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CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2020 Annual Competition315.5  
October 2020GLORIASuppression of church by oligarch disrupted Christian praise*OLIGAR(CH); def. Christian praise7252  1 
September 2020SEVEN (Printer's Devilry)Many art lovers' choice for a getaway last yearMany art lovers chose Venice for a getaway last year9192  1 
July 2020CAESAREANFired as a cleaner, having left out section in hospital*AS A C(L)EANER; def. section in hospital3350  1 
May 2020ELDERSThe Spanish sun pulls in the German OAPsDER (the German) in EL (the Spanish) + S (sun); def. OAPs3363  2 
April 2020OPENCopenhagen stores free of restrictionsHidden in Copenhagen; def. free of restrictions, ref. Denmark lifting lockdown2343  1 
March 2020WARTIMEArmistice and new order since this?Comp. &lit.: ARMISTICE + NEW = *SINCE WARTIME6283  2 
February 2020ATONEMENTStaff stick together if heads cut compensation(B)ATON + (C)EMENT = staff stick together; def. compensation2372  5 
2019 Annual Competition215.5  
Xmas Special 2019Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)Moan about barren ground, fruit a pale yellow, mangy peach after year spent sprayingCRY (moan) round *BARREN; fruit = cranberry; *MANG(Y) + PEACH; a pale yellow = champagne617.50  2 
September 2019ASTER (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Greens are happy to see we cycledGreens are happy to see waste recycled1901  7 
August 2019STERNUMA bit of breast turns me on*TURNS ME (on = tipsy in C)235.53  5 
June 2019FLUTTERLeft turf without a farthing, this having been misplaced?*LEFT TUR(F); &lit. (f = farthing)527.50  3 
May 2019MERCURYPity about our defaced planetMERCY (pity) about (O)UR; def. planet1451  4 
2018 Annual Competition125.5  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)UK entry rocks, leaving Norway an abject failure*UK E(N)TRY; def. an abject failure; rocks = stones; ref. Eurovision4331  4 
November 2018HUMMINGBIRDDiminutive winger departs after Birmingham settled with United for ace*BIRMINGHAM with U for A, D = departs; def. Diminutive winger1481  5 
October 2018OPAL (PRINTERS DEVILRY)That faded Matisse, it is almost colourlessThat faded mat is so pale it is almost colourless340.51  1 
September 2018JOANNA LUMLEYTaking a spin round Lake, enjoy manual 1970s Avenger (6,6)L (Lake) in *ENJOY MANUAL; def. 1970s Avenger (ref. Hillman/Chrysler Avenger)135.50  1 
July 2018VINDALOOPotential source of runs in Oval ground India loveIND (India) in *OVAL + O (love); def. Potential source of runs724.52  2 
June 2018UNIONSuffering ennui? That's ordinary for English marriageO for E in *ENNUI; def. marriage4584  1 
April 2018SOLITAIREDiamond flogged to Israeli*to Israeli436.51  1 
March 2018SEAWATERWhat leaves wet areas on rigging?*WET AREAS; &lit.1016.55  2 
February 2018DRUNKENNESSDoctor worried nun's knee's being wreckedDR + *NUNS KNEES; def. being wrecked8191  1 
January 2018ARGENTVintage silver car's back in 007's possession?R (car's back) in AGENT (007); def. Vintage silver, ref. Bond's Aston Martin DB71531  2 
2017 Annual Competition350.5  
February 2017FURPHYRumour comic Eddie's to have a sex-changeF for M in MURPHY (Eddie); def. Rumour1017.52  3 
2016 Annual Competition154  
October 2016CHOCTAWConservative Whip keeps this move on iceHOC (this) in C + TAW (whip); def. move on ice10173  3 
September 2016GREASEPAINTGene is a part encoding make-up of character*GENE IS A PART; def. make-up of character821.53  1 
August 2016LAUGHTERUrge halt to work in response to cracks?*URGE HALT; def. response to cracks?4351  4 
April 2016LEONARDO DICAPRIOTitanic player Paolo di Canio erred, losing head when sent off*PAOLO DI CANIO (E)RRED; def. Titanic player; ref 1998 incident in which already dismissed di Canio pushed ref over.529.52  1 
2015 Annual Competition315.5  
Christmas Special 2015a "FIVE GOLD RINGS" wordAfflicted Judea is the setting for very familiar story?DEJA-VU; V=very in *JUDEA; def. familiar story?4361  6 
November 2015LOCK STOCK AND BARRELSome clocks tock and bar relaxation altogetherHidden; def. altogether1490  4 
September 2015SOUNDERIn case of worn-out part, ring plumber?O = ring in SUNDER = (obs.) part; def. plumber?629.51  4 
July 2015POUNCELaunch of predatory leopard?P + OUNCE; &lit.825.52  4 
May 2015MARKET (SPONGE) (WRONG NUMBER)Demand that Primark etc. could absorbHidden in PRIMARK ETC; def. Demand; absorb = sponge8204  2 
April 2015CHOKEYBlock with small yard?CHOKE + Y; &lit.252.50  2 
March 2015DREAMBOATSort of Bardot, incorporating elements of Mae West?MAE rev. in *BARDOT; &lit. (across clue)3311  3 
2014 Annual Competition215  
Christmas Special 2014MOUSETRAP / HERMITAGE (Right & Left)Retreat! He has bamboozled irate mog, but old rogue Tom's a pure menace to JerryHERMITAGE: HE around *IRATE M(O)G; def. Retreat MOUSETRAP: *TOMS A PURE; def. menace to Jerry816.50  1 
November 2014BRIDEWELLWild rebel reformed here?*WILD REBEL; &lit.9172  1 
October 2014CLOSEWith Lidl's opening, Tesco is running out of time around here*L(IDL) + (T)ESCO; def. around here2431  5 
September 2014TASER (Printers Devilry)The court was right to con vicious criminalThe court was right to convict a serious criminal6272  2 
August 2014EATANSWILLLabour wallies adopting Brown, a rotten choiceTAN = Brown in *WALLIES; def. a rotten choice237.50 
March 2014EXCALIBURFabulous strokemaker tops off Crucible max with flourish*(c)RUCIBLE (m)AX; def. Fabulous strokemaker821.52  3 
February 2014REALITY TVSort of trivial telly I'll avoid* TRIVIAL TELLY minus ILL1660  3 
2013 Annual Competition711  
October 2013DOLMADESLad with some onset of dental decay leaves with filling*LAD SOME D; def. leaves with filling3391  4 
September 2013LION-HEARTCapturing rook left one ready to mate championR = rook in L = left, I = one, ON HEAT = ready to mate; def. champion1720  5 
August 2013CRUMBSBroken bread representing Christ!Double def.642.51  5 
July 2013PEAR (Printer's Devilry)For Christmas, to be at the Masses is holyFor Christmas, to beat the masses I shop early451.53  3 
January 2013PIPSQUEAKNothing beats playing QuakePIPS = beats + *QUAKE; def. Nothing724.51  2 
2012 Annual Competition127  
Christmas Special 2012XMAS STOCKING FILLER (2 Defs. + wordplay)Public take tips from chess wizardHEX/MASS; HEX = wizard; MASS = public (adj.); (C)HES(S)1016.52  5 
June 2012ORATES (Printer's Devilry)There is no growth here – shave to be minimalThere is no growth here, so rates have to be minimal545.53  3 
May 2012ROSBIFJibe from the neighbours, if Bros is played?*IF BROS2493  2 
April 2012LIVELONGVolleying out, Murray finally lost in epic marathon?*VOLLE(Y)ING; def. 'in epic marathon?' (in epic = poetic)5352  2 
February 2012BISSEXTILESixties rebel not about to recollect 1960, 1964 or 1968?*SIXTIES (RE)BEL; def. 1960, 1964 or 1968? Ref. 'If you can remember the 1960s, you weren't there'10220  3 
2011 Annual Competition126  
October 2011MOCKTAIL (New Chambers Word)No real punch? Unlikely to claim Klitschko's crown*TO CLAIM K; def. No real punch?335.52  3 
April 2011Anagram of 38 letters (Anagram)Welcome break, rallying nation? "Twaddle", said I4511  4 
January 2011DUVET DAYRay of sunshine? New Dad, yet to take it in, granted time offanag. DAD YET round UV = 'Ray of sunshine?'; def. 'granted time off'525.50  1 
2010 Annual Competition215  
Christmas Special 2010NATIVITY (Letters Latent)Carbon-free energy coming to save us?N; A(C)TIVITY = carbon-free energy, def. 'coming to save us?'2380  4 
August 2010SPELUNKERChambers I discover not keeping on UK personnel, sadly* UKPERS(ON)NEL; def. 'Chambers I discover'; ref. closure of C's Edinburgh office.1900  9 
June 2010Any "Double" Word (6 or more letters) (A Game of Two Halves)Having blown League, Arsenal want shootingACK-ACK; Arsenal; (L)ACK821.50  2 
March 2010MONEY (CLASS) (Wrong Number)Kind of trap where mark's taken for hard cashM for H in HONEY (Kind of trap); def. cash; kind = class10190 
January 2010PALAVERBother — loo’s needed for pee in middle of examLAV for (middle) P in PAPER (exam); def. 'Bother'171.50  7 
2009 Annual Competition155  
November 2009Any FireworkEvil act wherein scoundrel fired revolverCATHERINE-WHEEL; ACT WHEREIN* + scoundrel=HEEL; def. 'fired revolver'263.50  4 
July 2009MENO (Printer's Devilry)Culprits confess to heroin, numerous works of si/nCulprits confess to hero in numerous works of Simenon6300  3 
January 2009TOKAYWhite flower's worn round York, regularlyFlower = TAY round OK = York, regularly; def. 'White'10210 
2008 Annual Competition511.5  
October 2008DOOLALLY (Misprints)Had boring delay on Circle LineDefinition 'Mad'; OOL ('on Circle Line') inside DALLY=delay.821.50  2 
September 2008SWATSStudents working assiduously to secure firstsFirst letters of Students…secure3630  3 
May 2008PHAT (Printer’s Devilry)Blokes might call – 1:00, Mon.Blokes might call 100 mph a ton135.50  3 
January 2008MIRACLEBush remarkably inflamed, for instance, by Liberal America's endless stirringL inside anag. AMERIC(A); def. Bush remarkably inflamed, ref. the burning bush (Exodus)3360  8