The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC March 2017 competition results

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45 clues entered. 44 votes cast (35 competitors, 9 others).


Hard to believe, but I overlooked the obvious when choosing this clue word! Interestingly and coincidentally, Azed's chosen word this month was TRUMP! So no surprise that a certain US President featured strongly here!
Congratulations to Andy Smith – who has podiumed once before, but this is his first win. Andy rather cleverly managed to reference Mr T's predilection for tweeting into his neat clue!
David McKie was close back in second – he truncated the POTUS to incorporate the old favourite PETER = SAFE! Well done David!
In a tightly bunched top 3, Colin Thomas recaptured some of his 2016 form with the first of the non-presidential clues, a nifty switch between referencing the famous jazz trumpeter and dizzy's dictionary meaning.
Very nice to see long-standing competitor Peter Cargill achieve his first podium in a while, with a simple but effective construction, managing to reference a previous President!
Russ Cook completes the line-up with his second podium in a row – amazingly finding an identical breakdown to the 3rd place clue!
Thanks to all for an entertaining month – it will be fascinating to see how Azed competitors have dealt with the TRUMP issue over the next couple of days!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
16Andy SmithBlowhard President on Twitter taking everyone, ultimately, for a foolTrump + [Twitter, with e for twit]. Blowhard = U.S. def'n + literal activity of a trumpeter.49.51  1  
219David McKieI proclaim US President not entirely safeTRUM(P) + PETER443  2  
310Colin ThomasDizzy, perhaps, with fluctuating temperature after leaving A&EDizzy (Gillespie), one of the most famous trumpeters of all time. Anag TEMPERATURE minus A&E431  2  
430Peter CargillPresident chopped tree, he proclaimsTRUMP+*ETER; ref Washington announcing he chopped cherry tree; trumpeter=person who proclaims38.53  1  
511Russ CookDizzy? Temperature? Sadly there's no A&E.(TEMPER[A]TUR[E])* – Ref Dizzy Gillespie.37.54  2  
629Satyen NabarPerhaps mutter softly with hesitation? Not this chap!(MUTTER + P)* + ER; Semi-&lit334  2  
73John TozerAn ass in a fancy old hairdo – Republican one who proclaims and denouncesrump in tête(2) + R282  1  
87Dhirendra TBraggart president to tee off with Rory initially (9)Definition: braggart Wordplay: TRUMP (president) + ETE (tee off) + R (Rory initially) Reference: A widely reported round of golf…24.51 
943Barry SolomonsThis bird's a slut, after removing top starts entertaining regulars?S/trumpet…starts (E)ntertaining (R)egulars.211  4  
1017DinshawHerald gets President to chop tree (9)Herald = actual definition; President Trump with anagram of "tree"17.50  1  
1145 Time to get suspicious with safe-blowerT+RUM+PETER153  4  
1227 One praising Satchmo?Double def (Satch played trumpet)140  1  
1235 Say, elephant in rut with temper tantrums?Say elephant – Def, (RUT+TEMPER)*, TANTRUMS – Anagrind140  1  
1413 Fish that's tasty eaten for starters in great Australian batterT(asty) + E(aten) in TRUMPER; def = an Australian food-fish; ref. Victor Trumper, celebrated Australian cricketer13.50  2  
1444 This swan's ill-matched with mute partnerscomp. anag. & lit ref. different species mute swan/trumpeter swan, silent/vocal; TRUMPETER SWAN* = W MUTE PARTNERS; trumpeter="a trumpeter swan" (Chambers)13.51  1  
1641 Swan's odd domestic animal to be kept in terrace (9)RUM PET in TER130  1  
1718 I loudly denounce mad nutter with perm, blanking out November*(N)UTTER + PERM; def. I loudly denounce12.51  3  
1723 Met Rupert about swan, perhaps.Anagram: trumpeter swan.12.52  2  
192 American President and French Queen? He's a man with the horn perhaps?TRUMP+ET+ER; def = a man with the horn (a horn being a slang term for a trumpet). A play on Trump's alleged 'reaction' to the opposite sex!11.50  1  
1920 I proclaim with polls dropping, Labour better dump leader – finally!anag less b & d + r labour = work out; Corbyn refusing MPs' longstanding calls to resign11.50  3  
1931 Remains entertained by half-hearted rock musicianremains = RUMP; half-hearted rock = TE(e)TER; T<RUMP>ETER11.50  2  
2222 Maybe Donald, The Great Escape actor, finally becomes musicianTRUMP + [th]E [grea]T [escap]E [acto]R100 
234 Australian fish frantically utters short roar at first, caught by Melbourne's leading piano player.Def; anag(frantically) of UTTER(s) + R(oar) is around M(elbourne's) + p + e (The trumpet fish makes a trumpet-like sound {blare or roar} when pulled from the water.)80  3  
2332 Safe…with the Donald?! Not one scintilla of principle, a braggadocioTRUM(P) + PETER. Examples in OED support this sense of "trumpeter"83  1  
2337 Strange – dropping sea temperatures disorientated fish (9)((TEMPERATURES) -(SEA))*; dropping = -; disorientated = *, fish = def..81  5  
2612 Elephant perhaps better trained when not starting to guzzle buns[B]ETTER* to guzzle RUMP (buns)7.52  2  
2724 Network back chasing President's spokesman (9)(Network = RETE rev) ETER after TRUMP Surface ref. to grilling of Shaun Spicer by Certain News Network.6.51  1  
2736 Someone who often blows his own horn, U.S. President collides with saintly popeTRUMP merged with PETER6.51 
298 Can all but last of the President make actor Sellers such a musician?All but last of the President is TRUM (Donald TRUMP minus P) and PETER (actor and musician PETER Sellers) making a musician TRUMPETER (Peter Sellers' 'The Trumpet Volunteer')61 
2939 Swan sees strong saint! (9)Definition SWAN (TRUMPETER) = TRUM (OLD ENGLISH FOR "STRONG") + "PETER" (SAINT)60  2  
3128 Origin of fanfare for president and French Queen?Origin of fanfare=trumpeter TRUMP + ET (French "and") + ER (Queen)4.51 
329 Dizzy, he may be, but Donald's safe, one might say.Def (Dizzy [Gillespie])/Trump + peter = safe (homophone).40  2  
3214 Flier safe after endless blastDefinition = 'Flier' = bird. 'safe' = PETER; 'after' = at the back; 'endless blast' = TRUM(p)41  2  
3225 Network backed by President. "Good news", he announces (9)Network backed = rete to eter by Trump (President) + definition45  1  
3234 Satchmo the Swan? (9)Double def, reference Louis Armstrong nicknamed satchmo.40  1  
3626 "Newscaster indulged in hot rum", Pete replied. (9)direct = newscaster; container: hoT RUM PETE Replied. indicator = "indulged in"3.50 
3740 Swann for one type of swan.Rick Swann is a NI trumpeter + def.30  3  
3742 The current President has limited term after base gives him a birdTrump+E(base)+ter(m); bird is def.30  1  
3933 'Satchmo' for one could deceive alien queen.Satchmo (DEF) deceive (TRUMP) alien (ET) queen (ER)2.51  1  
401 A musician and model on the game, met a politician before Easter – as it goesDef + model (T) on the game (RU) politician (MP) Easter – as (ETER)1.50  1  
4115 'Game-player May has lost face meeting US President' — from a loud denouncer?Trump + (P)eter, ref. Peter May, former England cricket captain10  3  
4216 He can be seen playing Donald Duck in Newcastle with Mrs Daley – parking is limited (9)The def "He can be seen playing" refers especially to a fanfare trumpeter – the normal use of the term. Wordplay is: TRUMP PET (NE term of affection) 'ER (indoors) – only one P0.51  4  
4238 Swan in to stop Democrat replacing the PresidentDETER with D replaced by TRUMP0.50  3  
445 Bird or Satchmo emerges from speaker we brought out when entertaining prat?RUMP in T(we)ETER (kind of loudspeaker); ref nicknames of Charlie Parker and Louis Armstrong (trumpeter also being the name of a bird)00  1  
4421 Loud-voiced American creature regularly stirs up parliamentarians mostly and foreign royal(s)T(i)R(s)U(p) + MP(s) + ET + ER00  2