The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2019 competition results

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47 clues entered. 39 votes cast (35 competitors, 4 others).


The most comprehensive winner in a long while – congratulations to Tom for his excellently neat Printer's Devilry clue – one that may merit being used as an example in future PD preambles!
John Tozer grabbed 2nd spot with a good example of a PD clue with some wording that had you wondering why it was there, then of course the undevilment cleverly revealed the reason why!
John Hood popped up in 3rd with another clue that took advantage of the recycling idea – had me wondering just how big Cheshire Council's site is!
Neelima takes 4th place – a first appearance on the podium since that win on debut last year – one of the shortest clues and it is always an impressive achievement to squeeze a PD into such few words.
Satyeh secures the last podium place with a clue that raised a chuckle, although some may question the veracity of the devilled version – no matter, it's a good PD clue!
Well done to all for such an entertaining mix of clues!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
121Tom BorlandGreens are happy to see we cycledGreens are happy to see waste recycled901  7  
223John TozerI, macho man, claimed a Vestal virginI’m a chaste Roman, claimed a Vestal virgin450  1  
38John HoodCheshire Council hasten a Crewe cycling facilityCheshire Council has ten acre waste recycling facility335  3  
432NeelimaPasswords would provide protection (5)Past era's swords would provide protection29.52  3  
54Satyen NabarBoris Johnson's humble in ParliamentBoris Johnson's haste – rumble in Parliament24.51  1  
617Barry SolomonsGoing to polls again will only be papering over the cracks?Going to paste rolls again, will only be papering over the cracks.240  2  
741Luciano WardThough I don't like to boast, this rump of mine is still exquisite!Though I don't like to baste roast, this rump of mine is still exquisite!23.52  1  
838Paul CoulterTabloid covers diss ToryTabloid covers disaster story22.53  1  
937Neil MondalStudents are rewarded with books forming the subject materialStudents are rewarded with books for mastering the subject material202  1  
101Steve RandallA cook wishing to impress will frequently boastA cook wishing to impress will frequently baste roast19.53  1  
1120 Government expects prolonged boom will end prematurelyGovernment expects prolonged "boo" (as ter)m will end prematurely150 
1242 We cycled from Bath reaching Wells in no timeWaste recycled from bath reaching wells in no time142  2  
1316 Going beyond the pale, average satire lands criticismGoing beyond the past era, Leave rages at Ireland’s criticism13.50 
145 Canny drinker wouldn't wedCanny drinker wouldn't wASTE Red; canny in the sense of "sparing in money matters", red = wine12.50 
1418 Good cooks boast frequently.Undevilled version: Good cooks baste roast frequently.12.55  2  
1615 Flash is Ming the Merciless, Emperor of MongoFlash is mastering the merciless Emperor of Mongo. [Ref Flash Gordon]121  1  
1725 In the 80s, football mirrored society – strikers down the pitch, else race-rioting!In the 80s, football mirrored society – strikers down the pit, Chelsea's terrace rioting…112 
1829 My! Is full command over a subject so hard to achieve?Undevilled version: Mastery is full command over a subject – so hard to achieve102  1  
197 Chef’s added wine made Wellington tightChef’s added wine made Wellington taste right9.52 
209 Cook stack of lamb kept in the kitchen (5)Undevilled version Cooks t(ASTE R)ack of lamb kept in the kitchen90 
2136 Some chefs frequently boastSome chefs frequently b/aste r/oast82  1  
2140 The ship has no rumpled sail or speed of fare in the doldrums and can't find their portThe ship has no rum; plastered sailors, peed off, are in the doldrums and can't find their port [fare=travel, poetically; devilled reading poetically refers to a becalmed ship]80  3  
2333 Pro ran awful businessPast error an awful business71  3  
2335 She’s disappointed at the shopping bought instead of diamondShe’s disappointed at the shop: paste ring bought instead of diamond73  2  
256 Chef is more likely to boast in his own kitchenChef is more likely to baste roast in his own kitchen6.54 
262 All they wanted? To-do; wasted!All they wanted to do was taste red60  3  
2713 Ely winds, blowing directly from Siberia, can be frostyEasterly winds, blowing directly from Siberia, can be frosty5.52  2  
2731 One cannot toast chicken after eating mintsOne cannot t(aste r)oast chicken after eating mints5.52 
2745 When chef doesn't boast, join the ends up with dry meatWhen chef doesn't baste roast joint he ends up with dry meat5.52  1  
3014 Fans go wild, races are won, over in under ten secondsFans go wild as terraces are won over in under ten seconds4.51  3  
3144 Wheelchair users often go for speed on M25.Wheelchair users often go faster or speed on M25.40  2  
3146 Without binary code, computers do existAnswer: ASTER, Undevilled version: Without bias, ternary code computers do exist41  3  
333 Angry exchanges over Semites accused of disruptive behaviour.Angry exchanges overseas; termites accused of disruptive behaviour. References Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's antagonistic comparison of Jews and termites.3.51 
3312 Ely wind comes in over the FensE/ly: Easterly wind comes in over the Fens3.53  2  
3347 You'll find a cathedral in the Ely region of England.Undevilled version: You'll find a cathedral in the easterly region of England.3.52  2  
3634 Religious man blows shop harmfullyReligious man blows shophar masterfully (A shophar is a Jewish musical instrument a bit like a bugle)2.50 
3711 'Daisy – Got stuck in terrible north Ely!''Daisy – Got stuck in terrible north-easterly!' (Daisy is the addressee of a ‘message’)11  1  
3726 It became apparent as I raced around many hillsIt became apparent Asia's terraced around many hills11 
3919 Goodwood's aware races fixedGood wood saw area's terraces fixed0.50 
4010 Cut and pound object from trayCut and paste round object from tray02  1  
4022 I love peace, not bomb blast as terror messagesUndevilled version: I love peace, not bombast error messages00  5  
4024 I would donate but alms can make being needy a professionI would donate but alas terms can make being needy a profession00 
4027 Mason at the trial pled no contest — nothing stuckMason at the trial plastered — no contest — nothing stuck00 
4028 Mr Daisy?M(aster) Daisy – Solomon Daisy is a character in Barnaby ruddge00  5  
4030 Office sale. Sale of all laser printers down to the laser.……..laser printers down to the last eraser.00 
4039 The magi calm your nerve – scant praise!The magical mastery our nerves can't praise01 
4043 We do burrow, destroying the ship.Was teredo burrow destroying the ship?00  1