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CCCWC August 2018 competition results

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40 clues entered. 33 votes cast (27 competitors, 6 others).

FAIRY/POINT (Right & Left)

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
117Bhalchandra PasupathyFudge in top spot just topped my browniedef=spot(POINT); IN TOP* (fudge=anag. ind.)/def=brownie(FAIRY); FAIR(just)+mY (topped=with top removed). Surface refers to a close finish in a cooking contest35.51  3  
24Luciano WardCook eats a slice of incredibly delicate meat stewing in potFRY eats [A + I(ncredibly)], def delicate (fairy as adj); INPOT anag ('stewing'), def = meat (as in the meat (point) of an issue)352 
213Barry SolomonsFemale and sprightly she's often seen on Christmas tree, set out in top position.F/female..airy/sprightly…(anag) in top…point = position.352  3  
440Peter CargillWhimsical blond tory's ultimate objective: party heading into disarray?FAIRY=whimsical; blond=fair(+y); POINT=objective; P+*into; ref Boris Johnson30.52 
519Steve RandallHolding in beer gut, aim rather to shed pounds for sylph-like figureIN in POT = POINT, def:aim, FAIRLY sheds L (pounds) def: sylph-like figure261  1  
626John AppletonPerhaps Tinker Bell just has Wendy's ultimate aim – end of Hook?FAIRY: Def "Perhaps Tinker Bell"; FAIR [just] + [wend]Y. POINT: Double def: aim, and a hook might end with a point.240  1  
76Ramki KrishnanCook's enthralling, excellent brownie fudge in top spot (5,5)Right/left separation: Cook's enthralling, excellent brownie // fudge in top spot LEFT: Cook's enthralling, excellent brownie Cook = FRY, enthralling = container-ind, excellent = AI, def = brownie RIGHT: fudge in top spot fudge = verbal anagram ind, in top = fodder, def = spot (POINT) Surface reading: Cook's dessert of brownie fudge getting 1s22.50  2  
839John TozerWhat's at the bottom of the garden? Just a bit of your marrow rotting on tipfair + y; anag.; fairies at the b. of the g., marrow = essence, inner meaning19.52 
91Paul CoulterA puckish type, student goes out rather often – primarily into drink, full stopFAIRlY/P(Often)INT181  2  
105Nick SmithCook, excellent in the middle, impish fielder in top formcook = FRY, A1 inside & lit (fairy = adj); point is a fielding position in cricket, IN TOP anagram; Alastair Cook is England's top-scoring test batsman and a fine fielder173  2  
1010Tony HarkerElf quite out of line to pin tattered cape.Elf (def: fairy) QUITE=FAIRLY out of=missing Line; TOPIN anag (tattered) POINT, cape (def: point).171 
1033Satyen NabarSuggest twist in plot, killing many just before end of gory kind of tale(INPLOT)*- L(many), defn= suggest; FAIR (just) + (-gor)Y, defn= kind of tale173  1  
137 Delicate part of affair – you tentatively opt in for a critical momentHidden (af)FAIR Y(ou)/ OPT IN (anagram)161  1  
138 Delicate with good reason, after losing left pedal and cycling into verge1. FAIR(L)Y = with good reason, def. Delicate 2. P (pedal) + 'cycling' INTO; def. verge161  3  
1523 Mark's top in cooking delicate dish, excellent insidemark – defn of POINT, anagram of (cooking) TOP IN; delicate – definition of FAIRY, dish – FRY, AI (excellent) inside14.50  1  
1611 Fancy top in lace effect edged by frilly sides is delicateTOPIN*, lace = POINT; F<AIR>Y, delicate = FAIRY142 
1718 Head home to tuck into hash brownie somewhat and finally chill outPOINT (Head): IN (home) in POT (hash) / FAIRY (brownie): FAIR(l)Y (somewhat) -L / Surface note: "hash brownie" is a common name for chocolate cake laced with cannabis, which is widely regarded as a "chill out" drug.13.50 
1835 Tinker Bell cracks last smithery (one fine American piece), then repairs pot in question.FAIRY:Tinker Bell=def + *(yifar) + POINT:*(potin) +def (Tinker Bell from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, was a mender of pots and kettles.)10.50  2  
1930 Spirit is just an unknown quantity with nothing in beer to indicate qualitySpirit=fairy (definition), just= fair + an unknown quantity = y (fair)(y) nothing = o in = inclusion indicator , beer = pint p(o)int to indicate = definition indicator, quality = attribute (good/bad points)70  3  
1932 Strong light used in kitchen washes softly into living areaF (strong) + AIRY (light). Fairy liquid. P (softly) + anagram of INTO.72  3  
213 Content hippo in the headland; this creature of folklore moving far in the unknown.POINT:hipPO IN The + def; def + FAIRY:anag(moving) of far + i + y50  2  
219 Elemental, being of air, yet showing power blasting into matter.Hidden answer [showing], def 'Elemental being' (fairies fall into the air category of elementals as proposed by Paracelsus) : P [power] + [blasting] INTO*, def 'matter' (the evil power of the wind is called a fairy-blast).52  3  
2320 In fancy frills expose delicate lace and pee into wind.1) F(AIR)Y def: "delicate". /// 2) def: "lace"(point-lace). (*wind P + INTO)4.51 
2338 Unfair? Yes, it involves slight suspect top spin, spelling dismissal of occasionally silly cricketerFAIRY/POINT. (a) Hidden. Def.: “slight” (ie, delicate – see Chambers); (b) (TOPSPIN – SP(elling))*. A.i.: “suspect”; "dismissal of" = omit. Def.: “occasionally silly cricketer” (ref. silly point).4.52  1  
2524 Mr Waugh said, "Just before you start, Mark, it's silly fielding very close to the bat"Auberon, said – Oberon (fairy, Shakespeare) Just (Fair) before (y)ou start; Mark = point/score (def) [also fielding position which, very close to the batsman, is called "silly point"] Refererences to Auberon Waugh, writer, and Mark Waugh, Australian cricketer42  3  
2612 Fay's brownie set to cook in potFay,brownie = double def. of fairy; set = point, "in pot" = anagram of point, cook = indicator; note: brownie also = cookie!3.53  4  
2729 Spirit expo likely to end with new pinot punch linespirit = fairy, expo = fair, likely to end = y, new = anagram of pinot, punch line = point2.51  1  
2734 Time and place being false and imaginary, as in CinderellaClue 1: DD Time/ Place Clue 2: & littish: F (False) + AIRY (Imaginary) Being as in Cinderella = fairy2.52  2  
2915 Fine and light angel finds nothing in measure to show (5)(5)F+airy; p(o)int21  1  
3014 Fine and delicate Moth seen in the field on tip offF + AIRY (Fairy moth; Moth is a fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream); ON TIP* def: fielder1.52  2  
3016 Folklore creature just unknown in expo in this state!Definitions: Folklore creature = FAIRY; state = POINT (see Chambers). 'just' = FAIR + 'unknown' = Y. 'in expo in this' indicates POINT hidden.1.52  1  
3221 It's mostly nitrogen and oxygen in the empty friendly pixy coalmine containing oxygen and nitrogen. That's a fact.N+O=AIR inside F(riendl)Y. Coalmine = PIT containing O and N. DEFS: Pixy Fact10  4  
3225 Oberon, for example, justly left out stage issuefair(L)y; two mngs – ref. king of the fairies/Merle Oberon11  1  
3227 Queen's rightly left out, a measure containing zero purpose.Def. (fairy = queen ["a male homosexual"])/rightly = fair(l)y; o in pint (a measure)/def (purpose = point).10  1  
3228 Screw tip on end of jewelry just before ring is made by one (5 5)anag (screw) TIPON. Definition END. FAIR (just) before Y (end of jewelry). Definition (fairy) RING IS MADE BY ONE10  3  
362 After work going back home on time is an important thing if Ray is boisterous and a fantastic beingPOINT: PO (work going back) IN (home) T (time); def. (important thing). FAIRY: (IF RAY)* anagram indicator boisterous; def: a fantastic being0.52  1  
3722 It's one of the distributor's contacts providing current Dutch fee for an alternative brownieIt's one of the distributor's contacts providing current = POINT; Dutch fee for an alternative brownie = FAIRY (double definition)00  2  
3731 Stir fry some Quebecian Poutine; European take-away with a twist, at the bottom of the garden.fry + ia (from Quebecian) rearranged (stirred) = FAIRY poutine – eu (European) = potin rearranged (twisted) = POINT At the bottom of the garden = the point where fairies can be found? (Famously the Cottingley Fairies hoax)00  3  
3736 Top in clueing, object reasonably having got left out, becoming delicateanag., fair(l)y02  1  
3737 Transcendental figure, small (fairly, not large), not pi surprisingly, in which this follows the first figureFAIRY Def: Transcendental figure, small; Clue: (FAIRLY – L); POINT: Def: point is in pi after first figure, i.e. 3 "point" 14159… ; Clue: (NOT PI)*,01  2