The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC October 2016 competition results

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52 clues entered. 35 votes cast (32 competitors, 3 others).


It's that man again! A close run competition but Dave Parfitt came out on top for his 4th victory this year! Incredible consistency, and easy to see why this is so with another lovely clue incorporating a super definition. He certainly is the man for you all to beat!
Philip Sant is back in second – his first podium with us, so well done Philip! A nice zoology lesson in his first-letters clue that had a natural surface reading.
John T is just a point behind in third – his second podium in a row and another consistent performer being his 6th podium of this year, an interesting and original breakdown for his wordplay.
Toby's fourth place means he is another Mr Consistency – 5th podium of the year – I loved his "Burying the hatchet" to indicate HACT.
I cannot remember a 3-way tie before – but we've had one now! Satyen quickly follows up his first podium placing of last month with another one this month! Seasoned campaigners Tim Moorey and Margaret Irvine join Satyen in that tie for 5th spot, and perhaps not surprisingly their clues were very similar with identical breakdowns!
Well done all – onto November as we turn over the page to the next challenge.

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
17Dave ParfittAround zero Celsius, watch out for step becoming an ice rinkWATCH anag. around O C; becoming = befitting; Oxford's def. for choctaw begins '(in skating) a step…'38.52  5  
213Philip SantCamels have occupied countries throughout Asia, whilst originally being native to North Americafirst letters28.52  4  
339John TozerOriginal American candy cane?choc + taw (= flog)27.51  2  
412Toby RobertsonBurying the hatchet with cow rustling Native American(HA[t]C[he]T COW)*, ref. Native American peace ritual20.50  2  
510Satyen NabarBrave cat rips into dog(CAT)* in CHOW (dog)19.51  4  
518Tim MooreyDog biting wild cat is perhaps bravecat anag in chow19.54  1  
533Margaret IrvineNative American wild cat bitten by dogcat* in chow19.52  1  
819David McKieDog's taking on angry cat? That's brave!CAT* in CHOW18.52  2  
944Michael BranniganThe Indian Watch Co. is going bust.Anagram "Watch Co."17.50  4  
1017Tom BorlandConservative Whip keeps this move on iceHOC (this) in C + TAW (whip); def. move on ice173  3  
1124 Indian curry has only cumin, turmeric – and water to startIndian – definition…Curry Has Only Cumin Turmeric And Water – to start (initials)16.52  3  
1127 Indian watch company short-changedWATCH CO anag16.51  2  
1315 Cold – zero Celsius – what affected movement on ice.anag (affected) of cocwhat + def150  1  
1426 Indian food is flavoured with cumin, turmeric and asafoetida primarily (7)C T A in CHOW14.52  1  
1530 Leaders of Cherokee tribe ordered historical co-operation with another displaced tribeFirst letters + anagram.13.50  1  
1648 Watch out outside when it's freezing – you'll get movement on the iceOC inside WATCH*; 'When it's freezing' = 0C; 'Choctaw' is a step in figure-skating133  3  
172 After launch of channel, watch retrospective about circle of native Americans?After launch of channel (C), watch retrospective about circle (H-O-CTAW); Definition: native Americans11.50  2  
1825 Indian food contains an odd assortment of chaatCHO (CTA*) W – Indian – Def, Food – CHOW, an odd assortment of Chaat, C A T*, contains – container Indicator110 
1932 Native American tribe that almost caught cow butcher.Def+anag(butcher)of tha+c+cow10.51  4  
2052 What the forward edge of Cousins and Co. may finish off?anag. incl. C & lit., ref. Robin Cousins, ice-skater103  5  
2116 Conservative party, leaderless and dividing, see regressive motion put on iceC + [d]O in WATCH reversed. Def: motion put on ice8.53  2  
2249 We have reservations about crackpot who's cradling mutant catC (about) + [WHO* holding CAT*]; we have reservations = Choctaw (they do; I checked)81  2  
2338 North American dog eats cat stew(CAT)* in CHOW (breed of dog); def: North American73 
243 Alabama native chewing cat chow! (7)Direct = Alabama native; anagram of "cat chow", "chewing" = indicator6.50  1  
254 American in Switzerland has, in short, 31 days to get a wifeCH [Switzerland] + OCT[ober] + A + W[ife]61  5  
2534 Native American's chat with OC reviewed (7)Anag of CHATWOC60  1  
2551 What some Native Americans would get at Cadbury World, by the sound of it.Sounds like "choc tour".60  1  
2843 Skating movement watched on ice perhaps – I need to go.Anag WATCHEDONICE minus INEED5.51  2  
296 Amerinds see first colonials retreating, having gained nothingC+H(O)CTAW (full rev.)4.51  6  
2931 Mississippi band member’s good turnDD (The Mississippi Band is one of the two Choctaw nations. 'Good turn’ refers to the skating turn.)4.50  4  
3122 How Charlie cat managed a forward AND backward slideanag. (Charlie = C)40 
3145 This tenor's taken by sound of Crow IndianHOC + T taken by CAW40  1  
331 About to look back when love enters in a graceful sliding movementAbout – C, to look back H(O)CTAW when love enters + def30  1  
338 At western, 'Cochise' mostly destroyed Indians.Anag. at + w + coch.30  1  
3321 Hard to understand, unsettling, chaotic, no one gets the point (7)direct – hard to understand; wordplay – [CHAOTIC – I (no one)]* + W (gets the point); anagram indicator: unsettling30  4  
3323 Indian catnip in food (7)Direct = Indian CHOctaW: cat = cts (nip = anagram indicator) CHOW = food (in = container indicator)30  3  
3340 Potential hunter returned having caught nothing following cold turn on the ice.C + WATCH< round O. Ref hunter watch.30  2  
3341 Setting cat free when gripped by dog maybe seen as brave?cat (anag)… chow / dog…Indian brave.31 
3935 Native people given a month and a week to support Switzerland (7)CH = Switzerland, month = Oct, a week = a w (Intended as a down clue.)2.50 
3936 New watch company briefly put a change of direction on ice (7)New= anag ind ,watch company briefly put = watchco = anag fodder + definition (a turn in ice skating)2.50  2  
4120 Ginger cat trapped by dog sliding aroundCHO(cat*)W; ginger = anagrind; CHOCTAW = skating (sliding) turn [Collins]1.50  1  
4250 What, round about middle of ice, turns?*WHAT+O+C+C & lit; ref skating movement going forward then back=turns(anagrind)12  2  
4347 Watch Officer in Charge performing skating trickWATCH OC*0.52 
445 American Indian tailless dogs surround confused catAmerican Indian = CHOCTAW; tailless dogs CHOW (CHOWS less S) surrounding confused cat (CTA) = CHO(CTA)W00  4  
449 Brave act, fly protected by grub(ACT)* inside CHOW = grub/food; fly = cunning (anag. ind.); def = Brave00 
4411 Brave to pick up job around this time of year (7)sounds like chore around Oct00  2  
4414 chow {chow} del + act/ ion reverse 1st word minus 2nd wordchop out one word and minus an "ion" reverse it and insert for indian tribe- choctaw00  9  
4428 It takes a brave man to make a Crow cry about the state of Pawnees' stock, they say.Def (a brave man)/hoct (homophone for "hocked" = pawned) in caw (" a crow cry").02  3  
4429 It's my turn with my shooter after having a sweet. (7)DEFINITION "CHOCTAW TURN" with WORDPLAY "TAW" (SHOOTER IN MARBLES) AFTER CHOC (SLANG FOR A SWEET).02  2  
4437 No ordinary Aussie squaddie – marbles used to baffle BoscheCHOCO – O(rdinary)) + TAW; “marbles” = “wits” in surface reading. The Choctaw language was used in U.S. military coding in WWI.00  2  
4442 Skating manoeuvre for certain native Americans (7)(Double Def) skating move + Choctaw tribe00  3  
4446 Trump:"What a cock-up. Khan's not even a proper American" (7)comp anag (trump…up – cf trumped-up charge) WHATACOCK* = K(h)A(n) CHOCTAW – def a proper American Ref Khizr Kahn (dead soldier's father). Another possible Trump hot-mic quote re one of his Nemesises (Nemeses?).00  2