The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC March 2020 competition results

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50 clues entered. 40 votes cast (36 competitors, 4 others).


A very tightly contested competition for this one and after a few podium finishes last year Neil Mondal achieves a maiden victory with a simple but highly effective anagram – well done Neil!
Luciano bags second place with a neatly spotted &lit – unlucky to just miss out on the win!
After a fair few months of competing, Peter Hartley makes the podium for the first time with a well-disguised definition. Congratulations Peter!
Satyen has become a regular top five finisher now and takes fourth place with a smooth surface reading.
Just back in fifth place is John Appleton, with a very neat comp.anag.&lit.
Well done to all as ever; here's to everyone keeping healthy and safe in these difficult times – enjoy the diversion of some cryptic clue writing!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
125Neil MondalPeriod of turbulence met with air manoeuvresPeriod of turbulence = definition, (MET W AIR)*390  2  
23Luciano WardA term WWI heartlessly represented?Anag ("re(-)presented") of ATERMWI (WWI heartlessly = WI); &lit.35.52  3  
315Peter Hartley I'm beginning to experience swelling before period under arms.I'M + E + WART (before) = WARTIME. Def: PERIOD UNDER ARMS. Swelling under arms a common period symptom (I believe).34.51  4  
450Satyen NabarWrite a novel about end of Nazism in period of conflict(WRITE A)* around (-nazis)M30.53  3  
532John AppletonSo, this involved two armies?Comp. anag. &lit.; (TWOARMIES)* = SO + WARTIME290  3  
64Tom BorlandArmistice and new order since this?Comp. &lit.: ARMISTICE + NEW = *SINCE WARTIME283  2  
737Anthony NanniniTwo armies ultimately wanting to be deployed now (7)Tw(o) armie(s) = anagram fodder , ultimately wanting = last letters' removal indicator, to be deployed = anagrind, now = definition. Andlit22.55  3  
813Pete MilneGrowth primarily in military expenditure now?WART(growth)+I(n)+M(ilitary)+E(xpenditure). Semi-&lit.221  3  
97John DoylendDays of action merit a world leader becoming involved (7)def: DAYS OF ACTION. anag. MERIT A W19.54  1  
106Alexander AntaoClimbing unprepared, throw out back when arms are raised (7)Climbing: reversed (down clue) | unprepared: RAW | throw out: EMIT (as in "radiators throw out/emit heat") | back: reversed | when arms are raised: WARTIME190  3  
1038Jessica MerchantUtter bloody lies about when we were fighting (7)[EMIT + RAW] < (lies about)190  1  
1226 Primarily when armies return to international military engagementsInitial letters; @lit.17.53  4  
1316 I'm in boiling water – is there a fighting chance?WART(I'M)E (water)*151  1  
1424 Period of hostilities; we arm worried about it returning{WE ARM}* around IT<14.51  1  
1521 My wiretap tails off weirdly when one's called upanag of M[y] WIRETA[p]141  3  
1618 In a display of new art I’m exhibiting an era of destruction.Hidden word; era of destruction (def)130 
1636 Two armies fighting, so it's this?Compound anagram (two armies – so wartime) and semi-lit.130  2  
1819 It’s ——— so two armies mobilise?comp. anag. & lit.11.53  5  
1945 When to keep calm and carry on with stewed Marmite after starter's cancelledW(=with) + (m)ARMITE* anagrind=stewed111  1  
205 Between 1939-45 leading physicists Oppenheimer & co mucked about with atomic poweratomicpower*-poco = wartime100  4  
2043 When Hitler's aimless destruction created this hellishness?WHENHITLERSAIMLESSS anag of WARTIMEHELLISHNESS and lit.100  1  
2233 The Middle East goes after India, following an unwelcome growth in hostilities.I (=India) + ME (=Middle East) after "wart" (an unwelcome growth)/def.9.55  3  
2242 When Hitler threatened us with half of army beatW/AR(my)/BEAT9.52  1  
2444 When it would be unwise to send untrained back-up (7)to send – EMIT, untrained – RAW, back-up – reversal90 
2535 This new art I mean to include in this contentious period.Inclusive "neW ART I Mean"7.50  1  
2617 Immersed in Glasgow art, I’m experiencing a period it's tough to survivehidden71 
2720 Lad shelters in Herts town for duration of conflictLad = Tim; shelters in = containment indicator; Herts town = Ware; for = link word to def; duration of conflict = def.6.52 
2811 English author, we hear, up against the fourth dimension; conflict results.English author Waugh, fourth dimension time.61 
2849 Women are timid at heart? Not, I'd say, when there is conflict (7){W + AR [TIM(-id)] E} Women= W , are = ARE, timid = INSERTION FODDER, at heart = INSERTION IND*. Not = DELETION IND*, I'd = DELETION FODDER, say when there is conflict = DEFN61  1  
3014 I accept me after personal growth in period of conflict(I me) after (wart)51  2  
3027 Release savage revolutionary for period of fighting(EMIT RAW)<53 
3039 Western maritime upheaval I’m not including in the period of the Korean conflict.W + maritime – im (anag) = period of the Korean conflict (def)51  1  
338 Deployed, we arm – it is now no peaceDeployed (anagram indicator), WE ARM – IT is now WARTIME (no peace)4.52  1  
3322 No peace for the wicked – absolutely ridiculous – principally I get confused by this setter (7)(TWAR I)* ME – def no peace4.50 
3348 With broken heart I'm isolating husband in period of combat (7)W (with) + anagram ('broken') of heart im, without h ('isolating husband'). Def. – period of combat.4.50  1  
3629 Send out untrained now? The reverse!Reversal EMIT RAW40 
3741 When battles maybe fought over an extremely bloody period.…over an extremely bloody = RAW/WAR + period/TIME3.50 
3746 Witches and rival tribe introduced, making extravagant entrances with arms raised for a spellFirst letters (entrances) of 'Witches And Rival Tribe Introduced Making Extravagant'. Definition = 'arms raised for a spell'3.50 
3747 With armies silent, ultimately discharged, this has goneanag. incl t less this & lit.3.50 
401 1941-45,for the U.S- it changed in heated surroundings to get peace at last!(7)1941-45, for the U.S is the def/ it* changed as Anagrind in heated is warm,/ surroundings container indicator/ peace at last is E/ war/ti/m/e30 
4034 This chapter is set to be kept in suspension with armistice?(WARTIME(this) C(chapter) IS)* = (W(with) ARMISTICE)*; comp anag &lit30 
422 A fighting chance when giant terrapins roamed the worldDD (terrapins = turtles and large amphibious war transport vehicles)2.50  1  
4323 Paintings I claim to be hiding in empty warehouse while fighting continuesPaintings = ART I claim to be = I am = I'M empty warehouse = W———E1.51  1  
4328 Send Frank back when we need to fight (7)(EMIT + RAW)<<, back is rev indicator, def= when we need to fight1.52  1  
4512 Extent of hostility shocks item following engagement*ITEM(couple) following WAR10  2  
4610 During the period of fighting & revolting we mar it (7)(WE MAR IT)*, anagram-ind: revolting, def: during the period of fighting; Surface reading talks about peace0.50  1  
479 Discharge revolutionary following the end of hostilities, eg 1914-18Discharge (= emit) revolutionary (emit/time); hostilities (= war); TIME [following the end of] WAR = WARTIME; definition = eg 1914-1800  1  
4730 Shed with crude is recovered during battle (7)Reversal of (EMIT(shed)+ RAW (crude) <<<}. Def: During Battle (wartime expenses = expenses incurred in war )00 
4731 Short period immersed in a Scottish spring results from a hostile declarationShort period (TIM-e) immersed in Scottish spring (WARE – Chambers) – WAR_TIM_E – results from a hostile declaration [of war]00 
4740 When armies clash, it's a flaw to broadcast, "Retreat!" as they collideWART sharing T with TIME (emit rev.)00