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CCCWC Christmas Special 2014 competition results

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42 clues entered. 32 votes cast (29 competitors, 3 others).


The Christmas Special was another close contest indeed, with Richard Harvey continuing his remarkable run this year and squeezing home by a single point, his winning clue having a very convincing surface – hearty congratulations!
Commiserations to Dave Parfitt who just missed out in second, but winning the Three Magi battle! (Despite what some may have thought, I had not noticed this apposite anagram of HERMITAGE beforehand!).
Third spot and an inaugural podium finish for Jon – another Three Magi-er – well done, and we can but wonder what your surname is!
Fourth place – and consecutive podium finishes – for Teyrnon with the third Three Magi clue – a consistent finish to the year.
Final podium spot goes to Rod with a very different slant to his clue and rounds off his very respectable first year of competition with CCCWC.
Dave may have just missed out by one point here, but his second placing means that he sneaks up on the rails to snatch the Annual Prize from under the nose of Tom Borland.
So congratulations go to Dave, rising from 3rd place in the 2013 Annual Competition to win the 2014 crown – and commiserations to Tom for just being squeezed out having finished 8th in the Christmas Special, but still a highly creditable result for the year.
Luciano, Richard and Martin completed the top 5 for 2014 – full listings can be accessed via the Results page.
Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all – GOOD LUCK for 2015!!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
114Richard HarveyFrench wine museum surprisingly put medium Rosé with a shoddy cheeseHERMITAGE by double definition (french wine and museum). MOUSETRAP definition "shoddy cheese"; wordplay = anagram of PUT+M(edium)+ROSE plus A.32.50  3  
234Dave ParfittThree Magi ordered retreat: "Stable at centre of our map possibly a deadly lure!"HERMITAGE = THREEMAGI anag.; MOUSETRAP = SET in OURMAP anag.31.52  3  
322JonMuseum recreated "Three Magi" – mixing up some art pieces. It’s quite captivating!Museum – Hermitage, anagram of THREE MAGI. Mousetrap = anagram of UP SOME ART. "It's quite captivating" is a definition of mousetrap.251  2  
433Teyrnon PowellThree Magi on the move for holy refuge fashion route-map with star’s lead – finding Subject of much-played drama.THREEMAGI* ; *ROUTEMAP,S (ref. ‘The Mousetrap’).230  5  
511Rod BeardsFemale sorcerer bottling sex appeal in secluded location prepared Tom a super lure for Jerry?HER MAGE bottling IT; secluded location = defn HERMITAGE / prepared = anagrind, TOM A SUPER anag; lure for Jerry = defn of MOUSETRAP (ref Tom and Jerry)211  2  
642Tim AndersonWine, crab and mature cheese — more at super thrashhermit,age; mo + (at super)* Thrash = a party.18.52  5  
73Anthony NanniniAfter a short time take back some cheese that lady put on with German mature wine (8 8)A short time= mo , take=use, back some = trap (part reversed),cheese= definition that lady = her, put on= follow with, with German= mit, mature=age (vb), wine= definition.172  1  
827Tom BorlandRetreat! He has bamboozled irate mog, but old rogue Tom's a pure menace to JerryHERMITAGE: HE around *IRATE M(O)G; def. Retreat MOUSETRAP: *TOMS A PURE; def. menace to Jerry16.50  1  
915Don ManleyFrom secluded abode three Magi diverted, map's detour configured to avoid Herod's ultimate trickanag., anag less d, ref. Matt. 1:12161  3  
1031Kathy MartinThree magi arranged to present vintage wine; as more put out, cheap cheese is revealed!Three magi anag of Hermitage, an expensive wine. "as more put" anag. of mousetrap, "out" indicates rearrangement, mousetrap slang for cheap cheese151  2  
1135 Three Magi, perhaps, in secluded place that holds animals – strange star up above Bethlehem too, ultimately.HERMITAGE: THREEMAGI*, def = "secluded place"; MOUSETRAP: def = "that holds animals", (STAR UP [abov]E [bethlehe]M [to]O)*.120  5  
1212 For over sixty years, the English play their game lazily in retreat'For over sixty years, the English play' = MOUSETRAP [in its 63rd year of production]; (their game)*=HERMITAGE, def. 'retreat'110  3  
1313 French wine from a Frenchman along with their revolting mature cheese, so mature crackers start to putrefy(M + THEIR)* + AGE/(SO + MATURE)* + P10.52  3  
1317 I'm here suffering end tucking into concealed cottage cheese, perhaps moment to enjoy a gin?Hermitage(concealed cottage); IMHERE* incl TAG(end); Mousetrap(type of cheese); MO(moment)+USE(to enjoy)+TRAP(a gin)10.50  2  
1538 Three magi wandering into shelter excitedly muse with port around a dangerously tempting cheese platterHERMITAGE: (Three magi)*, def =shelter ("into" a superfluous link word for this first clue) MOUSETRAP: (Muse Port)* surrounding (a), def = dangerously tempting cheese platter101  3  
1540 Trick at Augusta: casually play without the gallery, and retreat.Def (mousetrap = trick [N Am inf])/[The] Mousetrap = play (without "the")/def x2: Hermitage art museum, St Petersburg + a place of retreat.102  1  
177 Cheesy contrivance as new opera must retreat from tradition introducing gangnam finallyMOUSETRAP:anag "opera must" Def: Cheesy contrivance HERMITAGE – Heritage(tradition) + M (gangnam finally) Def:retreat9.51 
1710 Every other Christmas morn, geese flutter to a sanctuary upstream round boisterous pigeonhole.letters "hitamrgee"anag=flutter+def(hermitage);upstream+o anag=boisterous+def(mousetrap-*Webster's =a small place:niche)9.50  1  
1721 "Moving star" enticer maps route, haphazardly wandering Magi (Three Wise Men) destination. (Right and Left, (9) each)Rat's (moving star) enticer is a mousetrap, "MAPS + ROUTE" anagram (haphazardly); Anagram (wandering) "MAGI + THREE", Wise men destination is a HERMITAGE.9.50  2  
201 A second posh group complain about boring 'Cheese & Wine' in museumMO + U + SET + RAP = mousetrap (boring cheese) DD for hermitage91  3  
205 Cheddar's celebrated mystery play relocated three Magi in sanctuaryM: 2 defs, see C for Cheddar, & Christie play; H: three magi*91  3  
2025 Retreat for three magi cooking this cheese, perhaps? Most use cheaper European varietyRetreat = def; anag three magi. Comp anag mousetrap cheese ~ most use cheaper E90  3  
2328 Retreat rook in the game (losing knight)- moving piece back after shy guy's American gambitHermitage/mousetrap 1. Def = retreat (r in the game – n)* moving = AnagInd. 2. Def = Am. gambit shy guy = mouse; Piece back = part<8.51  1  
2418 Internal memo: Use trappers hideout; destroy their gameMousetrap = Hidden; Hermitage = double definition (straightforward def = hideout + anagram of 'their game'); surface reads as gamekeeper's anti-poaching memo80  3  
2526 Retreat from their game, most are upset- Hard cheese!Retreat- Hermitage. from- Anagrind. their game- Anag.fodder. Hard cheese- Mousetrap Anag.fodder- most are up. Anagrind- set70  1  
2639 Timid person sending back portion from inferior cheese, renewing her image ultimately beat a retreat1)MOUSETRAP: MOUSE(timid person) + reversal of PART(portion); def: inferior cheese// 2)HERMITAGE: (HER+IMAGE+T)*; renewing = anag ind; def: a retreat// Seamless join without connector6.50  2  
2723 Not the Agatha play! Cheese and wine party of one alone with time.THE MOUSETRAP (not the) HERMIT (party of one alone) AGE (with time)60  1  
282 A wine grand in tradition, a most pure sort, much sought-after when it's improved in the woodM (1000) in heritage; anag., ref. "If a man can … make a better mousetrap … though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door"5.52  3  
2919 Jerry passes here being mellow after island retreatJerry (mouse) passes (dies) here (in a mousetrap) being (it) mellow (age) after island (Herm) retreat (hermitage)51  1  
3024 "Play a Course with Tiger" – sides plan out retreat to improve their gameM(OUSE+TigeR)AP; HERMITAGE (their game)*4.50  1  
3041 Tune up maestro: play around with Rachmaninoff's fifth and start to improvise, gaining ticket to enter Russian arts and culture sceneMOUSETRAP = 'play' = an anagram (tune = adjust) of UP MAESTRO / HERMITAGE = 'Russian arts and culture scene' = HERE (about) containing (with … to enter) [Rach]M[aninoff] + I[mprovise] + TAG (ticket).4.50  2  
3220 Male chases her with sex appeal and mature wine or teams up drunkenly for ropey cheeseHER + M + IT + AGE/ OR TEAMS UP*40  1  
334 Buddhist Lord is after an agreement to ensnare American model – a girl he met, left alone in a monk's quarters.Buddhist Lord = SETRAP , ( not in Chambers but easily referenced from any source on Buddhism ); agreement = MOU ; to ensnare American = def of Mousetrap. Model* A GIRL HE MET – L ( left alone ) >> HERMITAGE = a monk's quarters.3.51  3  
3430 This, Hamlet said's, a mystery, where we alone have to work things outThis, Hamlet said's, a mystery – MOUSETRAP; where we alone have to work things out – HERMITAGE2.50  4  
3437 Three magi supply the woman’s child with precious metal in an isolated spot while outside the mother eats up decaying food fit only for verminspot/while; HERMITAGE: two wordplays (THREEMAGI* ('supply' = in a supple manner) & HER (MIT(AG)E) ('with…in' indicates inclusion)); MOUSETRAP: MOTHEREATSUP anag aside from (outside) THE2.50  2  
366 Cheesy art up some fashionable museum has a legacy attracting millions.cheesy/mousetrap =(anag)art up some…Hermitage Museum……her(m)itage…heritage/legacy…m/millions1.51  1  
368 Distraught, three magi retreat as limitless Herod put mark on Bethlehem ensnaring stratagem (9,9)(THREE MAGI)*; (AS [H]ERO[D] PUT M(ARK))* (on=drunk); Ref Massacre of the Innocents; Bethlehem (Pennsylvania et al.) here is the US indicator for second definition1.50  3  
3836 Three Magi planning a retreat manoeuvre, make route maps (9/9)THREEMAGI*/Def- Retreat ; ROUTEMAPS* /Def- Manoeuvre. Make as in shuffle (cards). Ref to the three magi returning by alternate route to avoid Herod.12  2  
399 Drink in allure manifest in bust come to maturity, a hint of seduction in a pout recalling role in famous West End showHERMITAGE Def.: Drink (ie, the wine). IT inside (HERM + AGE) / MOUSETRAP Def.: “famous West End show”. S(eduction) inside MOUE + PART (rev.)00  2  
3916 Holy place runs nightclub of ill repute!Holy place = hermitage, nightclub of ill repute = mousetrap, runs = link word.00  4  
3929 Rodent catcher gets me rat soup somehow for a mile in legacy of a secluded homeAnagram (me rat soup) = MOUSETRAP = Rodent catcher a mile (M) inside legacy (HERITAGE) = HER(M)ITAGE HERMITAGE = secluded home00  3  
3932 Three Magi deviously retreat to ensnare drunken tramp in river? On the contrary(THREE MAGI)* = HERMITAGE, def: retreat; OUSE (river) in (TRAMP)* = MOUSETRAP, def: to ensnare00  4