The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC July 2018 competition results

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54 clues entered. 44 votes cast (42 competitors, 2 others).


This one turned out to be probably the closest competition ever! With a diversity of interesting clueing devices on show the points were spread far and wide. The final outcome was a tie for first place – so congratulations to Nick and Neelima for being the double cream that rose to the top. Nick with a well-disguised definition and Neelima constructing one of the comp. anag. &lits. First time at the top – albeit jointly – for both and in fact a debut entry from Neelima so well done indeed!
Toby was just 2 points back in 3rd and continued his consistent run with his comp. anag. &lit.
A mere 1 point further back in 4th was Vinit, following up his podium finish of last month with another Top 5 spot. Well done!
5th place goes to Allan with the clue that made me (and I suspect others!) chuckle most.
Thanks to all for making it such an interesting contest!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
142Nick SmithSix and dancing, John Curry!VI + AND (anag) + John = LOO. The Olympic star took up skating at 6.333  1  
145NeelimaThis and rice makes one drool in advance (8)Composite anagram, (Vindaloo and rice)* = (i drool in advance)*, def=this, anagram indicator=makes, one=i332  6  
324Toby RobertsonIndian food lover shows constitution of iron, fed this?comp. anag. &lit (indianfoodlover*=ironfedvindaloo, constitution=composition)312  4  
447Vinit WankhedeVery popular curry – old and quintessentially Goan! (8)& lit…. V (very) + IN (popular) + Anagram of OLD+ (g)OA(n). Curry as verb = anagrind. This cross-cultural dish originated in Goa which was then a Portuguese colony.300  4  
519ALLAN SCOTTFirst to visit a lavatory after eating Indian curryv(isit)-Ind-a + loo261  2  
648David McKieVery popular spicy dish, regularly taken "to go"?V + IN + DAL + O + O and lit250  2  
713Jeff RobinsonDiverting via London briefly for hot mealVIALONDO(n)*24.51  2  
738Tom BorlandPotential source of runs in Oval ground India loveIND (India) in *OVAL + O (love); def. Potential source of runs24.52  2  
922Andy SmithHave wind, bloody guts churning from this!Anag of (AV + IN + LOOD). Experiential &lit.191  1  
1051Luciano WardWhat might be very hot served alongside a bit of dhal and potato?V + IN (hot, popular) + D(hal) + ALOO (potato in Indian cooking)18.51  2  
113 Active volcano I'd not climbed originally, it's very hotVOLCANOID* – C183  1  
126 Avoid hint of lemon on cooked dishDefinition is 'dish'. Anagram of AVOID + L (hint of lemon) + ON. 'cooked' is anagram indicator.17.52  2  
1317 Fabulous! I do love no end an Indian curry(I DO LOVe AN)*171  2  
1430 Nice wine, dhal starter and Indian potatoes to accompany this?VIN ("wine" in French, eg from Nice) + D[hal] + ALOO (Indian potatoes); semi &lit.16.51  1  
159 Devotionals set aside in preparation for curryAnag with 'set' subtracted162  1  
1643 So, Oval with India playing — is a ——— on offer?comp. anag.& lit.14.51  2  
1723 Indian curry dish begins with French wine and finishes with Dutch-Hindi potato.Def +vin+d+aloo130  2  
1726 Love hot marinading? This nightmare might result.LOVEHOTMARINADING anag of NIGHTMAREVINDALOO132  5  
1728 Mankad nabs youth backing up and this could be lunch in IndiaLAD reversed (backing up) in VINOO. (VIN DAL OO). Reference to Vinoo Mankad's run out (as bowler) of the backing-up non-striker Bill Brown on 13 Dec 1947 in the second test at Sydney.131  1  
2037 Perhaps Ivan when entertaining date, can make a spicy dish (8)IVAN* (Perhaps Ivan) around (when entertaining) D (date) + LOO (can)121  1  
2152 What's very hot, leaving posterior needing a lavatory?V + [H]IND + A LOO; &lit11.51 
2229 New ovoidal shaped dish.(N OVOIDAL)* def = dish, for ovoidal the Oxford Dictionary gives "(of a plane figure) oval, with one end more pointed than the other".112 
235 Ali G's on the toilet after very hot curry (8)Ali G's on the toilet = in da loo (he used "da" for "the") after very = v at the start + definition10.51  1  
2416 Exotic food: French wine and Dutch potatoVIN + D + ALOO104 
2510 Din around a toilet after very spicy curryV (very) + DIN* + A + LOO; around= anag ind94  1  
2612 Dish to take away is hot – first you need a drink, then a toilet!DISH minus IS H after VIN (wine – see Chambers) then A LOO; tongue in cheek &lit81  2  
2731 Northernmost Estonian island gets spicy Indian curry dish. (8)VAINDLOO (NORTHERNMOST ESTONIAN ISLAND) ANAGRAMS to VINDALOO (INDIAN CURRY DISH).70  5  
2827 Love Island? There is nothing in it after the French left in a tizzy but it can still be hot stuff (8)Anagram of LOVEISLAND + 0 – LES6.50  1  
2839 Retiring boy is into Spanish wine, duck and spicy Indian curryRetiring boy (reversal of lad or DAL) is into Spanish wine (VINO) [that is VIN(DAL)O], duck (O), giving VINDALOO (spicy Indian curry)6.51  1  
2849 Victory in a game inspires England at last (not everyone's hot favourite)d in V in a loo (card game); ref. World Cup; inspire = draw in6.50  1  
3153 Wine bottles old boy returned for an IndianVIN (O LAD<) O …. ((O LAD) returned in VINO) (‘bottles' functions as a verb) ‘Indian’ = Indian meal (informal)5.50  1  
327 Cause of motion from oval window being unlimited?Anag of OVAL+(w)INDO(w). Motion = poo. Oval window = bum hole.50 
3211 Dish, hot (very) Indian potatoV + Ind. + aloo50  1  
3220 Five seek a toilet removing trace of foul curryV + FIND A LOO – F(oul)50  2  
3240 Ruby, oval-shaped, mounted in diamond ring(OVAL)* astride IN D(diamond) + O(ring); def: Ruby (Murray)52  3  
362 A very Indian potato gravy from Goa.(V)very (IND)Indian (ALOO)potato DEF: gravy from Goa. NB. Indian chefs always refer to the sauce as gravy.4.52  1  
371 A hot dish asks for bog-standard wine.Def/"vin de loo" (homophone…ish).45 
3815 Dodgy load of cheap wine going around…Burns the mouth, apparently?VIN(dalo)O…VINO / cheap wine…(anag) load.3.51 
398 Curry: very hot day one's necessaryV+IN(hot/currently fashionable)+D+A+LOO(necessary); curry may keep one cool in hot weather30  1  
3918 Famous Indian cricketer eating food, a Goan dish (8)Wordplay: VINOO (Vinoo Mankad famous Indian all-rounder) around (eating) DAL (a staple food in South Asia) Definition: A Goan dish.30  2  
3932 Number five at the wicket, a young man making a comeback, gets a pairNumber (sometng that numbs) def. five (V), at the wicket = IN, young man = Lad, making a comeback (reverse) = DAL, gets a pair = O,O35  4  
3941 See home-boy that flipping loves hot-stuff!see = v, home = in, boy = lad, that flipping = reversal indicator, loves = 00, hot-stuff = def30  3  
434 After oval windows renovation, cardinals are taken out for a mealanagram of oval windows, removal of cardinals (WWS), definition a meal2.51 
4325 It can be hot, very, India can. One might pass out (8)V(ery) IND(i)A LOO: can=LOO; one might pass out remove 1=I (one of them); def: It can be hot2.50 
4344 Tangy curry dish knocked back belonged to "shampoo" lad Niven.Def + rev in shampOO LAD NIVen (*David Niven affectionately called champagne "shampoo".)2.50 
4346 Upwardly mobile John loves to eat Indian curryJohn-LAV Upwardly mobile (reversal for LAV), loves – OO, Indian – IND, curry – defintion2.51 
4721 "French wine in aged ale"(John Curry) (8)Direct = curry.VIN=French wine;DA=ageD Ale(in = container indicator);LOO=John20  1  
4754 Wine with crushed ladoo is hot stuff (8)VIN=anag. of ladoo (Indian confection, sp. var. of laddu)20  1  
4933 Old boy, back surrounded by Italian wine, is hot stuff (8)O(ld) LAD (back DAL O) in VINO = VINDALOO = hot stuff (food)1.50  1  
5036 Otto's flatus alarmingly leads to Otto's evacuation, shifting this?Otto's flatus (= VIND) + alarmingly leads (= AL) + Otto's evacuation (= OO) = VINDALOO. Def: "shifting this" = "eating or consuming this" (vindaloo, well-known for causing digestive problems). Also, optional: (*this = SH1T).10  1  
5050 Vidal Sassoon used to make spicy dish without sauceVidal Sassoon minus sass (sauce) is anagram fodder / used to make is indicator and spicy dish definition11  3  
5214 Divine curry that is devoured is mostly chilli, we hearDIVINE* (curry – anag ind) – I E (That is – devoured for deletion) + ALOO(-F) (mostly chilly. hp of Chilli)00 
5234 Old people are evicted from camp in North, making room for a W.C. – needed after eating this?VINDOLANDA – (O + LAND$ + A [= are$]) + A LOO; "camp" = "ancient fortified site"$. $ = see Chambers.01  1  
5235 Onion, almost completely fried with a drop of vinegar and stuffed with peas curry (8)Definition : Curry; Anagram of (ONIO(-n)+V) around DAL peas00  1