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CCCWC June 2020 competition results

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54 clues entered. 47 votes cast (39 competitors, 8 others).


When I set this clue phrase I was intrigued to see the mix between clues that referenced Cliff Richard, one of my all-time favourite comedies and "straight" definitions. Well, the results are in…and Sir Cliff won!
It was a close-run competition and although you managed to keep him off the podium for one month, Steve Randall returns in style! A lovely anagram with a neat subtraction giving him his second win and fourth podium of the year – well done sir!
John Tozer just failed to make it consecutive victories being squeezed into 2nd spot – another very clever anagram, this time referencing the classic comedy show.
We have a new name taking third. After a handful of entries Vina achieves a first podium placing with a "straight" definition to augment another neat anagram – welcome to the higher echelons!
Another debut appearance on the podium in fourth position – so welcome to Steve Ball with a clue that references the Cliff song rather than the film. A neat seamless transition between definition and wordplay. Congrats to Steve!
A familiar name completes the top 5; Luciano displays his usual adeptness in forming an &lit clue, his second podium of the year.
Thanks to all, and on to July!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
11Steve Randall60s film not sexy enough when sloppy kiss cutNOTSEXYENOUGH* – X53.51  4  
23John TozerAnarchic Gen X comedy outshone Gen Y rubbishanag., ref. 1980s TV series50.51  2  
32VinaAbsurdly, no-one yet hugs grandchildren for instanceAnagram of <no-one yet hugs>. Definition, grandchildren for instance. Reference to lockdown restrictions471  3  
424Steve BallIt's a song people love, one sung all over the placeTHEY + O + ONESUNG*35.53  3  
540Luciano WardTeen song you associate with Richard, essentially?(TEEN + SONG + YOU + H) anagram; &lit. ref to Cliff Richard song292  5  
641Rod BeardsTeen song youth played, top of the popsAnagram TEEN SONG YOUTH, minus T: top of the = T, pops = goes suddenly. &lit – song went to number one for Cliff28.53  4  
727Roslyn RougvieNo toy guns here – skipping ropes primarily diverting children(notoyguns)* – r ; anagrind = diverting; def = children25.52  2  
843mark webberleyThe guys on one outlandish TV programme!Anagram/semi-&lit22.52  1  
928Dave WilliamsNo-one got upset with the guys in this showanag. *(NO-ONE + THE GUYS)21.50  2  
1030jimmosco@uwo.caOne honest guy roughed up by kindergarten classOne honest guy (fodder); roughed up (anag ind); kindergarten class (def)210 
1110 Cliff air reinvigorated one honest guy (3,5,4)Hit single for Cliff Richard – anagram203  1  
1225 Kids splashing honey on guest(HONEYONGUEST)*19.53  1  
1318 Free-range hens: You get no small eggs from them!Free-range = anagrind; Hens you get no = fodder; small eggs from them! = definition152  1  
1333 Scumbag College housemates tongue honeys with gusto(tongue honeys)*150  1  
1517 Frantic, you then disappeared with small children (3,5,4)frantic – anagram indicator (you then * ) disappeared=gone, S . Children – def14.51  2  
164 Bananas not enough? Yes, for children (3,5,4)Definition – children. [not enough yes]* indicated by bananas.143  1  
1712 Cliff track found on Guernsey, overlooking rock face to west of Herm (3,5,4)Definition: Cliff track [=song by Cliff (Richard)] | Wordplay: (ON GUERNSEY -R TO H)* [anagrind: found] | Guernsey and Herm are neighbouring Channel Islands132  3  
1715 Definitive article Jung once slightly misquoted raises particular issuesDefinitive article (The); Jung(young) once(ones) slightly misquoted (homophone! ind) = particular issues (def)130  3  
1929 Not a good song, yet enough play Elton's 80s hit*SON(G) YET ENOUGH; def. Elton's 80s hit10.51  1  
1936 Show the calves?Double def10.52  1  
1952 Yes, not enough rocking in film from Cliff(YES NOT ENOUGH)*10.50  1  
2216 Elton's first hit single, from the early '60s (3,5,4)DD. The '80s comedy was Ben Elton's first tv success, Cliff's single released in 1962. Elton John (born 1947) successful later.103  1  
2239 Teen guys hoon around making anarchic sitcom."Teen guys hoon" anag, "around' suggests rearrangement, resulting in definition.102  3  
2438 Students ran wild in this house, with oddly tangy rum left insideStudents ran wild in this = definition, anagram of (HOUSE+TNY) containing (GONE = left)80  1  
2534 Shadows hit an arrangement of nearly enough honestyENOUG + HONESTY anag7.50  2  
2637 Song with youth seen shuffling about (no 'Elvis' ultimately!)(anag.less s & lit., ref. Cliff Richard)6.52  2  
2711 Cliff sung one version. The boy (no bachelor) joined in (3,5,4)anag. SUNG ONE THE OY & lit62  3  
2720 Honey 'nut' goes mad in TV showdef: TV show (Honey nut goes)* anagrind: mad60  1  
298 Children's TV showDD Ie Children/is/TV show5.51  1  
2919 Having rejected Diamond, play honey-tongued singer's first hit (3 5 4)Honey-tongued s = anagram fodder, Having rejected Diamond = omit d , play = anagrind, + hit = definition5.51 
2935 Show students depicted in Stonehenge rave endlessly entertaining youDef: "Show students depicted in", YOU in STONEHENG(E)* (rave = anagrind, endlessly for curtailment)5.50  1  
2949 TV comedy's anarchic? Yes, not enough!Anagram – fodder = YES NOT ENOUGH, indicator = anarchic5.50 
335 Before university, they regularly snog on pills? Could be an episode of this (3,5,4)Before – position, university – OU, they – THEY, regularly snog – NG, on – ON, pills – ES. Could be an episode of this – def using wordplay for context, referencing the anarchic sitcom52  2  
3342 That 80's Show was bit boring (3,5,4)CD. BORING was an episode of 'The Young Ones'. 'That 80's Show' was an American sitcom (Jan-May 2000). Unlike the super successful 'That 70's Show'(1998-2006), the spin-off failed miserably and was cut short. Of course, TYO was actually an 80's show.50  1  
3351 Yes, not enough is done for American childrenYes not enough = anagram fodder: is done (for) = anagrind (whether used with or without 'for' which otherwise would be the link word to def); American children = def (Collins American English)51  1  
3354 Youths, for example, none doddery?*YOUTHS+EG+NONE; doddery=old/anag indicator51  1  
3748 Tiny tots are grown ups on radio? (3,5,4)Tiny tots is the def/ homophone clue with on radio as HP indicator/grown ups can be described as The young once4.50  2  
3845 There's a song to be sung by them best, brags composition(the young ones best brags)* = there's a song to be sung by, comp. anag. & lit.40  2  
3846 These, mostly junior 11, are all kids.These mostly (THE), junior (YOUNG), 11 (ONES). DEF "All kids"40  1  
4050 Yes, not enough acting in this filmYESNOTENOUGH* Not impressive acting by Cliff Richard in the film33 
4131 One of Cliff’s film musicals has honey-tongued characters lacking drama initially but achieving vigorous finale.anagram of honey-tongued minus D plus S2.51  2  
4132 Plumber finally makes way for one guy specializing in potties for toddlers (3,5,4)Def: toddlers. R {plumber, finally} replaced by {makes way for} E YOUNG {ONEGUY*, with "specializing" as the anagrind} in THRONES {potties}.2.50 
4314 Cliff's would have been illegitimate, if he had remained a Bachelor Boy.Cliff Richard hits..Bachelor Boy & The Young Ones.21  3  
4322 Is this what Ben Elton would call Falkirk F.C.?And lit. Falkirk F.C. known as 'The Bairns'. Bairn is Scottish/Scots for child. Ben Elton co-creator of "The Young Ones".20  2  
4344 The rising generation – they regularly hot up no-go jokesTHEY + (h)O(t)U(p)N(o)G(o) + ONES21  1  
4353 Youth seen on idiot box leading in gag showyouth seen on* outside g(leading in gag); idiot(adj) as anag. ind.; def show(TV) (but also an all in one clue)20  1  
479 Cliff air in 1961 concerned minor group of the populationDD. CLIFF = singer and steep rock face; AIR = what one breathes in and song; MINOR GROUP OF THE POPULATION = small group and younger members.11  1  
4713 Cliff's hit with fledglings and juveniles, for instanceDouble definition perhaps or single one? Cliff Richard's 60s hit song; fledglings and juveniles are the young ones who might find a cliff 'a hit' (appealing).11  1  
4721 I'm backing opponents of gun reform making a filmThey (opponents in bridge) + o' (of) + gun* (reform as a noun) + one's (I'm)10  1  
506 Book, film, TV series … three wordsNot cryptic at all – just a charade!01  1  
507 Brains developed in bars? With non-use they go to waste.Def: BRAINS (developed*) IN BARS? / Wordplay: with NON-USE THEY GO (to waste*) “non-use” is in ODE.00  1  
5023 It sounds like a male shows the sprogs.Rik Mayall (of TV series/show "The Young Ones") ie: "a Mayall show is"– homophone/def.00  1  
5026 Little lambs, they bound out of bounds, southbound (3,5,4)Little lambs = The Young Ones; THE/Y (B)OUN(D) G/ONE S(south) = southbound01  1  
5047 They essentially sound almost close to psychos in extremely graphic nineteen eighties sitcom (3,5,4)THE Y ("They") + OUN ("essentially sound") + [O ("almost close to psychos") placed in GNES ("extremely" = first letters of "graphic nineteen eighties sitcom"] = &lit.01  3