The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC February 2019 competition results

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50 clues entered. 39 votes cast (33 competitors, 6 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
150Simon ShawWhat provides glimpses of red and indigo, not brown or whiteInitial letters, & lit.462  3  
25Don ManleyA sign of hope for couples coming out?double mng, refs LGBT symbol and pairs emerging from Noah's ark (Gen. 9:13)40.51  5  
328Eddie LoobyInjured rib now sporting a colourful bruiseA in (RIB NOW)*362  3  
433John TozerNot quite a Brownie? That could be meanag. less e, & lit.; Rainbow Guides graduate into Brownies331  2  
525Anthony BradleyHighly coloured bands in curly brown hair, cut short on the sidesAnag (curly) of (BROWN [h]AI[r])* / 'highly' = in a high position -Chambers284  2  
632Robert VereNoah's arc?Cryptic clue. A rainbow is circular and therefore an arc. From Genesis, the rainbow symbolized God's mercy and the covenant He made with Noah (representing mankind) not to destroy the world in such a way again.270  4  
712Barry SolomonsBishop gets in a row waving around flag supporting Gay Pride?rain(B) a row (anag)…Rainbow Flag symbol of Gay Pride.241  1  
823Barbara MoscovichDazzling array of colours puts artist in front.. Dazzling array of colours (DEF) = artist (RA) + IN + front, ie of boat (BOW)23.52  3  
930John AppletonMeteorological phenomenon is mostly Brownian motiondef = "Meteorological phenomenon"; BROWNIA*232  1  
106Bob KellettAfter a tussle with a brown I caught another trout (7)I in ABROWN* – def: trout ("another" in respect of the rest of the surface). Brown Trout and Rainbow trout are the most common varieties of that fish. Fly fishermen saying "a brown" would mean "a brown trout".170  2  
111 A brown one? That's crazy!A BROWN I anag & lit161  2  
1219 Colourful exhibition from London-based artist?RA (artist) in BOW150  4  
1249 Vibrant combination of brown with a hint of ivory (7)(BROWN A I)*, Def=Vibrant, a=A, hint of ivory =I, combination of = anagram indicator152  2  
1418 Coalition managed surrender without IndependentRA<I>N/BOW14.51  1  
1538 Riding the gravy-train, Bowie's source of gold?tRAIN-BOWie; crock of gold at the end of the rainbow141 
1620 Colourful exhibition of cockney artist (7)RA in Bow120  4  
1740 Rock band sampled by orchestra in Bowie tributeHidden; def = Rock band11.51 
1835 Quarrel about a recycling bin of many coloursROW about A + anagram of BIN; definition = of many colours112  2  
1845 Spectral dawns of red and indigo, not black or whiteSpectral = def. i.e. RAINBOW as adj. ; dawns (indicating first letter) of [R]ed [A]nd [I]ndigo, [N]ot [B]lack [O]r [W]hite110  1  
2017 Bruise hip when running into sailor in ruckusbruise = def; hip = IN; sailor = AB; ruckus = ROW; [IN in AB] in ROW103  2  
2024 Drunk in bar with woman, imbibing love is a many splendoured thing (7)Definition: a many splendoured thing; Wordplay: [IN BAR]* anag. ind. drunk + W (woman) around (imbibing) O (love).102  1  
229 Array of bright colours in bar I own abroadAnag of bar I own8.53 
2336 Raw book, not OK, in upheaval(raw bo in)*, ref to obscenity trial of DH Lawrence's book n 191570  1  
242 A brown one’s unnatural: a coloured one’s natural*A+BROWN+I6.51  2  
2441 Seduce brain with love's illusory hope (7)Seduce (lead astray) = anagrind , with = W, love = O , BRAIN+W+O = fodder , illusory hope = def. (ref Collins , OED)6.51  1  
267 After initial resistance in a coalition, black and white leaders embrace love for every colourR+(IN A)* + B[O]W60 
2716 Brown's one that may be combined with a variety of coloursBrown + i + a (anagram)51  2  
2727 In bar, 'ow drunk sees 'opeful signIN BAR 'OW anag.52 
2731 Multicultural artist accepting plaudits ? (7)Multicultural = definition (cf rainbow nation) , artist = RA , accepting plaudits = in bow51 
3014 Brain-damaged Republican isolated in fight for illusory goalBRAIN* – R in ROW4.51 
314 A famous London theatre Bowie almost ran originallyA famous London theatre = def.,(( BOWI -E) RAN)*, originally = *40  2  
3129 Iridescent bands with gold finish.Iridescent (derived from Iris) bands = rainbow, at the end (finish) of which can be found a pot of gold41  1  
3137 Resistance leader Obi-Wan is in A New Hope. (7)RAINBOW (Illusionary hope) anagrams (new) to (R + OBI + WAN).42 
3443 Some trout in a brook or wide stream(in a b or w)* b=brook, w=wide; def=some trout, ie rainbow trout or just rainbow3.50  1  
353 A Brownie, all but finished, set to become this?*A BROWNI(E); &lit., Rainbow = junior guide34  4  
3521 Colourful nation, from whom bandit Afro turned but was not at oddsColourful nation (South Africa, Tutu's "Rainbow Nation" [def]) from (WhOm BaNdIt AfRo) turned (rev) but was not at odds (so, even letters). Also, indirect reference to Mandela30  2  
3522 Curvy display of one wearing black chain claspsCurvy display (def) = A (one) + IN (wearing) + B (black) contained in ROW (chain clasps)30 
3834 Ow! Brain's scrambled: it's all the colours.Anag OWBRAIN.2.50 
3842 Show from East End artist?R.A. IN BOW – ref. Children's TV show2.50  1  
4046 Spectral phenomenon without brain is creepy!Anagram of W/O(without)+BRAIN. Two meanings of spectral.20 
4048 Such a coalition led to be in a world at oddsComposite anag (be in a world minus led)20 
428 Another bra in only white mainly or a multi-colored array (7)Another is Anagrind/ brain* / only white basically gives O W/ mainly is acrostic indicator/ or used as connecter/ a multi-colored array is definition1.51 
4310 Band with no dimension in broad arch.IN BROAD (arch*) + W(idth) – D(imension) = RAINBOW. + & lit.00  1  
4311 Bar wino with the shakes has hallucination (7)direct = hallucination bar wino = anagram (with the shakes = indicator)00 
4313 Bra (Ow) – it comes in a range of colors! (7)Reversal clue RA in Bow. Clue surface references tthe Scandinavian company “Ow” that sells initimates01 
4315 Brown and I, although stateless, make a spectrum of colour.Anagram "Brown and I" – ND(stateless).00 
4326 Illusory hope of scruffy wino wandering round retrograde bar{WINO round BAR<}*00 
4339 Ritchie Blackmore uses artificial intelligence to add yellow to deep purple creating his rock band.Artificial intelligence is AI. Purple and yellow mixed is BROWN. Rainbow is Ritchie Blackmore's band after Deep Purple. AI + Brown = rainbow (anag)00 
4344 Sounds like Reardon, say, down East London way, gets what ends in a pot of gold.Ray [Reardon- snooker player] (homophone) in Bow/def.00 
4347 Starting off in VIBGYOR, regular pattern emerges and endlessly combines to get white (7)((-v) IB(-by)OR+AN(-s))*+W00  1