The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC August 2013 competition results

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59 clues entered. 55 votes cast (48 competitors, 7 others).


Crumbs – this was a close one! It was nip and tuck all the way and then Mike just pipped it at the end – showing Margaret (see below) that he hasn't quite given up his crown yet for the annual honours! That's Mike's second win of the year and he remains a strong contender.
Commiserations to Neil who so nearly stole the show on his debut! But well done indeed for a very impressive showing – we hope to see more of that in the future.
Richard was not far behind in 3rd place, demonstrating his usual consistency – with another consistent performer in Dave P. taking 4th spot.
Finally, yet another familiar name completes the podium as Margaret maiantains her excellent record for this year.
Congratulations to all for another excellent competition!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
139Mike BakerMy cheerleader uniform bulges at the sidesDef = My (expression of surprise); outside letters56.52  6  
244Neil GregoryRolls broken down? Oh Dear! (6)Double meaning54.50  3  
356Richard SaundersWhat's left of cake? Odd bits to be emptied outLeft of cake = C, odd = RUM, bits emptied out = BS51.53  5  
440Dave ParfittMy spirit is crushed by cold, heartless bulliesRUM inside C, B(ullie)S; My = def.48.51  6  
531Margaret IrvineGracious toast gives rise to themDouble definition450  6  
611Tom BorlandBroken bread representing Christ!Double def.42.51  5  
71Robert VereA cry of dismay as scrum collapses upon ball's introduction(b)all in scrum*. In rugby the scrum half "introduces" the ball into the scrum.41.51  7  
826John TozerFancy almost nothing to eat2 meanings (fancy exclam.)34.51  6  
916Kenneth HorneConservatives, strange gutless bastards, they are worthless.Conservatives C), strange (RUM), gutless bastards (B-S) + def30.54  5  
1017Simon ShawConsume split bread rolls making these on side plateCompound anagram & lit.27.51  4  
119 Bits of masters' bread eaten by curs after tumbling?m,b in anag. & lit., ref. Matt.15:27 ('even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table')220  3  
1236 Jockey clubrooms with no separate toilet – blimey!clubrooms* – loo210  4  
1253 Tatty clubrooms lacking loo? That's terrible!Anag. 'clubrooms' less 'loo'211  2  
1432 Heavens above – what great tits love!(Great tit = paris major)171  7  
152 A superior vineyard on Mont Blanc's south-western edges? Ça alors!CRU+MBS ('western edges' being an acrostic indicator for 'Mont Blanc's south'); def = Ça alors! (a French exclamation equivalent to 'Crumbs!')152  3  
1528 Freezes credit for northern wretches[n]UMBS {Freezes}, substituting CR[edit] for N[othern] | Def: wretches (crumb = worthless or contemptible person)153  4  
1713 Cold rum with a touch of brandy and Southern Comfort may be served in theseC + RUM + B + S = CRUMBS (of comfort)14.51  4  
1819 Crikey! B——— scrum collapsed!Def/anag12.53  3  
1920 Crikey! Caught with intoxicating drink, bishop on Sabbath!C + RUM + B + S121  4  
1930 Gracious spirit found in youngsters spurned by universityDef = Gracious (interj); RUM in CBS (CUBS without U (university))121  3  
1941 Odd caress around bum rendered expression of surpriseOdd caress = crs; around = containment indicator; bum rendered = (bum)*; expression of surprise = definition.120  3  
225 Baby lions consuming first of red meat remains.Cubs around (r)ed and (m)eat. Def. remains.111  7  
2223 Dismay expressed about bishops having drinkDismay expressed=crumbs. about=c, and bishops(in chess)=bs, having drink(rum), c+rum+bs114  3  
2251 Starts to cross river unaware many boats sink ; utter dismayinitial letters111  5  
2255 Well I never, confined to barracks having imbibed intoxicating liquor on Sabbathrum in cb(confined to barracks) + s=sabbath111  3  
263 American network adopting strange expression of surpriseStrange=RUM taken inside CBS (American network); def=expression of surprise10.50  3  
2752 Stroke limits men starting in Civil Service to a pittancerub = stroke, (C)RU(M)B(S)100  4  
2854 US Broadcaster stashing odd bits of foodCBS (US broadcaster) around RUM (odd)8.50  4  
294 American telly has strange, worthless charactersC(RUM)BS60  4  
2947 Scraps silly curbs on marijuana seed (6)M in CURBS*, Def.-Scraps, Collins: Seed.n.- the source, beginning, or germ of anything.61  5  
3142 Pieces doctor set in legMB in crus5.51 
328 Bits n' pieces (6)Double definition, of course :)50  7  
3218 Credit sum is keeping baron broke (little remains) (6)CR+SU(B)M* broke = anagr.ind. /little remains= definition / Chambers: Cr=Credit; B=Baron50  3  
3222 Disgusting people. Not by half. Cruddy rioters. We have no love for them.CRUddy+MoBS50  6  
3227 Freeze credit for new head of school leaving students expressing dismayNUMB (with CR for N) S52  6  
366 Barbarians' number one involved in wheeling scrummage? Good grief!B(arbarians) inside SCRUM wheeling i.e. 'S' rolling round to end4.51  5  
3715 Conservative king and posh Frenchman attending British head of state—they're extremely unpleasant people!C[onservative] + R (king = [R]ex) + U (posh) + M (Frenchman = [M]onsieur) + B[ritish] + S (head of state)42  5  
3721 Cunning U-boat initially blew the Viceroy of India into little pieces."Cunning U-boat initially" = cub. "[RMS] Viceroy of India" (Royal Mail Ship). "cub" blew "RMS" into little pieces = cRuMbS. Def: Little Pieces (Ref: WW2 event).43  7  
3738 More than one scumbag right for a good thrashingDef- more than one scumbag SCUMB(ag)/R* (thrashing)42  5  
4010 Broadcaster keeps odd bitsC(RUM)BS – Broadcaster = CBS, odd = rum3.50  3  
4112 Buried in frenzied scrum, ball's left completely in shredsBALL has left (discarded) ALL(completely) in SCRUM*, shreds- def2.51  3  
4149 Small pieces of cakes and biscuits sometimes have liquor added in (6)C B S containing RUM, ref rum balls etc made of cake crumbs with rum.2.51  3  
437 "Bits and Pieces", song by Meatloaf unveiling recent come backInitials (pieces) of words backwards: Song By Meatloaf Unveiling Recent Come21  7  
4333 How rum BSc wrongly explains the composition of bread?rum BSc anagram, wrongly indicates rearrangement.20  3  
4335 In other words, the lamb is more palatable in morsels of dry breaddbl def (the Lamb=Christ; is more palatable=euphemistically)20  3  
4337 Minced oath?"Minced oath" serves as a (C?)D since crumbs as an interjection is a disguised or minced oath (for Christ). The wordplay (minced) leads to this particular minced oath, crumbs being "minced" bread.21  3  
4348 slices of bread in disintegration.Defn. alit. type of clue.20  5  
4358 Worthless guys celebrating BSc with rum…Worthless persons= crumbs Anag. Bsc + rum =crumbs21  5  
4914 Compress nearly about million boron bits (6)Compress nearly {CRUS(H)}about (containment indicator) million (M) boron (B) bits (definition)10  5  
4924 Eg wafer remnants substantive church served up as host for masssb.+ URC (reversed upward), including m. (Down clue)11  3  
4929 Gated? Strong drink knocked back with a snort of snow. Crikey!CB (confined to barracks) around (“knocked back” here = drunk/swallowed) RUM + S(now).10  5  
4934 I go to pieces when remains are lost from smashing curb (6)CRUMBS (PIECES) = ANAGRAM OF ((SMASHING + CURB) – GIN (WHEN) – ASH (REMAINS))10  2  
4943 Rock music, Bread; when rough idea's forgotton, what's left?Anagram of MUSIC BREAD minus IDEA. Early 70s rock band.12  5  
4945 Rolls pranged? Crikey!Bread rolls11  4  
4959 Yikes Harry! Has no sub-charms worked?Anag. SUBCHARMS-HAS.10  7  
5625 Expresses surprise, but backs the start of standard British measures undergoing renewed callibration.Defn; backs (reverses) the start of (= initial letters) of last six words (= SBMURC)00  4  
5646 Scraps empty vehicle and damaged Minehead bus.Scraps = def; empty vehicle = CR (CAR – A) + MBUS*.00  3  
5650 Starts cooking bread sauce, adding odd ingredient to plenty of these?C(rum)BS…C/ooking B/read S/auce…rum/odd02  3  
5657 What's strange when nothing's shed from loaves? Really!RUM(strange) for O in COBS; cob=cobloaf; really=crumbs00  4