The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC January 2020 competition results

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55 clues entered. 41 votes cast (37 competitors, 4 others).


So, Mr Tozer starts the new year with a bang – well done John – neat clue with a lovely surface, John's first win since 2017.
You can't keep a good man down and last year's Annual Prize winner, Steve Randall, was just behind in 2nd place. Loved the definition in that clue!
A new name in 3rd – congratulations to Alexander for his debut podium finish. If nothing else we can thank Mr Trump for the ammunition he supplies to clue writers!
David Mckie nabs a top spot for the first time since his excellent year in 2018. Another with a clever definition.
The final podium placing went to Roslyn who found an ingenious slant for defining the clue word.
We are off and running for 2020 – good luck for February!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
141John TozerLying in midst of pasture, a cow fed freelyt + anag.45.52  3  
250Steve RandallThe week officially starts having coffee brought round with a couple of mugs (3-5)Initial letters for TWO + DECAF<370  2  
311Alexander AntaoCrooked de facto world leader is untrustworthy (3-5)Crooked: anagrind | de facto world leader: DE FACTO W | is | untrustworthy: TWO-FACED || Surface: describes the POTUS, using his taunting descriptor "crooked" against him. Lock him up!330  4  
49David McKieCat few do fancy, being cute one minute, vicious the next?*CAT FEW DO30.51  4  
538Roslyn RougvieLike Zaphod's cow – fated to be cookedDef. like Zaphod is: cowfated*27.51  5  
625John AppletonDouble-dealing de facto leader of Welsh Assembly(DE FACTO +W)*; definition "Double-dealing" in Chambers Thesaurus250  5  
735Jeff RobinsonInsincere act few do mistakenlyACTFEWDO* &lit. For 'two-faced act' see  3  
827Robert VereDuplicitous few do act badly(few do act)*22.52 
834Rod BeardsInitially Trump wrote about one Democrat: “Duplicitous!”T(rump) W(rote) OF ACE D; definition- duplicitous22.51  2  
1014NeelimaDeceitful cad we oft dealt with (3-5)(CAD WE OFT)*, anagram-ind: dealt with, def: deceitful211 
1122 Dissembling wife has de facto played aroundW (wife) with DEFACTO anag around191  1  
1237 King of hearts, say, with deuce, following ace on top of deckKing of hearts = definition (= two-faced) Deuce = TWO + F(ollowing) + ACE = D(eck)161  4  
1239 Looking both ways somehow starts to dispel fears of every anxious walker crossing trafficanag. of initials161  3  
1251 To confront daughter drinking whiskey is hypocritical (3-5)t(w)o-face(d) to confront daughter = to face d , drinking =inclusion indicator , whiskey = w + definition162  3  
151 Amazing fact is, we do not essentially wish to be phoney (3-5)[fact is we do – is]*, deletion ind.: not essentially wISh, anag. ind.: amazing. Definition: phoney14.50  2  
1649 Sounding very friendly at the outset, a Democrat could be deceitful (3-5)Sounding very = TWO (homophone of TOO), friendly at the outset = F, a = ACE, Democrat = D, def = deceitful121 
1715 Deceitful de facto rogue's taking in wifeDef=deceitful. (DE FACTO)* including W … anagrind=rogue11.51  1  
1726 Double-decaf brewed to Janus’ specificationDouble (two); decaf (fodder); brewed (anag ind); Janus’ (Roman god) specification (ie two-faced) (def)11.50 
1916 Deceitful, devious, we do act faithfully at first.Definition: deceitful. Anagram indicator devious, grinding "WE DO ACT F".110 
1928 Duplicitous Trump will outrightly fib and concoct exculpatory deceptions at first (3-5)Acrostic. Trump will outrightly fib and concoct exculpatory deceptions110  1  
2124 Double dealing's criminal act few doactfewdo*103  3  
2131 Fleetwood Mac in wrong turn leaving motorway: ELO unexpectedly playing Little LiesAnagram of Fleetwood Mac minus (anagram of) ELO plus M(otorway). Fleetwood Mac had a hit with Little Lies. ELO were also a famous band. Def: playing Little Lies.100  2  
2155 Where we do act deceitfully, fine being so described?(we do act)* around f(fine); &lit100  2  
2421 Dishonest in fact we do wrong (8)anagram of FACT WE DO92  3  
2448 Shifty, like JanusTWO-FACED (double def.)90  1  
2613 De facto wife could be false (3-5)(DE FACTO W*) could be (anagrind) false (def). A de facto spouse is a legal status observed when couples have lived together for a long time.8.51  2  
2719 Designing couple prepared to switch British origins to FranceDesigning (hypocritical, two-face – Bradford's) [solution] couple (two) prepared – braced – to switch British origins (Br) to France (F – International Vehicle Registration) [faced]71  3  
2752 Unconventional wife; de facto deceitful!Unconventional (anag ind) wife=w + de facto = deceitful (DEF)70  1  
2932 Harry de facto, admitting wife’s hypocritical (3-5){T[W)OFACED}*, Harry – Anagrind, Wife – W6.51  2  
3018 Deceitful of cadet slyly trapping wifew in *of cadet5.51 
315 Beans failing to leave you full of beans – something's up which is rather contradictory"Beans failing to leave you full of beans" = DECAF, "something" = OWT, "up" = reversal indicator, "rather contradictory" = definition50  3  
318 Cardinal takes hot drink back for the faithlessCardinal number + DECAF reversed, & lit50  4  
3112 Daft cow with field strength gets muddled and proves false (3.5)(DAFT COW E)*50  3  
3144 Pair confronted double-dealingPair=two ; confronted=faced. Double-dealing=two-faceo50  1  
3510 Couple met with accusation of being disloyal.TWO/couple..FACED/met with….. Ref: Harry & Meghan4.51  2  
3517 Deceitful facade that hides answers as often as not, wot?(FACaDE & WOT)* [Only one A deleted in anagrind; def. = deceitful, doing double duty]4.50 
3736 Janus and hypocritical?Janus was two-faced which is a synonym of hypocritical40  2  
3840 Lying down after imbibing fifth of Scotch, inebriated sailors must be discharged(DOWN AFTER C)* – RN (sailors); def: lying3.51  3  
3942 Most of town's perhaps encountered, someone like Janus (3-5)Most of town is tow/ perhaps as Anagrind/ encountered is faced /someone like Janus is def30 
402 Anything returned in Yorkshire? Twelfth month looking up after nothing dishonest.'Owt' returned = 'Two'; 12th month looking up = CED (down clue); 'FA' = nothing; Def: dishonest2.50  4  
4029 False move with cad beginning to trick foe*W+CAD+T+FOE ind by move2.52  1  
4047 Perhaps Janus will be the ruin of de-facto Western leader. (3, 5)Janus is an example of a two-faced god of ancient mythology. "Western leader" gives W, and when added to DE FACTO and "ruined" (i.e. anagram), this gives TWO FACED. There is also a very tenuous hint of a reference to James Bond, Goldeneye. ;)2.50  1  
4053 Unfaithful wife wedded to de facto drunkUnfaithful = def; wife = w*; wedded to = united with; de facto* drunk = anagrind2.50 
446 Being hypocritical is posssibly better than being alone!Ref: two heads are better than one.21  2  
4445 Pair Confronted JanusPair (two),Confronted (faced), Janus (God depicted as having two faces {two -faced})20  1  
4633 Hypocritical factor drew potential king and queen to exit(FACTORDREW)* – RR; potential= anag ind, king=R, queen=R, topical ref to royal couple's exit.1.52 
473 At a very young age, confronted for double-dealingAt = juxtaposition indicator, a very young age = TWO, confronted = FACED, for = linkword, double-dealing = definition11 
4743 Not one, five hundred dial in like Janus.Not one (TWO) five hundred (D) dial in (FACE inserted).10 
4754 Unreliable, like the coins in your piggy-bank (3-5)simple cryptic def11 
507 Being insincere, Spooner says old Labour leader gave an untouchable delivery.Def./[Michael] Foot aced (Spoonerism) – ref. tennis service.0.50  2  
5030 False trick coin (3-5)Double definition 1) false and 2) trick coin (a coin with two faces would have two heads).0.50  1  
524 B2B double-dealing?Rebus plus definition, masquerading as a cd01 
5220 Devious turns in Dow regularly affect CAC after opening (3-5)Def: Devious. Anag (Turns in) of {DOW a(F)f(E)c(T)+c(AC)}* . Dow is commonly used short form for the Dow Jones index (in papers, google etc). CAC is the Paris stock market index.02  3  
5223 Double cut by Fed affected Dow, producing jump*AFFECTED DOW minus FED; def. Double01  1  
5246 Pair squared up after one's deceitfulCharade: pair = two + squared up = faced00