The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC May 2012 competition results

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57 clues entered. 50 votes cast (44 competitors, 6 others).


Well you certainly had some fun with ROSBIF! It was a keenly contested seesaw tussle as the votes came in, but hearty congratulations to David for emerging on top in the end! Any mention of of Boris Johnson has me chuckling and by a strange coincidence these results are appearing on his birthday!
Tom follows up last month's podium finish in 2nd place with his different slant on an anagram.
Paul takes 3rd spot with his concise anag. & lit, and John nips into 4th with some trademark nifty wordplay.
Robert completes the podium for what is, I believe, his first top 5 finish – so well done, Robert!
Many thanks to everyone for another entertaining batch of clues – and good luck in the Printer's Devilry competition!
Robert Teuton

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
18David HarryBoris, batty fellow, a caricature EnglishmanBoris*, f573  4  
237Tom BorlandJibe from the neighbours, if Bros is played?*IF BROS493  2  
351Paul CoulterSlur for British is ———(FOR B IS)* & lit.43.54  2  
49John TozerBriton on the Côte d'Azur? Guy shunning exercise lies backro(PE) + fibs rev.39.53  3  
524Robert VereFrench name for Englishman's order of ribsdefinition=(French name for Englishman), link= (is), wordplay= (*of ribs*)381  2  
620Vinod RamanForbids criminal to dump dead Englishman in France? (6)Forbids* – d (Def:Englishman in France;'criminal' being the anagrind, dead=d)34.50  1  
755Barry SolomonsTo whom Frog's bile is directed after having leg pulled?Frog = French……(anag) Frog's bile – 'leg' pulled.260  4  
817Martin Price"F——— Boris!" snarled a Brit to Sarko maybe contemptuously.Anag/def (a contemptuous term for a Briton, as used by a Frenchman).25.51  3  
930Mike BakerFrogs' term for British, I suspectS FOR B I anag. & lit.252  3  
1031Jess FreemanHead of Department away, forbids switching French for EnglishFORBI(D)S*241  3  
1128 Frog's innards shouldn't be ingested for starters – that's an insult to the English.(f)RO(g)+S(houldn't)B(e)I(ngested)F(or)230  2  
1233 In France, a British man spins lies after Euro drops 50%(eu)RO + (FIBS<)223  1  
1341 Nice monicker for Brit, perhaps? Yes and No!ref City of Nice, Yes,…(but where nice = pleasant, No!)20.51  2  
1427 Frog's equivalent term for British is fittinganag of for B is201  1  
157 Bigoted Frogs – God! – get this Englishman furious!comp. anag. God get rosbif = Bigoted Frogs180  4  
1611 Dish of ribs giving Brit a bad name*(ofribs)173  2  
1723 French name for British is distastefulAnag (FOR+B+IS)- Chambers is ok with B=British16.50  3  
1839 Men returning with tales about Englishman abroadOR rev + fibs rev142  2  
196 Another term for British hack Boris, leader of fogies! (6)Boris* + f / & lit.131  2  
202 Abuse, if French, for Brit.(SI FOR B)*; &lit. Chambers has "Brit" as a British person, and "Brit." and "B." as British/Britain.12.51  7  
2016 English entertained by this foreign foe's rib?ROSBIF incl E (anag ind by 'foreign') &lit.(entertained=occupied, rib=ridicule)12.51  3  
2254 This tag could make confounded Frogs bait Brit(ROSBIF TAG)* = (FROGS BAIT)*123  1  
2335 Initially representing our stalwart Britisher in France.First letters spell "rosbif", a French term for an Englishman.112  1  
245 Anglo-French joint communiqué?10.51 
2519 Fellow coming in for tea at top bistro abroad?BISTRO anag. with F for T(ea) & lit.; ref. English/British love of tea101  3  
2612 Doctor Bors provided classification of the English emanating from frogsAnagram BORS*+provided=IF/classification of the English emanating from frogs<definition80  2  
2653 Term of derision coming from the flipping French squashing one British nativeI B so(n) in Fr., all rev., & lit.80  2  
2848 Ridicule of sorry Brits in French PremiersFirst letters (premiers) of each word &lit7.50  1  
293 All over in France, one that's British-like (6)F{I B SO}R, all reversed.70  2  
2932 In bistro it's no term for Brit that's tried starter of frogbis(t)ro anag. + f & lit. Term = end.70  1  
3114 Elementary recipe of stereotypical Brit incites French – or Froggy – riposte?Elementary = first (letters); Froggy riposte defn; &lit.62  2  
3249 Right to sob uncontrollably if one's called overseas?R+SOB*+IF5.52  2  
3321 French call US king with huge FBI mix-upDef 'French call us (US)' ie what they call the British. King (R) with huge (OS) FBI Mix-up (BIF)50  1  
3347 Reference to Bloke in France finally provided: real nutty s.o.b.!(6)ROSBIF=reference to Bloke in France; R=r(eal), OSB=s.o.b.(nutty=indicator), IF=provided(finally=indicator)50 
3350 Run out seconds before throwing up – lie suggesting a Frenchman's reaction to frog (6)Down clue. RO + S + FIB<. Ref corresponding food-related characterizations of/by French/English nationals.50 
3357 Was Boris confused with fellow Englishman?borisf*53  1  
3718 Father returned, carrying chopped French wood for the Englishman (6)Father = FR, returned – RF; chopped French wood = anagram of bois4.50  4  
3726 French term for English Rose: detailed key providedFrench term for English (direct) – ros (Rose detailed) + b (key) + if (provided)4.51  2  
3910 Description of Brits cooking T-bone.anagram OFBRITS without the T30  1  
3952 Term for Britisher in France scoffing outsize chump of lamb!os b in r i' = in F & lit31  2  
4113 Eg, yelling "A bas, —!", it is way out of order – a base Froggy's libel, init?Comp. anag. EGYELLINGABASROSBIFIT* = ABASEFROGGYSLIBELINIT. OK, not really a "libel", but an "init-speaker" might well not appreciate such niceties.2.50  5  
4134 In France, with a bénédictine, one is a stereotypical EnglishmanBénédictine (OSB) and one (I) in France (RF = République Française): Defn: typical Englishman, at least in France2.50  1  
4136 Is old boy rioting in revolutionary France a Brit?Anag. of "is ob" in Fr rev. – with France trying hard to do double duty.2.51  2  
4142 Nice term for British is soppyRef French city, Nice; anagram FOR B IS2.52  2  
451 A sob and a fir will expose you to a flighty, light-headed person!Anagram: sob + fir20  4  
4538 Made up fib or singular term in France for an English person (6)Anagram of (FIB OR S), suggested by 'made up' (with 'term in France for an English person' as the definition).20  1  
4545 Primarily rudeness of speech blathered in France (6)Acrostic &lit20  1  
4815 Endless stamina makes a comeback, involving outsize Brit in FranceFIBR(e) rev round OS1.51  1  
494 An Englishman abroad – cut flower then lie back. (6)An Englishman abroad – def (French ref), cut flower – ROSE (part), followed by FIB=lie (rev).11  3  
4922 French entree: tough, fibrous, not of the best qualityFIBROuS anag.10  3  
4940 Monsieur’s cooked meat for Mister.10 
5225 French potentate has sent back rubbish bit of foreign meat[ROI has SB (BS knocked back)] + F(oreign)00  1  
5229 Frogs! No good sloppy assuming swing both ways – that's the French for me!FRO(g)S* around BI00  2  
5243 Norman comment on dit: fibs or tiddley pom?Franglais + anagram00 
5244 Out of ribs? Typical English kitchen!ofribs*00  1  
5246 Ragged Brit doesn't have time for endless small talk from badmouthing Frenchman!ragged(as in "torn" and "annoyed") = anag of Brit-T + for-R + s00  1  
5256 Unfortunate having lost British parents? Au contraire, peut-être.Cryptic definition à la Chambers with misleading nounal definition.00  1