The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC 2008 Annual Competition Result

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Final result after 10 competitions

Annual points: 1st place - 5, 2nd - 4, 3rd - 3, 4th - 2, 5th - 1, 6th-10th - 0.5

1st place
2nd to 5th
6th to 10th
1John Tozer21.5321
2Luciano Ward19150
3Ian Harper15140
4Brian Douglas14.5211
5Tom Borland11.5121
6Margaret Irvine9.5023
7Tim Moorey7022
8Chris Jeremy6.5111
9Richard Saunders6102
10Jenny Mackenzie5030
11Dave Williams4.5021
11Mick Hodgkin4.5013
13Dave Crooks4010
13John Hood4010
13Niall MacSweeney4010
13paul boorer4010
17Dave Parfitt3.5021
18Brian Dungate3012
18Trevor Crowther3012
18Vinod Raman3010
21Andrew Varney2.5011
21Don Manley2.5021
23Arnold Peace2004
23mark oshin2004
23Martin Price2010
23Michael Semple2010
23Pete Milne2010
23Shirley Curran2010
29Nick Smith1.5011
29Peter Cargill1.5011
29Robin Gilbert1.5003
29Rod Harling1.5003
33Ken Horne1002
34Andy Smith0.5001
34Dave Howard0.5001
34Dave Tilley0.5001
34Leon Marzillier0.5001
34Mark Wilson0.5001
34Teyrnon Powell0.5001
34Wil Ransome0.5001