The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC February 2018 competition results

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38 clues entered. 32 votes cast (29 competitors, 3 others).


A closely run competition this month with none of the top 5 from last month surviving to occupy the podium again. So, five "new" names but lead by a familiar one – last year's Annual Competition winner Steve Randall opens his account for 2018, demonstrating that a smooth surface reading is always likely to stand a good chance.
Peter Cargill sneaks into second place with a clue that raised a smile from me with its imagery – even if it had a sinister side to it as well!
Jeff Robinson secures third spot – another amusing surface image, if a little bizarre!
Martin Price hits the top 5 for the first time in a couple of years – also raising a smile at the expense of the nunhood – you cheeky lot, I didn't expect too many nuns to appear when I chose this clue word!
Wait – what's this? Yet another swipe at the poor old nuns from David McKie, back on the podium returning to his form of last year!
Well done to all – I hope you all sober up in time for the March challenge!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
12Steve RandallA source of slurs and unkind sneers circulating when one's awayunkindsneers* – I401  2  
225Peter CargillMisguided nuke Royal Navy sends – result of excessive rum ration?*NUKE+RN+SENDS37.53  3  
312Jeff RobinsonDoctor fumbling nuns' knees as a result of serious boozingDR/NUNSKNEES*35.52  2  
432Martin PriceSpooner's sister may get into a habit? But not this one, one would hope!Nun can dress/def.330 
529David McKieRed Ken's cavorting with nuns? This would explain it!RED KENS NUNS (anag), and ref politician K.Livingstone (not I hasten to add known for such behaviour!)26.50  1  
617John AppletonInebriation causing deviant nun to grab man in frockKEN in NUN*, inside DRESS.244  1  
78Colin ThomasDepression primarily relieved by doctor being merryDepression = SUNKENNESS; S replaced by DR; being merry = def22.52  2  
813Tom BorlandDoctor worried nun's knee's being wreckedDR + *NUNS KNEES; def. being wrecked191  1  
91John TozerA French national’s acquired knowledge in clothing? It’s being wastedken in un N, all in dress180  1  
937Satyen NabarUndress sloppily having no awareness in tipsy stateAnag of UNDRESS around N + KEN180 
1131 Spiritually elevated state (11)CD17.51  1  
1226 Naughty nun keeps knocking-shop, clothed in tight habit.Wordplay: DR-[un]KEN[n]-ESS. ('Clothed' = in 'dress'). Def: TIGHT HABIT16.52 
1310 Doctor before United Nations knows about society's crapulence.Dr + UN + kenNESs; def101  1  
1434 Three sheets to the wind, this pair were wrecked under spinnakers.Composite anag DRUNKENNESSPAIR <-> UNDERSPINNAKERS.90 
153 Because of this, the captain renders sunken craft (not QEII).(11)DRUNKENNESS (Reason for captain sinking ship) = ANAGRAM of (RENDERS + SUNKEN -ER).8.50  2  
169 Distortion in both sides of neck under head, characteristic of bloat(N..K UNDER)* + NESS(head); bloat=drunkard7.52 
1736 Tumbling over, hooligan sustains protuberance on head. The reason?NE(KNUR)D rev + NESS: hooligan = NED, protuberance = KNUR, head = NESS70 
184 Boozing doctor’s callous behaviour leaves one dead after injection of drug (11)Defintion: Boozing. Calllous behaviour (UNKINDNESS) DR + UNKINDNESS-(I D) around E (drug)6.50 
1811 Doctor exploding nuke’s new head for dysfunctional state (11)DR + anag of NUKE + N + NESS; Defn = dysfunctional state;6.50 
2035 Topless fallen woman finally puts clothes on – it's a tight fit? (11)DR((s)UNKEN (woma)N)ESS – def: a tight fit (geddit)- QM for crypticness62 
215 Breaking news – leader with Sun, "Red Ken's Newts' Affliction?" (11)Anagram (Breaking = anagram indicator) of n{ews}+Sun+red+Ken's. Pissed as a newt is suggested for the definition. Ken Livingstone (AKA Red Ken) is not only a politician, but also a breeder of newts… <>5.50  2  
2138 Wobbly knees – under strain after irate dismissal of likely cause?knees under strain (anag)… LESS 'irate'5.50 
2328 One knows almost new garment hides effect of overindulgence for supperDefinition: 'effect of overindulgence for supper'('supper' = drinker). 'One' = UN + 'knows almost' = KEN ('(kens' losing last letter, + 'new' = N, all hidden in 'garment' = DRESS51 
246 Brief tipple leads to nuns' knees up – but surely not this!DR(am) + NUNSKNEES*. "up" = "in an excited state" (Chambers)41 
2420 Insobriety of pickled anorak regularly cavorting with nudeness(a)N(o)R(a)K + NUDENESS* with 'pickled' and 'cavorting' as anagram indicators42 
2423 Losing nothing Un endorses disturbance around North Korea, could cause imbalance (11)Definition: could cause imbalance. Wordplay: [UN ENDORSES – O (losing nothing)]* around NK (North Korea). Anagram indicator, disturbance44  1  
277 Cricket captain admits career with Kent heading for intemperate endCricket captain (Mike) Denness (having Kent in the clue helps identify which captain). Admits is containment indicator; career = run; Kent heading = k; for = link between wordplay and definition which is intemperate end (end=outcome of being intemperate=drunkenness). For the surface reading intemperate can also mean uncontrolled or wild in general3.50  2  
2722 Lord's inclination ? Sobers up for taking it on (11)Double definition.(As drunk as a lord). Story referring to the slope at Lord's cricket ground and Sir Garfield Sobers.3.52  1  
2916 In the cellar, final location, in illegal sense, for St Martin's evil.DRUNK (In the cellar) + [locatio]N in SENSE*, def. St Martin's evil. St Martin-in-the-fields now has a café in the crypt that serves wine! Being the 11th of November, St Martin's Day (Martinmas) is not celebrated so widely as in the past.20  2  
2918 Inn bloke undresses — i.e. slob ——— made naughty?comp. anag. & lit.20  1  
2921 Intoxication, according to one's knowledge and admitted by unorthodox nun, split dress.DR(UN(KEN)N)ESS; according to one's knowledge = ken; definition = intoxication20 
2924 Manage dog's home almost completely within old department of high stateRUN + KENNE(L) inside DSS (Department of Social Security): High state = drunkenness20  1  
3319 Insight into nun dress – variation of leathered habitKEN (insight) "into" NUNDRESS* (variation), of leathered habit = def. (leathered = slang for drunk)1.52 
3333 The Scotsman's not recognised missing editor wearing bandage (the result of a bender)(UNKENNED – ED) in DRESS1.50  1  
3514 Doesn’t cider sunk on “inn tour” lead to this condition?Semi-&lit comp anag (tour) DOESNTCIDERSUNKONINN/DRUNKENNESSCONDITION11 
3615 From a sip it starts, it produces a piss artist with time (doubles often involved in latter stages)& lit. (DRUNKENNESS makes A SIP IT STARTS rearrange to A PISS ARTIST with T; the answer has double letters towards the end which rules out INEBRIATION, for example).00  1  
3627 Not having complete sense, like gegs?Drunken SENS(e) in the same manner as the infamous clue. Def = not having complete sense.00  3  
3630 Soak guzzles right to the finish, won't stop, a monstrous place this intemperanceD(R)UNK+ENd+NESS01