The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC November 2015 competition results

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54 clues entered. 42 votes cast (39 competitors, 3 others).


A clear winner this month with what I thought was a quite brilliant hidden clue – perhaps even surpassing Brian Greer's famous one for BATH AND WELLS – well done indeed Tom!
Understandably anagrams were to the fore, and back in second place Roslyn made her annual visit to the podium with a very neat example and a strong surface reading.
On the other hand, Dave P's anagram was at the very cheeky end of the scale! Well done for raising a hearty laugh Dave, taking third spot!
Congratulations to Tony Harker who achieved his first podium finish with another neat anagram, similar content to other clues, but this one snatched 4th position.
A tie for the final placing – nice to see David H back on the podium – another neat anagram – and well done to Martin for achieving credit with a clue that was NOT an anagram!
Thanks to all as ever – good luck in the Christmas Special!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
143Tom BorlandSome clocks tock and bar relaxation altogetherHidden; def. altogether490  4  
23Roslyn RougvieAll Blacks record on Talk Sportblacksrecordontalk* Ref. UK radio Talksport310  6  
313Dave ParfittCaught stark bollock naked, lunatic runs for kilometres showing everything!C + STARKBOLLOCKNAKED all anag. with R for K28.53  4  
423Tony HarkerCounterfeit bank card: clerk loots the lot.Anagram of 'bankcardclerkloots': 'the lot' is definition.26.53  4  
518David HarryCompletely gaga, old crock with blank stareanag. ‘gaga old blank stare211  3  
546Martin PriceThe constituents of Winchester, maybe, in its entirety.Def x2.212  1  
717warren fraserCompletely camouflage East Londoner in khakis.def+anag(camouflage)elondonerinkhakis201  6  
819Anthony NanniniCompletely secure funds with bank on-line ? (4 5 3 6)Completely= def, secure=lock, funds=stock, with=and, bank=bar + on=re line= l174  2  
832Steve RandallFake bank card crook tells allanag (fake) of bank card crook tells172  1  
834John TozerHacked bank card tells crook allanag., all adv.172  1  
851John HoodTwisting set back rock and roll completelyChubby Checker's legacy? Def=completely. (SET BACK ROCK AND ROLL)* anagrind=twisting171  3  
1224 Crook tells bank card's been compromised totallyDef:TOTALLY; CROOKTELLSBANKCARD*, "been compromised" is the anagram indicator162  2  
1225 Cuckoo clock last ran the 1st of December – and broke entirely(cuckoo = mad) CLOCK LAST RAN D BROKE, def. entirely161 
1438 Overwhelmed, old loner backtracks completelyAnagram of (old loner backtracks) Definition – completely152  3  
1510 Back with rock and roll set, broadcast in its entiretyBACKROCKANDROLLSET* (broadcast)14.51  1  
1614 Close to the normal speed all the wayClose = LOCK, the normal = STOCK, speed = BARREL. All the way = def.141 
1731 Everything that's necessary to produce a successful report?13.51  2  
1844 Stress, strain and stun, then remove their heads entirely.Heads removed – (s)tress = lock, (s)train = stock (as in rolling stock) and (s)tun = barrel. + def.12.53  5  
1915 Complete set of parts for The Rifleman? (4, 5, 3, 6)Double definition: "complete set"; plus lock,stock and barrel are all parts of The Rifleman's rifle!110  2  
1941 Secure pigs, say, and hogshead? – the whole hog!Rather straighforward, I'm afraid!111  1  
2120 Completely secure investment, real brand involved2 synonyms + real brand*9.52  1  
226 All races ended close (4,5,3,6)Direct = all. races = stock and barrel (race is synonym of both); ended = position indicator; close = lock.90 
2222 Completely set back rock and roll performance(set back rock and roll)*90  1  
2237 Labour talk on old Bill, badly expressed and crackers entirelyanag less ill; Jeremy Corbyn shoot-to-kill opposition91  3  
2240 Seal, cattle and hogshead altogether.l, s & b +def91  2  
2249 Totally revisionary Lords backtrack on enabling legislation initiallyAnagram + e,l; ref. recent Lords revolt on tax credit legislation92  2  
274 All hair coloured red, black or tanDef: All. Wordplay: Locks + anag(red + black + or + tan)8.50 
285 All parts of a gunDD82  1  
291 ———, ——— and ——— (4,5 and 6); Pick the first perhaps, take the second possibly and roll out the last? All of it!Pick the LOCK perhaps, take STOCK possibly and roll out the BARREL? Definition: All of it!7.50  1  
2926 Doctor-to-be drank all crocks from top to bottom(to-be drank all crocks)*7.50  2  
312 All arm parts? (4, 5, 3, 6)definition: All Wordplay: Arm parts is another definition since lock, stock and barrel are all parts of a gun (arm)71 
3136 Jam, juice with roly-poly! The whole enchilada?Jam=lock; juice=stock(gravy); roly-poly=barrel(fat person); def=everything71  2  
339 Altogether, forward line leads with charge (18, 4 words)LOCK (rugby forward position) + STOCK (as in line item) + AND + BARREL (as in move quickly). Reference to a rolling maul or similar rugby tactic60  2  
3321 Completely secure merchandise with a brand new line about to be introducedlock + stock + anag of a brand-re-l61  2  
357 All secure capital to invent real brandSecure = lock, capital = stock, real brand anagram = and barrel5.50  1  
3512 Call Osborne dark, thick, misguided? Hi, that completely is it!comp. anag.5.50  2  
3745 Surprisingly back rock-and-roll set entirelyBACK ROCK AND ROLL SET (anagram)51  1  
3748 The whole shooting match !Idiomatic definition with shared theme.54  3  
3952 "We'll have hair soup with fly." "Will that be all?"LOCK+STOCK+AND+BARREL [barrel (v.) to travel rapidly]4.50  1  
408 All the pieces of a pieceAll the pieces of = definition; piece = slang for gun40 
4027 Entirely intrusive boss held by mad rock and roller taking British Airways for Romania (4,5,3,6)Entirely = defn: STOCK held by anag of ROCK AND ROLLER,with BA replacing RO40  3  
4211 British rock 'n' roll act is naked (The Kinks?) — but there is no gyrating in the altogetheranag(B ROCK N ROLL ACT IS NAKED THE) less anag(IN THE); def = altogether3.50  1  
4328 Entirely secure fund with relative's bank at firstLOCK + STOCK + AND + REL after BAR31  1  
4329 Entirely without emotion at first, philosopher’s son briefly shown to retrograde old barrister, a brand new little relativeLOCK(e) + S(on) + TO + KC (rev) + ABRAND* + REL(ative)30  3  
4330 Everbody's endlessly sorry about block and tackle failure. (4,5,3,6)SORR is surrounded by BLOCKANDTACKLE anagram for definition (ALL = EVERYBODY = LOCK STOCK AND BARREL).30  4  
4335 Is everything included in these three parts of the gun?Everything included = LOCK STOCK AND BARREL = three parts of the gun31  1  
4339 Sammy Fain’s foxtrot has everything includedDouble definition30  5  
4342 Secure provisions with cylindrical container to get the whole thing!Secure = lock, provisions = stock, with cylindrical container = and barrel to get the whole clue, which also means the whole thing.32  1  
4953 Wholesale bank lost record? Lack redressWholesale (completely) = definition. BANK LOST RECORD LACK (anag). Redress = anagram indicator.21 
4954 With hair beginning to thin at rear, bald conk developed? Totally[LOCKS + T(hin)] beside [REARBALDCONK*]21  1  
5150 Totally unorthodox Catholic folk ultimately beats rock and rollAnag of: C(atholic)(fol)K BEATS ROCK AND ROLL. Indicated by unorthodox. Def=totally1.50  1  
5233 Film of deconstructed firearm.Lock, Stock and Barrel(LSB) is a famous film and LSB are the parts of a rifle.10  3  
5316 Completely against Calvin Kline brand, real tricky fastenings at the frontDefinition, Completely {TO[=against, Chambers]/CK/(brand/real)*} LOCKS at the front0.50  4  
5447 The whole enchilada?cryptic clue00  5