The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC January 2010 competition results

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62 clues entered. 55 votes cast (49 competitors, 6 others).


Fantastic voting turnout for our first competition of 2010 – well done all!
Congratulations to Tom for his win with an idea that a lot of voters said they wished they had spotted. It means someone is ahead of John Tozer in the early stages of the race for the Annual Honours prize – but only just as JT finished in second! Consistent as always, it is down to the rest of you to keep him off top spot in 2010.
One of last year's consolation prize winners, RE Boot, shows his determination to now gain a standard win with 3rd place. Welcome return for Tim Moorey in 4th, and special congratulations to Dave Hennings who completes the podium with his first entry in the CCCWC – one to watch out for?

18Tom BorlandBother — loo’s needed for pee in middle of examLAV for (middle) P in PAPER (exam); def. 'Bother'71.5  7  
225John TozerFlatter TV format means set 50% smallerPAL (TV format) + aver(ages)53  4  
337R.E.Boot"Much Ado About Nothing" starting performances after long and very extensive rehearsalsInitial letters42  6  
438Tim MooreyOne very boring parley, endlessly rambling?a v in anag parle(y) & lit37  6  
561Dave HenningsWhen using toilet for a pee, paper is a fuss!PAPER with LAV for one of the Ps35.5  5  
628Chris JeremyHe might arrange the flags around Legislative Assembly for a conferencePaver around LA31.5  3  
762Ed HallYak's possible exodus from Nepal averted (7)Hidden in NePAL AVERted, definition = yak31  2  
824Robin GilbertFilet de rump à la Veronese? More like rabbit!Hidden. Ref: pretentious & vacuous menuspeak; à la Veronese is a genuine style, however.30.5  2  
951Michael DoyleSuch a fuss was made of Vera lap dancing!Defn:fuss ; Veralap*30  2  
1018Arnold PeaceConference pear's chopped then put in canConference = def. PA-LAV-ER. PEAR chopped (anag). Put in = insert. Can = LAV. Conference also type of pear.29  8  
1150 State? State, state, state!PA(Panama(or Pennsylvania))+L(Luxembourg)+AVER(state)26  5  
1214 China's state conferenceChina/pal (has) state/aver24.5  5  
1343 Playing Ravel with a piano prelude is a pointless exerciseP + RAVELA (anag)24  2  
1413 Carry On Father left a priest upsetDefn: carry on; PA + L + A + (REV<); Surface refers to the Carry On films23.5  3  
1452 Swear after dad left discussionAVER after PA + L23.5  1  
1623 Employ soft soap, paper after using toilet for a peeUse LAV for a P (pee) in PAPER; employ soft soap = flatter20  5  
172 A verb: to engage in silly prattle, disregarding time completelyav in anag of prattle less tt; &Lit (defn: to chatter idly)19.5  4  
1816 Conference pear core upset John's inside (7)Palaver = conference. PA(LAV)ER17  4  
195 After knocking back drink, rave dementedly. Could it just be brave talk ?LAP(rev)+ RAVE (anag). Brave = Native American, just = almost16.5  4  
2020 Convoluted by this din, vapid blarney resultsComp anag – &Lit. BY+PALAVER+DIN > VAPID BLARNEY15.5  3  
2134 Mate very old cattle – a pointless exercisePAL=mate, + AVER(obs)=cattle14.5  1  
2240 Part of Nepal averts conference with native tribespeopleHidden12  1  
2310 Broke a Vera LP, what a to do! (7)Broke (Anagram Indicator) Vera LP(reference to Vera Lynn) What a to do (Definition of palaver)9.5  1  
2415 Conference Centre for Blair to perform soapy act (as before) in attempt to project favourable imagea lave in PR, ref. Iraq Inquiry at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre9  3  
2455 Talk given by Rod's father?Pa + Laver (as in tennis ace Rod L)9 
2635 Member of ground crew, one might imagine, accepts one piece of luggage for carry-ona l in paver8.5  2  
273 A very divided, weaker debateAV in paler, misleading punctuation8 
2812 Carry On Doctor perv getting a laugh, not disgusted grunt"Carry On" = PALAVER. (PERV)* around ALA (A LAugh – ugh, a disgusted grunt). Anagrind is "Doctor"7.5  2  
2819 Conference where Dad meets old tennis starPA (Rod)LAVER7.5 
3022 Discussion Father leads with the French clergyman backingPA + la + Rev rev.7 
3057 Turn over to turn over a turn – what a fuss.Turn over { REV – to turn over + A LAP – a turn ) + def.7 
3232 Lap dance! Rave party ! Loud talk !(7)Lap* + Rave* . Loud talk – Definition.6.5  2  
3329 How's your father, Rod?definition and clue run together. PA + (Rod) LAVER, tennis player6  2  
3426 Fuss made by father over edible seaweed (7)pa + laver (Down clue)5.5 
3436 Mining for opal, a very precious stone, is in part a tedious business.First half holds the word "palaver", second part defines it as a tedious business.5.5  1  
3631 John is cutting prickly pear. What a fuss!'John' = LAV[atory]; 'is cutting' implies that LAV is contained in; 'prickly' anagrind for 'pear' = PAER, giving PA(LAV)ER. 'What a fuss' = PALAVER5 
379 Bricklayer handles the French Conference ! (7)Direct = Conference Paver = bricklayer; la = the (French); handles = container ind.4 
3856 The French lay flags around before mid-March; a seemingly pointless exercise.LA in PAVE (lay flags vb.) + (ma)R(ch)3.5  2  
397 Arrangement of 'Ave' and 'lap', first rate song and danceanagram (arrangement of) of AVE LAP = PALAVE + R (first Rate), def = song and dance3  1  
3933 Lap dancing Vera kicking up awful fusslap* vera*3 
3941 Personal appearance – former champ at court – what a fuss!PA + Laver (tennis champ, and still the greatest)3 
4242 Played back improvisation – very short, a lot of fussALAP rev. + VER(Y)2.5 
434 African congress to do this?Double def. (palaver = conference, esp. of African tribespeople & fuss – "to-do").2  1  
436 A-Rod, for one, appears after the start of Pete's conferenceA=A, Rod=LAVER, start of Pete=P, Def:conference (Tennis reference all through, A-Rod also being Andy Roddick, in the surface)2  1  
4330 It might involve a song and dance, but it's just another name for 'Pop' to Rod (7)pop=PA; rod=LAVER2 
4347 sarah, out, to assert jaw-jawpalin (not in) to aver palaver2  2  
4727 Gem collector loses old style businessGem=OPAL, collector=SAVER, remove OS=Old Style.1.5  2  
4811 Carry On at Your Convenience appearing for short periodat = a, your (typical, ordinary; see C) convenience = lav, for = during, short period = per; ref 1971 film1  2  
4844 Pointless show, detailed but empty attempt to spintPmettA+LAeVER (full rev. & lit.)1  1  
5046 Rod The Rocket's old man made such a fuss!Defn: fuss ; Ref: Rod Laver's father = Pa Laver0.5 
5058 Utter tosh and havers essentiallyPAL+(h)AVER(s); tosh=twaddle/friend; havers=talks nonsense; essentially=at heart0.5  1  
5060 What's left in Scotland in parish rigmarolePA(LAVE)R.0.5 
531 A friend could be caught in a rave over lap dancing in a manner of speech.Def: friend = pal, anagram of lap( pal ) and rave0  1  
5317 Conference pear – several necessary to create jam(pear)* inc. lav. Necessary = a toilet. Several = different0  1  
5321 Corpse (not monkey) is lighter by a ton and showing early signs of pleurisy. Quite a mess!Corpse = CADAVER minus D (no monkey) and C (lighter by a ton (100)) PL = early signs of pleurisy. "Quite a mess!" to define 'PALAVER'.0  2  
5339 Parley about a soft old basin to wash in.parley is definition. about is reverse indicator to A P (soft) =PA old basin to wash in is LAVER0  1  
5345 Rod applied by parent – crack! – stir needed + Laver, two defs: Rod Laver: crack v to chat; to talk incessantly.0 
5348 Sire tennis player who was great with chat (7)PA+LAVER = sire+tennis player who was great /with/ chat<definition (chat courts)0 
5349 So Tiger talks – partner comes before old cart-horsePAL + AVER. Ref 1966 Rhodesia talks on HMS Tiger0 
5353 Talk about absorbing swill, perhaps(rap)rev. around lave; in the surface 'absorbing swill'='interesting hogwash'; both lave and swill=wash (Chambers, which also gives palaver=idle copious talk, rap=talk and swill=hogwash); &lit.)0  1  
5354 Talk about turnaround follows glimmer of light in America's Main StreetL in PA AV (Pennsylvania Avenue) + ER. (Google PA AV)0 
5359 Vic getting around backwards causes a fuss (7)Vic (Rev) getting around (a lap) backwards (pal a ver) causes a fuss (definition)0