The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC March 2019 competition results

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50 clues entered. 39 votes cast (35 competitors, 4 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
140Steve RandallSelf-admirer rubbishes hint of collusion with Russiansanagram of C with Russians531  5  
214Pete MilneGraciousness without ego possibly represented by him? No!Anagram of GRACIOUSNESS minus (anagram of) EGO. Semi-&lit. According to myth, Narcissus was neither gracious nor without ego.332  5  
35Nigel LackBeautiful boy shuns a skin cure, acne oddly disappearing in reflection!eNcA eRuC nIkS a SnUhS – odd letters disappearing in reverse.310  3  
42Barbara MoscovichA type of complex flowerdouble def: psychological disorder (Narcissus complex) and flower29.52  3  
524Barry SolomonsLeading communist in Russian Revolution, Stalin initially was really self-obsessed.Nar(c)issu..(s)…Russian (anag) c/communist..S/talin.281  3  
544Satyen NabarSilly Republican ass in US beginning to crow, he's self-obsessed(R+ASS IN US+C)*280  2  
736ALLAN SCOTTPoor Russians catching cold in plantC in anag of Russians261  2  
831jimmosco@uwo.caOne vain Greek drove 100 Russians crazyOne vain Greek (def); drove…crazy (anagr. ind); [C (100) + RUSSIANS]* = Narcissus230 
937John TozerRacing about in cars? Suspect he fancies himselfanag. + sus21.50 
104Kevin BrownAss incurs beating – he's a classic egoist(ass incurs)*200  1  
1134 Plant near rock – it's a squash, oddlyDEF = PLANT; odd letters of NeArRoCkItSaSqUaSh. Squash is a fruit in parts of the world (see Chambers)172  2  
1222 I can be seen after March essentially on banks of streams in reflective sun(arc + i + ss) in sun (rev); and lit.16.50  3  
137 Bloom’s Odyssean arc is suspenseful, gripping! (9)Def: Bloom (flower); Wordplay: Hidden, odysseaN ARC IS SUSpenseful, indicated by “gripping”; Surface: referencing Joyce’s Ulysses161  4  
1449 With monstrous ego being projected, graciousness would seem abnormal for meanag. less anag. & lit.141  2  
1525 Legendary egotist: "I'm borne by rainbows to Society – the sun revolves around me"N(ARC(I)S+S)US (sun rev.)12.50  2  
1650 Youth obsessed with self-image: drug agent is suspicious.Ref to Greek legend: NARC+IS+SUS.11.52  1  
1713 Fault lead to Chernobyl in Russia’s nuclear plant*C+RUSSIAS+N10.50  4  
1715 Grass is South American plantNARC IS S US10.52  1  
1942 Self-obsessed youth's potential graciousness ignoring warped egoGRACIOUSNESS* less EGO*100  1  
2038 Russians caught out man who disturbed Echo (9)anag RUSSIANS C as in Greek myth9.50 
2043 Self-regarding type in crass party, leading United States*IN CRASS + US; def. Self-regarding type9.50  1  
2232 Originator of Noah's arc? is not half smart – and he knows he's smart!N + ARC + IS + SUS(SED); re 6th-placed clue in Feb comp82  1  
2312 Egocentric old lady loses her head to drugs copMISSUS (wife = old lady) with NARC (drugs cop) instead of M (head of MISSUS); def = egocentric (noun)72 
2316 Greek hunter incurs ass kicking! (9)Direct = Greek hunter; anagram of "incurs ass"; kicking = indicator.70  1  
2530 One loving image back to work out after crashing in carSSUS<= (reversal of work out) after IN CAR*6.50 
266 Beginning to need car, I suss out classic HunterNCARISUSS* [Hillman Hunter classic car]60  1  
2627 Narc is suspect in flower heist. (9)The flower NARCISSUS is contained within (or taken from as in a robbery or heist) "NARC IS SUSPECT".60  1  
2628 On reflection, he was delighted to have confused 100 RussiansNarcissus (myth) was delighted with his reflection, confused = anagram, C (hundred) RUSSIANS60 
2911 Dealt with scars in America? On reflection, the Greek lad liked what he saw.Anagram of SCARS IN US; anagrind = dealt with5.51  1  
3020 His death a suicide on reflection, cop involved with drugs beheaded wifenarc, (m)issus50 
3021 His moving reflections on a flower were well observed.His (i.e. Narcissus's) moving reflections on a flow-er were well observed (often looked at). .51  1  
3029 On reflection, I'm hookedGreek myth – fell in love with his own refection.50  1  
3035 Poisoned with CS, Russian thinks he looks goodAnagram (poisoned) of CS Russian => thinks he looks good (def)50  1  
3045 Student body includes a right cissy (mostly a chap who’s besotted with himself)NUS contains A + R(ight) + most of CISSY50 
3047 Undercover agent is not entirely shrewd, a vain character (9)NARC IS SUS(-S), def= a vain character51 
361 A bloomer means a drugs agent is being held on suspicion.Def./narc + is +sus.4.50 
3710 Cult leader embraced by foolish Russians is an extreme self-lover! (9)Cult leader = C , embraced by = surroundind* , foolish = anagrind , Russians = fodder , an extreme self-lover = defintion : C in RUSSIANS*. (Eerie similarity … Putin and Rasputin!)40  1  
3848 Vain youth is object of police enquiry after return of sizeable haul – that’s fishy!(IS + SUS) after CRAN (rev.) Chambers sv sus: “a suspect”3.50  1  
3946 The bark of Conrad Black, perhapsReference to Joseph Conrad's novel, The Nigger of the Narcissus, to Conrad Black, the famously angry newspaper publisher, and to Black Narcissus, the 1947 film. A bark is a 3-masted ship, which fits Conrad's description.30  2  
4017 He fancied himself as inspiring ridiculously cruel iron maidens, stabbing poles, and utensils for evisceration((AS around RCI) in NS) + US20  1  
4026 Making a comeback, Sarandon embraces Chris after dropping husband, an extremely self-centred guySUSAN (Sarandon) <<<< = NASUS around {(C(-h)RIS)}*. Def: an extremely self-centred guy20  2  
423 An egotistical boy drug cop I discover is backward.Drug cop (NARC) I (SUSS) backward1.50 
4239 Scars in us upset one pining for his own reflection!(9)Scarsinus* Anagram fodder/ upset is Anagram indicator/ one pining for own reflection is Definition1.50 
4419 He , with awareness so wept upon reflection (9)He definition , upon reflection = reversal indicator , wordplay sus = awareness , sic = so , ran = wept. Narcissus wept at the sight of his own reflection.11 
458 Constant visual sensor seen madly in love with himcomp. anag. C VISUAL SENSOR gives LOVE NARCISSUS, anagrind "seen madly in"0.50 
4518 He loved to see one crane interminably at a reflection&Lit clue Reversal of (at a reflection) see (suss) I (one/myself) crane-e0.51 
479 Could be Jonquil found flash business card deb droppedCould be Jonquil found = def.. flash = * ((business card) -(deb))* (jonquil is a species of narcissus)00  1  
4723 I understand about leading seamen going round hugging a bit of crumpet – on reflection I'm delightedI – rev of SUSS – firstly (leading) we have: RN< about A with C giving (I SUSS<) after N(A)R C – so: N(A)R C I SSUS – "on reflection I'm delighted" is the slightly cryptic and possibly misdirecting def01 
4733 Perhaps in scars, chic society gets a symbol of self-admiration (9)Direct – a symbol of self-admiration. [IN SCARS]* anagram ind. – perhaps + U (chic) + S (society)00 
4741 Selfie devotee managed to return to Channel Isles, taking suspect backSelfie (one's own image) devotee (one consistently interested in [Chambers]) – def: managed – ran – to return ( back = nar) to Channel Isles – CI – taking suspect (suss [Chambers]) back = ssus00