3213 Butterfly, injured after having lost wings, gave a tremor (7)(-b)UTTERFL*(-y), anagram indicator = injured4.51 
3244 Sound choked having ignored starting price: top filly comes first in betSplutter minus 'sp' with 'f at the start4.50 
3432 Just a small bet odds fall, up to the final numberThe odd letters of 'fall up to the' plus the final letter of 'number' spells flutter; just a small bet = definition41 
3519 Father changes sides, leading to unmitigated flapFL+UTTER (l for r in FR)3.50 
3539 Perfect fool on vacation goes first in puntf(oo)l utter=total; punt=bet=flutter3.51 
373 Appalling left turns Poles avoided to see fanAppalling = * ; ((LEFT TURNS) – (NS))* ; fan = def.30  1  
3718 Dubiously let turf accountant accept this?Anagram/and lit combination.32 
3923 Flap following confusion having toppled leaderf+(c)lutter; def flap2.50 
3930 Funster at first turning turtle in dance (7)Indirect: F (Funster at first) + LUTTER (turtle*, anag. indicator – turning) Direct: dance2.50 
411 A daily double, maybe, or a treble, might make one's heart do this.Daily double + treble = types of bet (and of drinks): a bet = a flutter(which one's heart might do, after a winning bet [or a consoling drink]).21 
4134 Loud demented turtle is in a stir! (7)F + (TURTLE anagram) = FLUTTER (STIR)20 
4135 Loud struggle in Paris caused a tremor (7)Loud is F Struggle in Paris – lutter is the French word for struggle Tremor is definition20  2  
4141 Punt that's evacuated in Channel riverT[ha]T (is evacuated) in FLUE (Channel) + R21 
4543 Short illness before a race leads the Queen to another bet?FLU+TT+ER1.50 
4622 Fine line between this and sheer chaos.F (L[ine between]) + sheer ( = UTTER), def. & lit. (flutter = confusion)14  1  
4728 Fretful movement drops farthing with the first toss of a coinAnagram of fretful less F(arthing) plus T(he); Toss of a coin = def0.50 
486 Bat following turtle all around is what peacocks do! A small bet?Triple definitions. F (following) + LUTTER (anagram of turtle; all around being anagram indicator) gives FLUTTER (BAT) which is what peacocks do or which is a small bet.00  1  
4816 Dance bar’s appropriate after I methodically fill up (to the brim)Def: Dance. Wordplay: Methodically FiLlUpToThEbRiM bar M ('s appropriate after I: is ('s) -> am ('m)). Surface reading: Eat before going out00  1  
4821 Female turtle's wiggle (7)direct = wiggle; wiggle also anagram indicator: turtle = lutter; f = female.00  1