The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2009 competition results

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51 clues entered. 48 votes cast (44 competitors, 4 others).


132Patrick MartinPartial contents of tomb, one supposesHidden & lit.74.5  5  
236Vinod RamanRemains of a corpse nobody picked up? (5)Reverse containment corpSE NOBody, &Lit36.5  3  
343Richard HealdStiffeners for corsets and collars2 defs; collar = seize32  3  
439Tim MooreySee me in case of bronchitisone = me in b(ronchiti)s & lit30.5  5  
537Ian HarperRemains on good terms in amicable disagreementsOn BON, ends = terms in AMICABLE, DISAGREEMENTS29.5  1  
646Andy SmithThe source of boxcars and snake eyes.b+ones, &lit. In gambling slang: bones = dice, boxcars = double six, snake eyes = double one.28  2  
740Peter CargillSkeleton key opens easily: no need for pressureB(key)+anag.OPENS less P(pressure); easily(anag.ind. in Chambers Crossword Dictionary)26.5  2  
838John TozerRemains single in Bachelor Societyone in B,S24.5  1  
934Wil RansomePlease no blundering around inside, doctorhidden rev. in pleaSE NO Blundering, def. doctor22.5  1  
102Dave WilliamsA number can be found in bodies (not the heart)N in BO[di]ES – that is, 'bodies' less the central letters. Oh, &lit…21  3  
1024Don ManleyI may come within the designation of 'Bachelor of Surgery'one in BS & lit., nickname for doctor21  2  
1233 Person in business cutting body!B(ONE)S (BusinesS deletion & lit.)20.5  2  
136 Carbon essentially contains life support system"bones" (life support system) held in phrase "carbon essentially"19.5  1  
1427 Married, occupying bunk bedsMarried = one; bunk = BS; beds = has sex with = bones19  3  
1441 Some get rattled with Beatles' earliest singlesBones = rattled percussion instrument, see Chambers. Beatles' earliest = B. Singles = ones.19 
1614 Doctor Rogers, I presume?Double def. "Bones" = nickname for doctor; "bones" & "rogers" both = "has sexual intercourse with" (vulgar slang).17  1  
177 Chosen obstructions hold back essentialsreversed hidden word15 
1825 In a pub, one shoots dice! (5)direct = dice (of course!) container: puB ONE Shoots (in = indicator)14 
1828 McCoy initially scorned 'Enterprise' nurse; one boldly going backFirst letters reversed : Ref Star Trek14  1  
1848 Tips yielding us the familiar name of McCoyBON(US)ES; def. 'the familiar name of McCoy'. Ref. 'Bones' McCoy (Star Trek) and Tony McCoy (Champion Jockey).14  2  
2113 Doctor making blunders runs awayboners (blunders) minus R12  1  
2119 Good French art remains immortal? Just the opposite!Good = BON(in Chambers).French art(2nd person sing) = ES.Def = remains mortal (opposite indicated)12  1  
2347 These incorporate a little bit of calcium to form skullsc in bones=bonces & lit.10.5  2  
249 Coe's making a comeback, taking on a Doctor.ON in SEB (rev) – Bones being slang for a Doc.10 
2450 What will protect marrows from the onset of blight? A spray, initiallyb one s10  1  
2620 Good French, extremely spicy, prime ribs.'bon'= good in French; first letters = prime 'e & s'9.5 
2711 Dice throws for eyes on beetle's head.B + ONES; Ones give eyes at a Beetle Drive; Definition: dice.9  1  
2721 Guitarist who drowned in jar – Tumbling Dice?B[rian j]ONES wsa the former lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones (drowned, 1969). IN JAR letters tumbling out; & lit. Tumbling Dice was one of the Stones' most successful albums.9  3  
2918 For example, ribs could periodically develop brownnessribs =bones; odd letters in brownness7 
303 Ben was crazy and so mixed with the remains.ben,so(bones) Remains(bones)6.5 
3129 Medic changing vitamin in light-sensitive cellsCones, with B in the place of C5.5 
3210 Dice hero rolls superb Yahtzee! Turn ends in uproarDefn: dice; Anagram of final letters5 
3215 Doctor's vitamins?B1 (B one) is a vitamin .. def Bones = a doctor5 
3245 The skeleton in the cupboard's horrific – poor Dutch pair heavedanag of in the cupboard's less anag of Dutch pair5 
355 BS?B on es(S) can literally be read as BS, so clue is &lit. Chambers Slang Dictionary defines 'bones' as a 19C slang term for a surgeon (BS), presumably leading to the Chambers 11th Edition definition as 'doctor'4.5  3  
3616 Enjoys Marilyn and Jayne? Left girls best friend out!B(L)ON(D)ES; ref. M Monroe & J Mansfield; diamons Are a Girl's Best Friend; diamonds = D; enjoy = have sex with4  1  
3626 Knows American doctor steals mortal remains from tomb on estateQuadruple definition & hidden. “Knows” in biblical sense = bones (U.S.)4 
388 Class-conscious guy, climbing, engages Establishment's principal doctor.Down clue E first letter of Establishment in SNOB (climbing ie going upwards)3.5 
3912 Diddles doctordouble definition, one vulgar3  1  
3922 He docked in Gabon Estuary, apparentlyHidden:Ga(bon Es)tuary ;Docked is homophone for doc'd (doctored);Defn:bones = doctor3 
3949 What we might call those lower ribs for example, doctor?'B' ones; double def.3 
424 Big Ben cooked fillets.(Big)OS, BEN – cooked* + def. – fillets = BONES.2.5 
431 A game for the Doctor with enterprise.Bones is a dice game and Bones was the Doctor on the USS Enterprise featured on Star Trek.2 
4351 You'll find a number in rubbish from KFC's 'Original'one in BS (=bullshit, US slang, original(n)=origin) & lit.; ref. Kentucky Fried Chicken "Original Recipe" chicken2  2  
4517 Enterprising doctor has nose put out of joint following second objectionRef. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy of the USS Enterprise. Anagram of NOSE following B.1.5 
4544 Supporters – Brownites – get writ thrown outBROWNITES minus anag of WRIT, supporters as in stays1.5 
4731 Mostly tender lover audibly comes first – is he the real McCoy?BEAU (homophone) + NES(H) = BONES – ref: original Star Trek0.5 
4823 Hide inside the heart of a dark wood, eyes half closedHide (as a noun) inside (cf skin + bones) = def.: ; eBONy + eyES0  1  
4830 Mobile units of robustness, endlessly rust-free?*(R)ob(UST)nes/ & lit.0  1  
4835 Regulars dropped by brown Bess?Alternate letters; &lit0  1  
4842 Some rub on essentials?Hidden: ru(b on es)sentials, Def:essentials=bones0  1