The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC November 2020 competition results

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62 clues entered. 51 votes cast (45 competitors, 6 others).


A fairly close run competition this month with John Tozer keeping his nose in front to notch his third win of the year. A clue that very neatly referenced that crossword chestnut of 'number' to mean anaesthetic. Well done John.
Second spot goes to Neil Mondal – essentially using the same anagram, but a cleverly disguised definition. Neil's second podium of this year.
Teyrnon appears to have hit a bit of form with his second top 5 finish in a row – some may flinch at the bracketing, but a very neat &lit nonetheless.
John Doylend is just squeezed out into 4th place with a clue take raised a titter – very 'Carry On', matron! John's first podium since last year.
The final placing went to Thejaswi Udupa – first time entrant and hits the top 5 straight away, well done indeed! Thejaswi managed to find an unusual way to define the clue word.
Well done to all, many thanks and onwards to that Christmas anagram!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
116John TozerCryptically a ‘number’ is something you take to go underanag.; number = anaesthetic in clues54.50  4  
254Neil Mondal"Under the Sea" is a number that's lively"Under the Sea" = definition, (ISANUMBER)* [song from The Little Mermaid]450  2  
314Teyrnon PowellCraft (remains principally under briny)*(REMAINS U B) & lit.40.51  4  
434John Doylend"Nurse," I am beginning to blush – "trouble down below" (9)anagram (trouble) of NURSE I AM B402  5  
519Thejaswi UdupaDistraught man buries poor boy (9)(man buries)* with distraught as anagrind. Poor boy, is a sandwich similar to the submarine, and hence acts as definition.381  6  
643Satyen NabarSandwich in bar menu is fantastic(BARMENUIS)*, defn= sandwich37.51  2  
735Don ManleyOne having to go under for operation is put out with a 'number'anag.351  3  
822Steve RandallFan base in Trump case disappearing – it needs to be watertightanag (fan) of BASE IN [t]RUM[p]25.51  1  
94Terry NealeAmerican sandwich bar's menu is revamped with a bit of imaginationAmerican sandwich = def; bar's menu = anagram fodder; is revamped = anagrind; with a bit of imagination = add 'i' to anagram fodder mix22.54  2  
105Jessica MerchantArnie's bum cracks one that's plausibly deep in sound (9)ARNIESBUM* (cracks). Sound as in strait.21.50  3  
1138 Reactionary bus sabotaging Remain; it plumbs the depthsReactionary bus = SUB sabotaging Remain = MARINE it plumbs… = def19.53  2  
1261 With US backing Biden as leader, airmen prepared craftSU-B + *MARINE18.50  2  
1324 Fancy bar's menu containing one sandwich(BARSMENU)* around I17.53  2  
1329 King-sized sandwich is ordered with bar menu(IS + BAR MENU)*17.54  2  
1553 Uber's main worry, it's often submerged in conflict.Uber's main (anag)171  1  
1620 Drowned man with bruise that's suspiciousanagram of man + bruise = drowned16.51  4  
1728 Is a number scrawled on the bottom?*IS A NUMBER; def. on the bottom?161  3  
1811 Bus returned with drunken airmen found in boatBus returned = sub + airmen* (drunken = anag ind) = boat (def)15.50  2  
1831 Moves about evenly, remains underwater (9)Moves = anagrind, about evenly = BU = fodder, remains = fodder , Anagram of BUREMAINS, underwater = def15.52  3  
2050 Substitute Little Mermaid’s core number with new arrangement of ‘Under the Sea’Substitute little = SUB. Anagram fodder = mERMAId + N. Anagram indicator = with new arrangement. Definition = under the sea. Reference to song from the little mermaid film.153  2  
2110 Bum sarnie?? both indicates anagram and a suggestion of doubt. Some people I believe like them.14.50  4  
2230 Lend cash to sailor for a sandwichSUB MARINE13.53  2  
2232 Mr. Bean is jumping around U-boat (9)MRBEANIS* around U; Def: BOAT13.52  2  
2248 Starr ship?Referencing Ringo Starr, Beatle vocalist for “Yellow submarine”13.52 
2551 Tambourines played, but not to Boaty McBoatface?Anagram of TAMBOURINES minus TO. Boaty McBoatface is an autonomous submarine carried by RRS Sir David Attenborough.11.52  1  
2645 Sarnie: slices of meat upon baguette, perhaps! (9)anag (SARNIE + M,U,B) &lit – submarine sandwich is the shape of a baguette101 
2746 Semi-urban ground is underwater.(semiurban)* [ground=ground up]9.54  1  
2844 Sandwich, the centre of unfamiliar urban sprawl in Kent (9)Sandwich = def | S{([unfa]MI[liar]+URBAN)*sprawl}E | (Kent=SE)8.52  1  
2947 Spurn nameless spread lacking fish content for sandwichs(n)ub mar(gar)ine;71 
2956 Vehicle going up, starting to rise in the sea close to surface (9)Definition: &lit. BUS (vehicle)<<< + R in MAIN (the sea) + E (surfac E)70 
3152 Uber mains mishandled… delivering a sandwich instead!Anagram6.51 
322 A vehicle's turned over by a soldier operating under the surfaceBus (reversed) + marine (=soldier)/def. ("operating under the surface").60  1  
3240 Reversing, I hit people carrier, fine’s half a sandwichReversing I RAM BUS, (fi)NE; definition – a sandwich60  2  
346 Bar menu is a mess, but might include this.Anag BARMENUIS, ref submarine sandwich.5.51  2  
3549 Strategically placed mines bar onset of U-boats? Just oneAnag of MINES + BAR + U (onset (start) of U-boats); just one (U-boat) = submarine50 
3623 Fancy bar menu is made for chugging through the drink!Anagram of 'bar menu is'; perhaps submarines don't exactly chug but I couldn't resist the verb's helpful double meaning.41  3  
3641 Sandwich bar in use worried about botulism, ultimately(botulis)m in anag of bar in use42 
387 Bats' bums are in sandwich*bum are in Bats = anagrind Sandwich =def3.50 
3921 Exchange blue shade for yellow outfit in tune with green surroundingssub + marine. Ref the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine in “a sea of green”. Outfit as in travelling party.30  2  
408 Biden's accepted Trump essentially ignoring Democratic representation as inferior in the main[BIDENS/A/(t)RUM(p) – D]* [inferior in the main = under the sea]2.51  2  
4013 Correct article misrepresenting Remain constituents in Sandwich ? (9)Correct article = sub (subedit) , misrepresenting…constituents = anagrind , Remain = anagram fodder + definition ( a long sandwich)2.54  1  
4018 Dispersed sunbeam initially refracted inside drink?SUNBEAM R(etarded) I(nside)* drink is slang for sea2.55  4  
4037 Overturned vehicle with a miner in critical condition found under the sea (9)Vehicle- bus Reversal indicator- overturned = sub, a miner anagrammed, found under the sea – def2.51 
441 A jolly on returning plane sometimes provides a sandwichjolly = marine, plane sometimes = bus, coming back, reverse = sub. Submarine is type of sandwich22  1  
443 Airbus men scrambled in underwater operations ( 9 )Anagram= "Airbus men", def= “underwater operations”20 
4415 Crazy semiurban or French soldier supplemented with energy first took a bus back to board this?Double hint: Crazy (anagram of) semiurban to board this? (SUBMARINE) or French soldier (MARIN) supplemented with energy (E) first took a bus back (SUB before MARIN and E) to board this? (SUBMARINE)20  1  
4417 Detailed attack brought back soldiers sheltering in vesselAMBUS(H) reversed – soldiers = RE containing IN from clue. Vessel = definition22  2  
4425 Heartless sardine starts to unclothe beautiful mermaid consumed below the waves (9)s/ubm/ar(d)ine21  1  
4457 Vessel moving in sea with black rum (9)Direct: Vessel. Indirect: Anagram of IN SEA B(lack) RUM indicated by moving.22 
509 Boat. Drive coach back in EnglishBOAT (Def) Drive coach (RAMBUS) back In E10  1  
5039 Replace fat-free fish with a sandwich (9)The answer is a sandwich sold at Subway branches. replace = SUB; fat = MARGARINE; free fish = remove GAR11  1  
5058 Waves goodbye? Only when she’s low or going to bedBoats etc. are feminine.11  1  
5312 Busier man surfaces victoriousBusier man surfaces (Anagrind and double meaning) victorious (current U.K. Vanguard-class submarine)00  2  
5326 Hero backing unbound genie; together, go at limitless abusegENIe+RAM+aBUSe (full rev.) together, go at = goat00 
5327 In Subway menu primarily, what could be a sandwich!SUB(subway) M(menu primarily) ARE(a=are) outside IN; &lit00  3  
5333 Nimbus are rendering ship unseen(nimbus are)*, rendering as nounal anagrind00  1  
5336 One may launch a fish sandwich.Submarine is sandwich fish is a torpedo.00 
5342 Sandwich function holds rumba danceSINE(function) incl *RUMBA; Sandwich, town in Kent, and def; function=social gathering00 
5355 Upper-class boy overwhelmed by dreadful seminar—poor boy! (9)Definition: poor boy (the sandwich). (U {upper-class) B {boy}) in {… overwhelmed by …} SEMINAR* {dreadful …}.02 
5359 When this elasticated top minus bra makes nipples stick out.Def: When this, ie when underwater, (adj) E + MINUS BRA makes* nipples stick out.00  3  
5360 Where to find the special feature of a French letter? Sounds like we need a heroUnder C hom.,referring to a cedilla00  1  
5362 Without most of the absinthe and rum mixed in the drinkRUM + ABSIN(TH)E & lit01  2