The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC October 2017 competition results

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43 clues entered. 36 votes cast (34 competitors, 2 others).


Congratulations to Steve Randall who scoops his second win of the year, which makes it his fifth podium finish too. A lovely natural surface reading to his clue.
John Tozer also bags his fifth podium of the year back in second place – another lovely smooth surface in his Brexit themed clue.
In 3rd spot David McKie continues his excellent run with a third podium in a row – Brexit is certainly a rich vein for cluesmiths!
John Appleton is just behind in fourth place, managing to incorporate an initial letters device seamlessly into his clue.
Final placing goes to Colin Thomas – amazingly also his third podium in a row! – a neat bit of wordplay in his effort.
Thanks to all – onwards to November!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
11Steve RandallArm police regularly to keep society in balanceEQUIP + [p]O[l]I[c]E to include S56.50  3  
226John TozerNothing is accepted by M. Barnier's team that could deliver a balanced outcome0 is in équipe (Fr); ref. Brexit talks451  3  
321David McKieIssue with Europe ultimately – nothing is in harmony?O and IS in EQUIP + E; harmony def382  2  
430John AppletonProvide heads of oil industry some economic stabilityEQUIP + O + I + S + E; def = stability.371 
511Colin ThomasChange head of racket to provide balance[N]OISE with first letter changed to EQUIP (= provide)340  2  
67Tim MooreyBalance of power in EU? Old question I see endlessly kicked aroundp in EU o Qu I se(e) anag251  4  
718Ramki KrishnanFit and sound leader, off to achieve stability (9)EQUIP (fit) and (-n)OISE (sound leader off), def = stability24.51 
743Toby RobertsonWeight's a joke? I see nothing funny about it(I SEE O)* about QUIP, def. weight24.52  1  
931Barry SolomonsProvide leaders of opposition increased support, ensuring parity on both sides?Provide/Equip + Leaders of (O)pp..(I)nc..(S)up..(E)ns..18.51 
1025John HoodMaintain balance to provide for one moving between French banksEquip + Oise (French river)17.51  1  
1120 Issue with alcohol essentially is a bit of erratic balanceEQUIP + O + IS + E; issue(v.)= equip162 
1137 Stock flower arrangementEQUIP+OISE(river); arrangement=agreement/harmony162  2  
135 Balance ball is caught by French team (9)équip[O+is]e14.50  1  
1414 Espionage quite disrupted: broken agent lost balance.Anag of ESPIONAGEQUITE less anag of AGENT: def BALANCE.125 
159 Balance time spent quite creatively? Cool!def=balance; {QUITE-T(time)}* + POISE(cool,n. ie composure)102  1  
1535 Sit topless behind deck, grasping the middle of rails for balance (9)Definition: BALANCE. Sit = POSE – p (topless) Deck (v) = EQUIP . Middle of rails = I. EQUIP O(I)SE102 
1716 Euros which in Paris initially provide French banker's balanceE[Euros]/QUI[which in Paris]/P/OISE [French banker {river}]92 
1834 Shortage of oil rigs constrains energy balanceOI[l] in EQUIPS, + E8.52 
1929 Parisian who follows English starter with French peas and last of casserole for balanceParisian who (QUI) follows English starter (E) + French peas (POIS) and last of casserole (E); definition = balance.70 
2027 Nothing's in the French team to suggest a state of balance.O + is in equipe/def.6.53  1  
2041 Tightrope walkers need this Eastern fanciful action and aplomb.Definition: 'Tightrope walkers need this'. 'Eastern' = E +'fanciful action' = QUIP + 'aplomb' = POISE.6.52  3  
2217 Famous racehorse,almost fit at former weight.Equi(almost equip-fit) obsolete weight -poise.Famous US racehorse mentioned in Fugue for Tinhorns (Guys and Dolls)5.51  2  
2323 Kit and Heloise without help, almost balance forces (9)Definition: balance forces (as verb) Wordplay: EQUIP (kit) + OISE (Heloise-hel, without hel(p) almost) to give EQUIPOISE Comment: Reference to comic hero Phantom's children.52 
242 Awful pique is last thing 'Euro-divorce' needs — nothing secured, one side being unable to tilt the other?O in anag. + is + E, ref. Brexit negotiation deadlock4.51  2  
2415 European question: initial public offering is English stabilityE-QU-IPO-IS-E +def4.52 
2436 Someone's idea of a clever tweet? Is ego extremely off balance?E-QUIP+OISE (IS EgO)*4.53  2  
2722 It's 0-1 (Saint-Étienne in the lead), with PSG maybe about to get level[OI + S (first letter of Saint-Étienne)] with EQUIPE (PSG maybe) about; def = get (make) level43  1  
2812 Composure at end of inane joke and even not one small final tee-hee.Def; e + quip + o + i + s + e32  1  
2838 Tackle unbuttoned? Without flies I expose nuts with aplomb.EQUIpage less page (or 'buttons') = EQUI. I EXPOSE (nuts: anag. ind.) 'without' flies (flees) = less EX = POISE. Def. APLOMB.30  2  
3028 Oriental queen I briefly see eating a Hawaiian dish is a Libra.e+qu+i+(POI)+se: def (Libra=balance)2.50 
3124 Lord forsaken crazed oldies on ecstasy and crack? Not here!Anag of OLDIES minus LD(lord) after E(ecstasy)+QUIP(crack/joke). They're not in a balanced state.20  2  
3132 Provide with comic step occasionally for balanceEQUIP + (c)O(m)I(c) S(t)E(p)21 
3319 Fit French bird lost one third of equityEquipoise = Equity. Fit = Equip. French bird = Oise(au) (lost one third)1.52  2  
348 Balance on horse moving north to south round point of interestBalance = definition, on horse = equine (‘on’ in sense of ‘on the subject of’). – switch n for s then place round poi (well known abbreviation in satnav systems)11 
3440 Teetering, so I equip with last of line for balance.Anag indic, (so I equip) + e (last of line) = def11  1  
3610 Ballance, according to commentary, is England's opener, getting behind arm ball.Homophone for balance: EQUIP (arm) O (ball) IS E(ngland)0.53  4  
373 Balamce rimless sequin with dignityBalance= definition: rimless (s)equi(n)=equi: dignity=poise01  4  
374 Balance = approximately i peso (9)direct = balance, "=" = equi (equal), ipeso = poise (approximately = indicator) (i used to represent 1 : Roman)01  3  
376 Balance kit out on slow-moving creature, avoiding walk backEQUIP + TORTOISE – TROT back01  1  
3713 Correspondence French team maintained 'is nothing' earlier onCorrespondence = def.; (French team = EQUIPE). EQUIP [+ O (nothing earlier on) + IS] + E00 
3733 Remark by European representative:"Nothing is non-negotiable – only in the end we'll need an offset."QUIP next to E – O IS (non-negotiabl)E E (being an abbreviation) *represents* European00  1  
3739 Team in which Jack is put to give balanceTeam= Equipe, in which…is put= insertion indicator. insert Jack= nothing+ is ,to give = resulting in + definition00 
3742 Unrestricted noises after equipment's four rear components lost balance.nOISEs after EQUIPment.01