The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2021 competition results

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64 clues entered. 48 votes cast (42 competitors, 6 others).


A tricky word to clue resulted in a very close-run competition. Just edging into first place is Tom Borland, his second win of the year which also puts him into first place in the annual competition (also a close-run thing!). Well done to Tom.
Second spot, just a point and a half behind, is Steve Randall, his 3rd podium of the year, with a very similar wordplay to the winner that he incorporated into and &lit.
Back in 3rd, Simon Griew continued his recent run of form, employing the good old "on vacation" in his fine effort.
Richard Saunders returns to his form of early 2021 to snatch 4th spot, with a nicely disguised definition and keeps the pressure on for that annual prize as we enter the final few furlongs.
Finally in fifth place is another returning to his early season form – Steve Hicks grabs his third podium of the year with a rather sneaky definition in his clue. Steve is also one of those jostling for the 2021 overall honours.
Thanks to all entrants and judges as ever for keeping the competition healthy and good luck with YO-YO!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
116Tom BorlandExpert guide deployed on recce round islandI (island) in *ON RECCE; def. Expert guide391  2  
256Steve RandallSource of information on recce trips?I+ON+RECCE* &lit37.54  4  
315Simon GriewEscort used when touring Nice or Crete on vacation? (8)(NICE OR C[ret]E)*; when touring = anagrind; semi &lit351  4  
455Richard SaundersSort of religious instruction once found in church guideRI ONCE * in CE. Definition: guide302  1  
53Steve HicksA shower around noon regularly interrupted recce I organisedDef: A shower around (i.e. someone who shows people around). nOoN inside anag(RECCE I). recce=reconnaissance (military slang)291  6  
645Satyen NabarNice core exercises in guide(NICECORE)*261  4  
750Vinod RamanPerhaps concierge's no good as a guide (8)CONCIERGE* minus G, def:GUIDE21.53  2  
81Alastair Gerrard100-1 shot? Encore! She'll be leading the Tour (8)C (100) + I (1) + ENCORE* anagrind = shot (=ruined/exhausted). Definition = "She'll be leading the Tour". Ref: WTA Tour and Emma Raducanu's unlikely US Open win213  2  
921Adam VellenderGuide hag around rocks (8)CRONE around ICE (diamonds=rocks)20.51  1  
958Joe ReesTour Guide 101: on vacation choose right one (8)"tour guide"; 101=CI; on vacation choose=CE; right=R; one=ONE20.53  2  
1140 In Arctic ice, Ron encountered a guide (8)Hidden word, def = a guide19.54  2  
1253 Shower of diamonds filling bagShower = def; of = link(as in composed of); diamonds filling bag = ICE inside CRONE193  1  
1359 Tour guide can become egocentric when plied with gin and tonicplied = anagram indicator; gin and tonic = G and T; word for tour guide + G + T anagram to EGOCENTRIC; answer = *[e(G)ocen(T)ric]18.50  2  
147 Busy concierge ignores Girl Guide (8)Anagram (busy) of CONCIERGE – G (girl). Def : Gude182  4  
1425 Guide old woman over frozen water (8)Guide- def , old woman – crone around ice (frozen water)181  2  
164 "At the Prado, none may enter theatre," he informs the touristsCI(CERO)NE [Sp. "none" and "theatre"]172  6  
1662 Tourists’ leader on 101 scores four from bouncer and a singleCI + (boun)cer + one; ref. Test cricket; score = delete170  2  
189 Conductor ruined concert (i.e., out of time)Anagram ("ruined") of CONCERT I.E. without T (as in "to run out of time"). "Conductor" is definition.16.51  4  
1852 Shower curtain’s opening with hero getting top slashed in cinema (but not the mother!)C(urtain) + (h)ERO in CINE(ma). Shower = someone who shows. Surface is plot summary of Hitchcock’s Psycho (apologies for spoilers)16.53  2  
2042 Lithuania omitted from dodgy electronic guideDodgy = anagrind. ELECTRONIC – LT = Fodder. Guide = definition14.50  2  
2112 Courier once directing our outing[C(our)ier once]* &lit.141  4  
2233 Guide’s upset: No ice cream till morning sadly(NO ICE CRE)* GUIDE = def12.51  6  
235 Bamboozled concierge loses a thousand dollars to tourist guide.(CONCIERGE)* – G11.52  1  
2319 Guide disturbed cornice near summit of Everest(CORNICE)* + E11.51  3  
2361 Tourist guide takes old woman around reserve (8)Tourist guide = C(ICE)RONE, old woman = CRONE, reserve = ICE (coolness of manner, Chambers)11.52  2  
2620 Guide divers on island reccedivers = anagram indicator, (ONIRECCE)*111  5  
2730 Guide wandering close to the corniceDirect: guide. Wordplay: [E (close to thE) + CORNICE]* indicated by wandering101  2  
2814 Erotic acting, it's ignored in film guide[EROTIC* = CEROit – it] in CINE [film]91  2  
2935 He might point to an exotic cornice (8)Anag. semi &lit. CORNICE*+E(point)81  3  
2949 One with concrete plans, taking out tourists primarily (8)& lit: One with concrete plans = (I+CONCRETE)*, taking out tourists primarily = -T i.e. ICONCRE(-T)E*80  2  
2960 Tour guide’s drugs in old bagICE in CRONE82  1  
3236 How to serve gelato right? Here's a guideICE (a portion of ice-cream) + R in CONE7.51  4  
3322 Guide ice cream’s second portion into cornetC{ICE+[c]R[eam]}ONE. cream's second portion=R; cornet=CONE6.51  1  
3334 Having seen off guests early on, versatile concierge becomes what?Anagram of CONCIERGE minus G(uests); implied definition6.52  3  
3526 Guide old woman without coatC(ICE)RONE.5.50  1  
3529 Guide to really cool stuff found in old bag (8)Guide =definition To really cool stuff = ICE (v) Contained in Old bag = CRONE5.54  3  
3747 Old woman eating gelato is a tour guide (8)C{ICE}RONE / tour guide = def50  1  
3764 Tully, the Roman docentTully = Marcus Tullius CICERO, docent (def)50  3  
3951 Religious painting in church, capturing our first lady, gets a knowledgeable guideReligious painting in church = icon inside CE (church); capturing = containment indicator; our first lady = ER ('first lady' in UK); gets = link word to def; a knowledgeable guide = def.4.52  2  
4028 Guide shows club round church in central GloucesterClub=Iron round C.E. all inside [Glou] CE [ster]. C(I(C.E.)ron)E41  2  
4046 Old woman collecting money for guide (8)Old woman = crone , collecting = insertion indicator, lolly = ice ,C(ice)rone + definition40  3  
4063 Travelling circle getting left abandoned needs one?anag less L + one & lit42  2  
4327 Guide rice once mashedAnagram of rice once30  3  
4432 Guide's diamonds concealed by old womanDef=Guide; diamonds=Ice; old woman= Crone; Ice hidden in Crone = C ice rone2.50  1  
4437 I knew where to find the local places where rice once was cultivated (8)Anagram of RICEONCE2.51  2  
4610 Cone filled with ice cream (sans ground mace) for tour guideCONE "filled with" ICE+cReam ("without ceam" – "ground mace") = CICERONE; definition is "tour guide"20  1  
4631 Guide wild rice into ice-cream container (8)Guide – def, wild rice – ICER, into – insert into, ice-cream container – CONE C(ICER)ONE20  4  
4648 One circle assembled taking first of lectures from one making interesting points*ONE+CIRCLE less L21  1  
496 Big fish (term for chairman) in French company's to conduct guided tourCERO + [chairma]N in CIE1.52  2  
4917 Guide at the Natural History Museum, perhaps dropping aitches: "Chic 'eron, eh?"Definition is "Guide at the Natural History Museum, perhaps". Drop aitches from CHICERONEH.1.51  3  
4938 Ice cream sandwiches in freezer for tour guide (8)ice cream = CONE (defn 5 in chambers) around freezer = ICER (one who ices)1.50  3  
522 A guide for the beer sommelier?Double def.: Cicerone as a guide who gives information about places of interest to sightseers and cicerone as a beer sommelier who works in the hospitality and alcoholic beverage industry as a specialist in the service and knowledge of beer10  3  
538 Circe, transforming, required a guide(CIRCE)* + ONE. Def. Guide. Ref. Sorceress Circe who transformed companions of Odysseus into swine0.50  1  
5311 Courier almost coerced during drug withdrawal breakdownAnag of COERCEd (-d) + IN (durINg minus drug); Anagrind = breakdown; def = Courier (in the sense of travel guide)0.50  1  
5313 Eric playing cornet without showAnagram ERIC, CONE around (“without”); show – definition (guide as verb)0.50  1  
5318 Guide captain in charge east, or back another directionGuide = definition; captain = C, in charge = IC, E, or back = RO, another direction = NE0.50  3  
5344 Museum guide at the entrance to gallery confused for concierge (8)Museum guide: CICERONE (and definition) at the entrance to gallery: G confused: anagram indicator for concierge: anagram of CICERONE + G leads to CONCIERGE0.51  1  
5823 Guide in charge replacing leaders of hotels and parks (8)Guide = definition (semi &lit) and also = CHAPERONE + IC – HAP (in charge replacing leaders of Hotels And Parks)00  2  
5824 Guide in Rome could be Marcus Tullius?CICERONE = CICERO? in Latin. MARCUS TULLIUS = CICERO.00  5  
5839 Ice-cream cone came awry, wrecking tourist's experienceICE CREAM CONE minus letters of CAME anagram; & lit00  2  
5841 Incorrect guide or turgid one?Incorrect + guide (or*) = turgid + cicerone00  2  
5843 Measure of type, not once a guideCICERO + NE01  3  
5854 Soldier, Queen and I need guidance.Soldier (CIC), Queen (ER), I (ONE)00  2  
5857 Top Roman capital guide taking tour round centre of Trevi?ice + R(ome) in con 4 + (Tr)e(vi) & lit. Ice/top = kill. Trevi = district of Rome00  1