The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC August 2017 competition results

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44 clues entered. 36 votes cast (31 competitors, 5 others).


A close run thing for the honours this month – barely a halfpenny between the top two contenders! It was John Tozer who ended up just squeezing home with his cheeky little effort! JT is consistently there or thereabouts, but this is his first win for over two years! Welcome back to the top John!
David McKie was the unlucky runner up, just missing out by a mere one and a half points! Another cheeky effort, and I enjoyed the good spot of PENNY being in alternate letters of PREGNANCY!
Third place was tied by last month's winner Steve Randall and John Appleton. Steve used some neat wordplay to create a good surface to his clue and John demonstrated that a simple anagram with a simple deceptive definition can find favour.
Colin Thomas employed that same definition in his clue that completed the podium.
Well done to all – the annual competition has tightened up at the top – all to play for in the remaining months!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
11John TozerA beer leads to a pee? Not much change there!half + penny442  3  
27David McKieCheap beer? Every so often pregnancy follows!HALF (pint) plus PENNY – adjectival meaning of little value42.50  1  
314Steve RandallForeign banks help with any dodgy cashanagram of ForeigN HELP ANY331  2  
317John AppletonHelp Fanny out a little bitHELPFANNY*; def = "a little bit"333  1  
516Colin ThomasHelp fan to play with City for a little bitHELPFAN* + NY; def = 'a little bit' (bit = coin)292  1  
632Andy SmithOld Meg's fifty-fifty odds of pregnancyHalf + alternate letters. See mag3/meg in Chambers25.52  2  
719Don ManleyHistorical bit shows Henry VIII taking one female after anotherHal+f+Penny23.53  2  
818Paul CoulterHenry and Alf have a little girl, a tiny thingH+ALF+PENNY (short for Penelope)212  1  
98Vinit WankhedeCheap foreign banks help any criminal (9)FN+ANY+HELP anagram Ref. "The Global Laundromat” money laundering scandal involving Russian mafia and Moldovan banks.  1  
1020Rod BeardsIn bird city, flap about a little bit (9)Anagram of FLAP in HEN NY19.53 
113 A bit of fun with Harry left Penelope tender once(9)F with HAL to the left PENNY – ie HAL F PENNY; def tender once17.52  2  
1212 Following personal appearance Lenny Henry performs type of rapAnag F+PA+LENNY+H(henry, si unit); rap=18c counterfeit halfpenny; ref Lenny H, comedian130  2  
1325 Magpie delivered by mail? That's years ago2 obsolete defs in Chambers. (Ref. the now electronic crossword mag.)111  2  
1435 One of 200 coppers who all had the makings of a nicker ?200 halfpennies (coppers) used to make a pound (nicker). Nicker =one who arrests + ?9.52 
159 Child's fare? Then write to New York for a small coin.Child's fare? = HALF; then write to New York = +PEN+NY; definition = a small coin91 
1613 For next to nothing, swan about 50% of the Big Apple? Just the opposite!Half (Pen) NY80  2  
1641 Two quarters, and pound by New Year to be a fraction of its earlier value?HALF(2 quarters)+PEN(pound)+NY(new/year);81  1  
1830 Note returned by female writer, extremely necessary, as it's not legal tender'Note' = lah, which returned becomes HAL, + 'female' = F, + 'writer'= PEN, + 'extremely necessary = NY, 'as' is a link word. Definition = 'it's not legal tender'.7.52 
1933 Old-fashioned mail from Henry following PenelopeMail (obsolete)= halfpenny. Hal-f-penny70 
1937 Rugby star's name made by 50% contribution to historic winLeigh Halfpenny; win = old penny71 
2110 Coin in fanny: help quickly! (9)Direct = coin. anagram of "fanny help"; indicator = quickly. "fanny" used as female genitals as in the UK!6.50  5  
2234 Once the smallest change for writer in possibly bitter state.HALF (= possibly bitter) – PEN – NY62 
2324 It's of little value and may produce awful pain – then fly without it.Anag. PAIN THEN FLY – IT = DEF: It's of little value5.51  2  
2339 Some money from nearby banks found after entrance to outhouse left ajar (9)'Some money' –>def 'nearby banks' –> NY 'entrance to outhouse left ajar' –> HALF OPEN without the 'O'5.51 
2511 Dated mail: 50% by writer with name unknown.Obsolete word "mail" = Def; half + pen + n + y.41  3  
2538 Shakespearean snippet: adaptation of play (half of Henry V) with extremes of Fluellen.Def; anag (adaptation) of PLAY + HENryv + FN (In Henry V, Fluellen was a know-it-all Captain & a stickler for discipline.)41  1  
2729 Mouldy scratch makes hen flap angrily with noisy wingsHENFLAP* + NY, Mouldy = out-of-date, scratch = money, informal (also corn scattered as a treat for hens)3.51  1  
2736 Reform NHS panel fully! Lacking heart, short of staff primarily, it's outdated(NHSPANEL + F…Y – S)*3.51 
294 A very small part of hard-earned pelf nan spent on pasty way back?H + PELFNAN* ('spent') + (past)Y; &lit30  1  
2931 Old coin from middle of safe mixed in with extreme haul copper goes after.AF + HL anag + penny (copper)30 
2940 The magpie was one just like the chicken, getting in a terrible flapanag. of flap in henny31 
2943 When doubled up in the past, this would often afford you some relief?'spending a penny'31  1  
3315 Girl chases 2001 computer female. Will says it's not worth the bother.Girl (PENNY) chases 2001 computer (HAL) female (F). Will says… (DEF)21  1  
3326 Magpie having incomplete wingHALF + PENNY21  1  
3327 Mail: "With this long ago you could have been 50 per cent wise, perhaps" (9)Mail (slang for halfpenny, Chambers); allusion to old proverb "Penny wise…"21  1  
3642 Very low value mostly sound Goanese spirit circling PortugalHAL[e] FENNY around P1.50 
3722 It could be per definition, once readyper = half penny, once ready (= old money) = half penny10  2  
3723 It is of little value to get City to go after a writer chasing a mid-field football player (9)Definition: it is of little value Wordplay: NY (city) after (to go after) PEN (a writer) after (chasing) HALF (a mid-field football player) to give HALF PEN NY10  1  
396 Change copper's equal shareChange = small coin; copper = penny0.51  2  
402 A bit of a girl?Bit = a coin, and a bit of Penny could be HALF PENNY01  1  
405 Bi's attracted to the Big Apple: that's some change from the past!Bi(sexual) abbr. = half of Biro = pen (= half [a] pen) + NY/def.01  4  
4021 In part, city inspired writers' group mail once.HALF (in part) PEN (writers' group) NY (the only city except LA that cruciverbalists seem to recognise!). Nesting keyed by 'inspired'. Mail=obsolete term for halfpennny.00  1  
4028 Money back offered and accepted in Wales sounds derisorily lowback: ref. Leigh Halfpenny, RU fullback; derisorily low = def. (as adjective)00  1  
4044 With this money from UK, troubled Tripoli, not peaceful at the borders, avoids uncontrolled hyperinflation (9)Composite anagram Definition : This money from UK (refers to British funds in the surface reading) Anagram of TRIPOLI – P(-eacefu)L with Troubled as anagrind from anagram of HYPERINFLATION with uncontrolled as anagrind00  1