The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC February 2014 competition results

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58 clues entered. 45 votes cast (39 competitors, 6 others).


This month's leaderboard has a slightly different look to it, although our winner previously topped the list as recently as last September. Congratulations to Tom on succeeding in the "trivial telly" battle! Equally, commiserations to Simon on just missing out – his maiden victory here can't be too far away!
Deserved reward for Kathy's regular efforts with a 3rd place – I make that her 4th different podium finish – just the elusive 1st to complete the set now!
Well done Bhalchandra, who achieved 4th spot, celebrating his first anniversary of clue entries with a first podium!
The final placing went to Alastair – another new name on the podium – welcome and congratulations!
As always, thanks to all for your efforts – and I hope there is some encouragement here for you to aim for those top slots!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
134Tom BorlandSort of trivial telly I'll avoid* TRIVIAL TELLY minus ILL660  3  
239Simon ShawThis I'll fancy constitutes trivial tellyComposite anagram & lit.460  4  
35Kathy MartinBizarre try at live entertainment?"bizarre" indicator for anag.32.51  3  
414Bhalchandra PasupathyFly-on-the-wall shows generally blend art with levity(art+levity)*31.52  1  
511Alastair SkeneContrived, vile try at airing daily life?&lit "Contrived" indicates anag. of "vile try at"; definition "airing daily life" but also whole clue,27.51  3  
631Luciano WardShows like Big Brother corrupt laity with time, clergyman claims[LAITY T anag] in REV (clergyman)260  2  
712Steve RandallDemonstratively evicting bad guys enlivened Big Brother perhapsDefinition: Big Brother perhaps Wordplay: (demonstratively – demons)* (enlivened)230  2  
722Vinit WankhedeMany view it as totally hollow and vile art form! (7,2)TY+VILETART *231  1  
949Margaret IrvineUnfortunate try at live broadcast?anag, unfortunate as anagrind, broadcast as def22.51  3  
109Dave ParfittBroadcasting of vile and tarty characters?VILE + TARTY all anag. & lit.223  3  
1113 Diabolically evil tyrant lacking direction could be Big Brother (7,2)Diabolically – anagrind of 'evil tyrant'- anagram fodder, lacking – deletion indicator of direction (n)orth, could be Big Brother – definition20.52  5  
127 Broadcast tat, verily?anag. & lit.16.54  1  
1238 The Mole, say, and Badger, live with RattyliveRatty*; The Mole was a 2001 reality TV show.16.51  5  
1446 Truth's top of thoughtcrimes against Big Brother, saytruth=REALITY + T(houghtcrimes – written as one word in '1984') + against=V – and BB is a genre example162  1  
1550 Vandalised tyre with vital footage recorded on a security camera?Anag. tyre + vital.15.50  1  
1625 Popular entertainment that's manipulated, tarty – and live?TARTYLIVE*. tarty: "vulgar, cheaply and blatantly provocative" (Chambers)152  1  
1727 Production of, oddly, least verity?&lit: (L[e]A[s]T VERITY)*. Refers to the ironic façade/lack of reality in so many of these shows.140  2  
1852 Verily, tat is broadcast as popular entertainment.Verily tat > Reality TV – is broadcast* , popular entertainment = def.13.55  1  
1928 Programme about authentic Italian young transvestites?REAL + IT + Y + TV130  2  
2057 Where you'll often see wannabe celebs at live broadcast try to get involved?(anag)…at live/try12.51  2  
2136 Tarty, vile broadcast?(TARTY VILE)* &lit. (Arguably a subjective view of the genre, but surely befitting fare such as The Only Way Is Essex!)10.52  2  
2219 LCD television setCryptic Def: LCD = lowest common denominator & 'set' = group/genre.9.52  3  
2351 Vary title; recast show!vary title (recast= anag), show (defn: to present (a play, film, etc.).90  2  
243 Alt.verity broadcast?Anagram &lit.; alt.verity coined in the manner of, alt.rock etc. See alt.2 in Chambers80 
2516 Ill with this could be as a result of wretched trivial tellyComp anag. ILL + REALITY TV > TRIVIAL TELLY70  1  
261 A show that's an evil try at entertainment?Def. show and entertainment and anag"evil try at" for Reality Tv6.50  2  
2610 Cavorting attractively but lacking almost all diplomacy – a route to celebrity?Anagram of ATTRACTIVELY (cavorting the indicator) minus TAC (but lacking almost all TACT = diplomacy). Definition: a route to celebrity?6.51  2  
2817 I'm a celebrity, get me out of special relativity! (7,2)An allusion to a famous example of the genre, and also an instruction to get me (I) out of an anagram (special) of RELATIVITY62  2  
2844 True lives on the box; contrived art combined with frisky levityART* + LEVITY*60  1  
308 Broadcast with demons being exorcised demonstratively could be thisanag less demons &lit5.50  2  
3054 Very popular Channel 3 programmes with trashy coverageREAL+I(TrashY) TV (& lit.) [real = very, in popular usage]5.50  1  
3220 Levity art form?Anag & lit; levity=trivialty50  2  
3355 Vile and tarty broadcast?&lit (vile tarty)*4.53  2  
344 As seen in live broadcast with ratty characters?Anagram of LIVE RATTY indicated by broadcast41  1  
3437 The Jersey Shore, not O.C., Travelocity screwed up (7,2)"Jersey Shore" is an example of REALITY TV and (TRAVELOCITY – OC) ANAGRAMMED is REALITY TV40  1  
3448 Tyre changing overwhelms the greatest cross-dresser in television genre.Tyre changing overwhelms the greatest = RE[ALI]TY; Cross-dresser = TV (transvestite). Def = in television genre (in = popular). Surface alludes to the type of reality TV that removes celebrities from their comfort zones.40  1  
3721 Live try at acting actually taking place (7,2)direct = actually taking place. live try at = anagram of reality tv (acting = indicator)3.51  1  
3745 True soap opera brought to light in a very tense bust uplit in anag. of a very t3.50 
3756 Vile tarty broadcast?Anagram and &lit3.53  1  
4032 Shows the ordinary & everyday travel chaos around city from 2 till 4.'Shows the ordinary & everyday' (def) : travel (anag) around (c)ity (2nd to 4th letters)30  2  
4035 Tarty live broadcastanagram &lit32  3  
4053 Veritably awful broadcast initially cancelled. Time needed instead for Extreme Makeover (7 2)Veritably = anag fodder , awful =anag indicator , broadcast initially cancelled= remove b, Time needed instead = add t, Extreme Makeover = definition30  1  
4323 Obnoxious tat, verilyAnag. 'tat verily' & lit.2.53  3  
4358 Without any scripts, this programming textbook leaves beginners with a very poor grasp of the subject!def: Without any scripts, this programming / wordplay: (T[extbook] L[eaves] + A VERY)* containing IT (the subject — either "Information Technology," or if you prefer simply "it," i.e. the subject at hand)2.50  1  
4518 Irately reformatted preset programmes.Anag (irately) before "set" (= TV)/def.21  2  
4633 Some entertainment programming gone viral yet? Tory leader’s hooked!Anagram of "viral yet" + T (= leader of Tory).1.52 
4640 TILT: a very daft kind of show(Tilt a very)*1.51  2  
4815 Froth arising from 7-Up? About a litre yet to be emptied into channel.About = RE, A litre = A L, Yet to be emptied = YT, Into = position indicator, Channel = ITV, RE-AL- IT-Y T-V. Cryptic definition – 7 Up was the first ever reality TV programme, and could therefore be said to be responsible for creating the 'froth' (Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity, etc) that followed.13  1  
4847 Try at live programming with oxymoronic “Life Scenarios" (7,2)try at live*/programming=anagrind /definition: oxymoronic life scenarios"10  2  
5026 Possibly objective means of viewing people? (7,2)'Possibly objective'=(type of)REALITY as in 'objective reality' [] and objective='the lens or combination of lenses forming the image in a camera' [Collins] ; 'means of viewing people'=TV; the whole clue=definition (&littish)0.51  1  
5041 Trailblazing and yet very watchable?This is not a strict Ximenian clue. It's not in the style of the Times but in the style of the Guardian. You know, that's where unofficial = Kofi Annan. Semi&lit. (trail + yet +v)*; blazing = anagrind; watchable = def, and the whole clue is the def.0.50  4  
522 "About time" admits ageing fighter with yen to box; "Last man standing?"RE(ALI)T + Y(yen) box = TV. Last Man Standing is a BBC Reality TV series.01  1  
526 Broadcast essentially titillates with very little learning to be taken away (9, two words)[(ti)TILLAT(es)VERY]*-L. "little" = a little bit of.00 
5224 Phoney live ratty time-waster.anag(phoney)+def00  1  
5229 Semi-informative yet trivial broadcast.anagram = "yet triv(i)al" (semi-informative indicates half the i's), anagrind = broadcast; &lit00  2  
5230 Show live ratty broadcast (7,2)Anagram of LIVE RATTY indicated by broadcast. 'Show' is the definition01  1  
5242 Trevor, shaken, has no alternative but to cover Italy riots in fly-on-the-wall documentary (7, 2)Trevor = fodder 1 No alternative = minus "or" Shaken = anagrind 1 Italy = fodder 2 Riots = anagrind 2 Fly-on-the-wall documentary = def00  2  
5243 Trivial (one's not involved), yet broadcast(TRIVIAL minus I + YET)*. Ai = broadcast00  1