The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC March 2018 competition results

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43 clues entered. 35 votes cast (31 competitors, 4 others).


A clear winner this month – David demonstrating he will be a strong contender for the title again this year with a clue that conveyed a convincing story.
John Tozer achieves his first top 5 finish of the year with a simple, but effective anagram for second place.
Don made best use of some popular anagram fodder by utilising the most appropriate anagram indicator and also bags his first podium of this year.
Anthony managed an impressive alternate letters construction and in the process his first placing for a couple of years.
Pete completes the podium with a neat &lit which sadly is very true and very much in the news of late.
Well done to all – and good luck with SOLITAIRE!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
15David McKieBeginning of revolution saw English tea thrown into this?R SAW E TEA (anag) and semi lit – with ref to Boston Tea Party 1773611  5  
231John TozerSwear tea is off – it’s undrinkableanag.39.51 
338Don ManleyWhat could make rocky areas wet?anag. & lit.354  1  
413Anthony NanniniFrom time to time I see narwhal. They're in their natural surroundings (8)From time to time = alternate letter indicator (I)s(e)e(n)a(r)w(h)a(l)t(h)e(y)r(e) + definition30.55  2  
51Pete MilneA plastic waste area, mostly?Anag of WASTE+ARE(a). &lit283  3  
624Toby RobertsonOur ocean environs are swimming with waste(are,waste) anag.27.53  2  
741Dhirendra TWhat oceans are filled with is debris, ultimately we are at fault (8)Definition: what oceans are filled with wordplay: (-debri) S (debris ultimately) + (WE ARE AT)* anagram indicator, fault24.53  2  
88Steve RandallBritain's quitting, rebate was sadly a drop in the oceanRE[B]ATEWAS* (sadly)236  1  
937Luciano WardWhat constitutes most of Earth, as we perceived when flying?EART(h)ASWE anag; &lit192  4  
1040Tom BorlandWhat leaves wet areas on rigging?*WET AREAS; &lit.16.55  2  
1135 Was a tree pulped to make content of The Waves?Anag. WAS A TREE; cryptic definition. Ref to Woolf novel.142 
1216 It boundlessly bears waste plastic[(b)EAR(s) WASTE]*, semi &lit. SEAWATER contains micro-particles of plastic as well as discarded fishing nets, bottles etc.133  1  
1320 Main component of unusually wet areasWET AREAS*120  1  
1336 What a seaman might wring out of a sweater?Anag ASWEATER.122  1  
1529 Spooner's urologist reportedly has not a drop to drink!urologist = wee sorter >>> see worter (reportedly* homophone indicator (to qualify spelling change)) // def = has not a drop to drink! (from Rime of the Ancient Mariner) – ! for wordplay & CD11.51 
1611 Formaldehyde is found in ocean! (8)The chemical formula for formaldehyde is ch2o, so C for "sea" + h2o for water = seawater = found in ocean.110  4  
1621 Main contents are waste liquid(ARE WASTE)*111  1  
1842 What will keep sailors buoyant? A sweater's bust!*A+SWEATER; buoyant=happy/afloat10.50  2  
196 Brine pickles are waste (8)AREWASTE*91 
199 Crackers article regarding sweat – it's salty.Anag(crackers):a+re+sweat; def91  1  
1926 Sadly, wastes are still primarily dumped into it!(WASTESARE)* – S; semi-&lit92  2  
2232 The contents of disposable waste are what's filling our oceans.waste are (anag)83  1  
2322 Man is surrounded by this close to endless stormy wet area(endles)S +(WET AREA)* ref Isle of Man61 
2412 Found in wet areas, offshore.Anag. (found in) of "wet areas", "found in wet areas" defn, offshore to distinguish seawater from freshwater.5.51  1  
2430 Stormy area west of the briny deep?Anagram of AREA WEST; anagram indicator = Stormy; def = of the briny deep?5.52  1  
2434 The main ingredient? (8)CD – crossword staple – main=sea5.52 
272 A sweater soaked in brine?Anagram of A SWEATER soaked gives SEAWATER or brine4.52  1  
2717 It comes in waves as we eat rotten, raw starterDef = "It comes in waves"; ASWEEAT* + R[aw]4.52  1  
2919 Knit a sweater all around the Aran Islands?knit is anagram indicator. Aran sweaters are well-known.43 
2925 Plastic waste are the main issue (8)Main issue – Punny Def, Waste are*, Plastic -Anind41 
314 Atlantic's content when Tyler joins Queen after a great dealSEA+WAT+ER30  1  
3127 Sear a wet cod in this?SEAWATER (sear a wet)*32  2  
333 Are trunks at last wet after initially jumping into this?ARESWETA* – extended definition21  1  
337 Briny stuff: sounds like CHOO! (8)Direct = briny stuff. C = sea, HOO = H 2 O = water; sounds like = indicator20  2  
3328 Sound of third conflict leads to terror; enemy rejecting a pacific solution (8)Sound of C + WAR + T + E + R. Solution found in the Pacific Ocean.20  1  
3343 What's in the drink? Befuddled we stare at it disappearing((WESTAREAT) – (i)T)*; "the drink" = "the sea". Chambers give "t" as a contraction of 'it'.21 
3718 It's in the main area west, all over the place.Definition: 'It's in the main' (= the high seas). 'area west' is the anagram. 'all over the place' is the anagram indicator)1.51 
3733 The main component in a sweater's unravelledThe main component = definition; anagram of "a sweater"1.50 
3914 Host independent remote server for main contentSEA(host) + WA(i)TER; i=independent0.51  2  
3939 What is, in the main, dry, with a wet, fluid content?Def. ("what is in the main")/a + wet (anag) in sear = dry0.51 
4110 Expect I left Sibyl outside to read the main contentSE (AWAIT – I) (= expect) ER (Sibyl outside); main content = def..00 
4115 Ingredients in solution irritating wet areas one gets with incontinence.* WET AREAS = SEAWATER. ONE GETS (i.e. one hears) WITHIN CONTINENTS (e.g. Black, Caspian Seas).01  1  
4123 North of Venezuela, parting waves tear around on this (8)#down clue. North of Venezuela is V - Anagram of (WAVESTEAR-V)*. Whole clue is an extended defintion (semi&lit). #down clue – North of Venezuela is V (Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea are north of Venezuela)00