The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC October 2018 competition results

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48 clues entered. 41 votes cast (34 competitors, 7 others).


Another closely run contest with some excellent PD clues. Congratulations to David McKie who came out on top – his clue had a rather unsavoury image in the devilled sense, but an incredibly neat and concise construction! That's David's second win of the year and he is pushing hard for the Annual Prize.
Martin Price was a few points back in second place, his clue demonstrating a lovely switch in meaning between the devilled and undevilled versions.
Tom Borland bagged third spot to continue his excellent year and keeping his nose in front for the Annual Prize.
Luciano was another to shop a lot and scooped a third podium in a row – well done Luciano!
Don Manley completes the podium with what was his second top 5 finish in a row – it's up to the rest of you to knock these regulars of their perches!
Thanks to all as usual for the devilish entertainment!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
13David McKieAmerican tourists shot in HarrodsAmerican tourists sh/op a l/ot in Harrods531  2  
21Martin PriceA foreign body entered intestine, causing a hostile reaction.Undevilled version: A foreign body entered into Palestine, causing a hostile reaction.453  1  
339Tom BorlandThat faded Matisse, it is almost colourlessThat faded mat is so pale it is almost colourless40.51  1  
417Luciano WardI shot at coop to get chicken and eggsI shop a lot at co-op to get chicken and eggs312  4  
525Don ManleyMany will curse a motorway idiot, but a traffic cone can stop himMany will curse a motorway idiot, but a traffic cop alone can stop him282  1  
637Barry SolomonsSteak with lots of dripping? It sounds really awful.Stop a leak – with lots of dripping it sounds really awful.250  2  
711Jeff RobinsonDramatist celebrity has diedDrama! Top A-list celebrity has died24.50  1  
712Marion CookEU backs tight Irish border control until UK trade deal reachedEU backstop a light Irish border control until UK trade deal reached24.54  2  
948James McGaugheyWomen shone happily for their husbandsWomen shop alone, happily for their husbands242  2  
1023Peter Hartley It's unseemly to rubbish lover in massage parlourIt's unseemly to rub bishop all over in massage parlour23.50  1  
1024John DoylendJust one cone in the street to stop people parking there.Just one cop alone in the street to stop people parking there.23.52  2  
1234 Roy Rogers wore buckskin but no thongRoy Rogers wore buckskin but not Hopalong, ref. Hopalong Cassidy & RR, both long gone film cowboys232 
1345 Toxic gas released – intestine creates biohazard zoneToxic gas released int/o Pal/estine creates biohazard zone20.50  1  
1426 Many women shone despite being marriedMany women shop alone despite being married19.52  1  
1519 In the corner she's good value, especially if you buy a crateIn the corner shop ale's good value, especially if you buy a crate174  1  
165 Badly designed websites stinkBadly designed websites stop a link15.52 
1629 Offer a song with promise to end austerity after BrexitOffer a sop along with promise to end austerity after Brexit. Ref. – Theresa May's dancing to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" at 2018 Tory Conference.15.50 
1841 The fragrant incense from attar was particularly soothing to the sensesThe fragrant incense from atop altar was particularly soothing to the senses151 
1918 "I sup port" – glowing Kavanaugh in the High CourtUndevilled version: "I support GOP allowing Kavanaugh in the High Court". … I hope non-capitalisation of port is still not a major issue. It is too common now. Cheers!143  1  
2014 Geologically it's ancient, but still popular todayGo paleo – logically it's ancient, but still popular today (&lit)10.50 
2120 In the Wild West showdown, outlaws wore a thong (4)In the Wild West showdown, outlaw swore at Hopalong (Ref: Hopalong Cassidy)9.54 
2240 The book's harm was scarcely perceptible.The bookshop alarm was scarcely perceptible.8.51  1  
239 Cash sways: opens doorsCash sop always opens doors80 
2413 Gallon: GGallop along; ref abbreviations often used in crosswords.7.53  3  
2427 Never would a clown utter "licence to scare kids!"Never would a cop allow nutter licence to scare kids7.52 
262 A son e-hating them all is hot onlineAs one hating the mall, I shop a lot online6.53  1  
2638 Stout from TootingStop a lout from tooting6.50 
2810 Charlie Parker would make a cool bum.Charlie Parker would make a cool bop album. NB: Bop was a radical new jazz music that developed gradually in the early '40s and exploded in 1945. The main difference between bop and swing is that the soloists engaged in chordal (rather than melodic) improvisation63  1  
2916 I dread balloon when one falls flatI drop a lead balloon when one falls flat (one=joke)52 
2930 On the website: "Pink panties for sale"On the website, pop a link: "Panties for sale"51 
2935 She suggested we pong to her friends while we were nearbyShe suggested we pop along to her friend’s while we were nearby51 
3247 Using mail drive promotion of gemstones (4)Using maildrop – a live promotion of gemstones (4)4.51 
3336 Stateroom reservation celebrating an October anniversary (4)St(op a l)ate room reservation celebrating an October anniversary (4) The opal is an October birthstone.41  1  
348 Cameramen who shot "On The Waterfront" (4)Undevilled version: Cameramen who shop a lot on the waterfront (4)3.51 
354 Apply a layer of pastry to steak in the pieApply a layer of pastry stop a leak in the pie30  1  
3542 "The President has a strong side. I'm prudent and well placed! Press the advantage I've been waiting for!""The President has a strop, alongside imprudent and well placed Press. The advantage I've been waiting for!"; devilled: profiting with the President; undevilled: a rival plots to exploit the President's mistake.32 
3544 Toves' allyTo Pa: Love, Sally30 
3821 In the witch's shack of ginger-bread is unforgivable.In the witch's shop a lack of ginger-bread is unforgiveable.10  2  
3831 One satisfied pest ate in a trattoriaOne satisfied pesto palate in a trattoria11 
3843 Tonto's greeting, “Howdy, deface”The Lone Ranger's sidekick might have said “Howdy-do, paleface”'11 
416 Big sidespin arsenal, right? Back Stan Smith for Wimbledon victory.Big sides pin Arsenal right back, stop Alan Smith … for Wimbledon, victory! (Arsenal and England star striker, Alan Smith, played regularly against Wimbledon FC; heavy-hitting Stan Smith won Wimbledon in 1972)0.51  1  
417 By beating to vine list A, Kramnik became undisputed World Chess ChampionBy beating Topalov in Elista, Kramnik became undisputed World Chess Champion0.51  1  
4315 Hong for a foreign commercial establishment in China supplying this gemHop along for a foreign commercial establishment in China supplying this gem00 
4322 In this, a creep is CIA nevermoreIn this acre, Episcopalian evermore00 
4328 Novel switch could charge hand-held in mid-air (4)Undeviled version – Novel’s witch could chop a large hand, held in mid-air. Punctuation changes – Apostrophe after S of switch, to be read as Novel’s witch. hand-held – to be read as hand, held00  1  
4332 Post bum's pictures to show of fearsPost-op album's pictures to show off ears00 
4333 Rode in dromeRodeO PALindrome00  1  
4346 Transport minister molests-…ally starts screaming (4)Undevilled version: Transport minis t(o Pal)ermo lest Sally starts screaming00