The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC October 2019 competition results

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43 clues entered. 37 votes cast (33 competitors, 4 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
124Dhirendra TRed government reigns after banishing royal (5)Direct: Red. Indirect: G [government] + (R)ULES [reigns] after removing [banishing] R [royal]401  3  
229Rod BeardsRedness in arms and legs treated with hint of unguentRedness in arms – definition (arms = coat of arms is in Chambers); anagram LEGS + U36.51  3  
37Steve RandallColour found on arms and legs with limitless sun aroundanagram of LEGS with [s]U[n]35.50  2  
428Terry NealeRed sludge formed when deuterium is extractedRed = def; anagram of sludge with D (deuterium) removed.26.50  1  
519John AppletonOld Scottish marigolds giving field colour?Double def, For "Old Scottish marigolds" see Chambers; "field" being the background of a shield in heraldry.252  2  
523S.SreeniRed giants – unusually luminous, ebbing stars , primarily (5)Def: Red Initial letters (basically) of Giants…stars250  1  
738John TozerTake a drink laced with drug and turn a shade of redE in slug, rev.22.51  1  
842Josie BarnesWee Angus gathering the French marigolds in auld ScotlandGu[le]s, (gules being an archaic, scottish word for marigolds)183  1  
913Tony HarkerFlying Blue Ensign when leaving Benin in confusion? No — Red.Anag BLUEENSIGN less anag BENIN. Def RED.170  2  
1035Barry SolomonsSeeing red after glue ruined shirt front.Glue (anag) + (S)hirt front.161  1  
112 A mixture of glues used in decorating some coats of armsglues snag. = def.15.51  3  
1239 The standard red's making you smell rose petals ultimatelyThe standard red = definition; wordplay is final letters of: makin(g) yo(u) smel(l) ros(e) petal(s)151  1  
1320 Pigment in arms and legs changes with injection of uraniumdef = pigment in arms (= 'heraldic insignia'); LEGS anag including U13.51  1  
1441 Tincture made with drug in some alcohol withdrawnTincture = definition drug = e in = inclusion indicator some alcohol = slug withdrawn = reversal indicator10.50  1  
155 Awful guiltiness — in colour here it's apparent?comp. anag. & lit.102  2  
1515 Glue's spilt – I see red!Anagram and definition102  1  
1518 It isn't ugliest sort of colour (5)(UGLIEST-IT)*101  3  
1543 Zones out, quaffs redGUZZLES (quaffs) minus ZZ (zones)102  1  
193 Abused glue sniffers finally seeing redAnagram (abused) of GLUE/S8.51 
201 A bit of silver added to gold to make it redGULE(gold,Chambers) S(ilver); def:red80 
2016 Goat-boy acceptable for a ruddy fieldU replacing I in GILES80  2  
2033 Scarlet tincture concocted from some legumesScarlet tincture (def); “some” = legu..s*, omitting me80  2  
2331 Rose ran out of cereals (5)Definition: Rose Wordplay: G(RAN)ULES Granules (cereals) without ran, with 'out' as the deletion indicator70  3  
2332 Ruby stones for your ears (5)Ruby: def [OED – heraldry] | stones: jewels [as gems or testicles!] ["stones" rather than "gems" to double bluff; "gems" too easy?] | for your ears: homophone indicator | surface: gems for earrings.70  2  
254 Aristocratic red flowing from old French throats?It is thought that the term 'gules' derives from the Old French word 'goules', literally "throats"; Surface alludes to the French revolution.61  2  
2527 Red rubber found in grammar schoolULE in GS60  1  
2540 There's no tea, it's said, in Erdogan's boats: you'll get red, instead.Gule(t)s (Turkish sailing vessel)/def. (implied sense of red wine).60 
2810 Emblazoned red crosses showing marks lost on GermanG (German) + (M)ULES (crosses showing marks lost); def. Emblazoned red5.50 
2826 Red regimes ultimately rooting for RepublicanRULES with (-rootin)G for R5.51  1  
3011 Engraved parallel vertical lines indicate this luge’s damaged3.50  1  
3030 Red's beginning to get to you Mr Patterson?Red(def) is G U LES. U for you (txtmsg abbr.)is nowadays supported by most dictionaries – so no further indication should be needed. The Barry Humphries character Les Patterson is renowned for liking a drop or ten.3.50  1  
3034 See coat's bloody colour – strike back with energyGUL(E)S (slug rev.)3.51  1  
336 color of violence, which it presents bloodymental balances blaze out noisy, shoots out hue of blood30  1  
3314 Glowing red, Mary fled from twisted, ugly smear'fled from' = remove [MARY] from re-ordered (anag ind. 'twisted') letters of [UGLY SMEAR]30  1  
3512 Even gruellers wear heraldic red (5) G U L E SEven = indicates picking up alternate letters; heraldic red=definition2.51  3  
3617 Hatching egg, louse goes missing (5)Hatching is definition and anagram indicator ; EGGLOUSE minus GOES20  2  
3621 Red Baron drawing fire, may require this (5)Double definition, Red – definition, Baron drawing fire, may require this – more cryptic definition. Gules is often used in heraldry for flames or fire. Surface – referencing the First World War flying ace, who may have someone shooting at him.20  1  
389 Dead marigolds are Scottie's ugliest spray! Toss it!Def + anagrind (spray) of ugliest-it1.52 
3925 Red mullets, e.g., cook this with melt for a change*MULLETS+EG=*GULES+MELT; melt(n)=cheese melt10  1  
4022 Red colour of backward, slow-moving fellow touring SpainSLUG around E reversed0.50 
418 Colour one actor, Romeo, at first forgot playing colour sergeantColour = def.. ((COLOUR SERGEANT) -(ONE ACTOR R))*00 
4136 Slippery creature on the retreat, welcomes exit initially. I see redReversal SLUG around E00 
4137 Strive to bring back voiceless events: read aloudStrive to bring (lug) back – GUL – [verbs] voice(vent)less E(vent)S: read (past tense) – aloud (homophone) RED (def)00  2