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CCCWC October 2020 competition results

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60 clues entered. 51 votes cast (45 competitors, 6 others).


Hearty congratulations to Jeff Robinson! A long time competitor who has now achieved a first win – a silky smooth surface to his clue.
Second spot went to Teyrnon who had the same ORIGINAL (minus IN) idea, and also another lovely surface.
It's that man again in third – Steve Randall with some nifty wordplay nets his 7th podium finish out the the 10 competitions so far this year – incredible consistency!
Subtractive anagrams seem to be the order of the day, as John Appleton bags his second podium of the year in 4th place.
Terry Neale bucks the podium trend with a straightforward anagram that hits the spot – 5th spot!
Thanks to everyone as always, no time to dwell on past glories as we dive into SUBMARINE…

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
122Jeff RobinsonFashionable cut from original woven fabricORIG(in)AL* [Chambers 2.3. for fabric]65.51  4  
211Teyrnon PowellA Song of Praise missing in original broadcastORIG(-in)AL*45.51 
351Steve RandallSorting marigold borders out forms part of the service[m]ARIGOL[d]*382  3  
456John AppletonTwo-thirds of algorithm revised as it goes over one's headALGORI*; gloria = halo, hence going over one's head.350  1  
540Terry NealeOil and rag needed for restoring part of saintly imageOil and rag needed = indicating anagram fodder (oil + rag); for restoring = anagram indicator; part of saintly image = definition ( gloria = halo)32.52  1  
643Tony HarkerRain galore might be scattered near this.RAINGALORE anag NEARGLORIA: GLORIA=fabric used for umbrellas.281  2  
737Nathan TownshendMatt Hancock's trackers all starting to abandon faulty algorithm – Hallelujah!Matt Hancock's trackers all starting = MHT deleted from ALGORITHM*252  1  
752Tom BorlandSuppression of church by oligarch disrupted Christian praise*OLIGAR(CH); def. Christian praise252  1  
936Alexander AntaoMass number of unstable atom is large, team's worked out (6)Cryptic definition [number = song] | (ATOM IS LARGE)* [unstable] – TEAMS* [worked] | Surface: nuclear chemistry24.50  3  
1044Paul CoulterRevolutionary broadcast on Labour's goals starts mass movementGoals+Labour's+On+RIA (full rev.)230  2  
1121 Famous song a girl composed about love(AGIRL)* around O22.50  1  
1218 Ecclesiastical praise from church is shunned by unorthodox oligarchAnagram of oligarch minus ch = abbrev. for church. Def. 'ecclesiastical praise'.221  2  
1329 Hymn regularly written up in Xavier college (6)Reversed alternate letters {regularly written up in …}: (-x)A(-v)I(-e)R (-c)O(-l)L(-e)G(-e)<<.19.53 
143 A girl – a girl crazy about love (6)Def: A girl; AGIRL* around O, "crazy" being the anagrind161 
1532 Largo Ibert first composed for part of MassLargo + i (Ibert first) composed (anag. ind) = part of Mass (def)15.51  1  
1624 Flying Loganair, one essentially is masked for CoronaLog(an)air, anag.; ref. Glasgow based airline Loganair; Corona virus; essentially = in the middle14.50  5  
1733 Latin original lost in translation.Def: Latin. ORIGINAL less IN = Gloria. (Translation *)12.51  1  
1741 One absorbed by largo playing church hymn{LARGO around I} anagram12.53 
191 80s pop song from original 'in/out shake it all about'80s pop song = Gloria (Laura Branigan). Anagram of ORIGINAL minus IN (shake it all about = anagrind)11.51  1  
2031 Inside the ice house hot air is a blessing (6)(i)GLO(o) + (air)*113  3  
2145 Ring a girl up – this one?anagram of O A GIRL100 
222 A couple from Gladstone, Oregon, Iowa, or part of MassA couple from Gladstone = GL; Oregon = OR; Iowa = IA. Def = part of [the Latin] mass (cap added for misdirection). (Note Gladstone *is* a city in Oregon)9.52 
227 A girl tragically torn apart by love for a girl (6)AGIRL* split by O9.50 
2225 Girl with a ring, perhaps?Anagram of GIRL+A+O(ring). Double definition.9.51  1  
2255 This song starts to ostensibly laud God heavenwards[down clue] Song = AIR. Starts to… O, L, G. Heavenwards (going up). Semi &lit (This…) . Ref. 'Glory to God in the highest…' (Gloria in excelsis Deo) is the start of the Gloria.9.51  3  
265 A girl , disgraced hides love for another girl (6)A Girl * , disgraced anagram indicator , around O , def- another girl90 
2650 Song – often lauding God’s advents – in crescendo (6)#Down_Clue. ( AIR(song) + O,L,G acrostic )all reversed (in crescendo is the indicator) . Def: &lit92  2  
288 A girl upset without love? (6)O in (AGIRL)*8.51  1  
2848 Running out of church, crooked oligarch bears religious symbolAnagram of OLIGAR(ch) (ch = church); 'bears' = 'produces' re answer8.51 
3010 A prayer’s needed with test ‘n’ trace shambolically contributing to escalating R rate – this one?Comp anag &lit: A GLORIA TEST N TRACE -> TO ESCALATING R RATE70 
3030 I may interrupt examination when bottom lifted by Gynaecology's head woman(Down clue) G(ynaecology) + I in LORA (=ORAL with L moved from bottom up)72  2  
3047 Ring girl about a dress material(O GIRL)* A, def = dress material70 
3315 Beginning of godly state follows my prayer (6)G(odly) IA = state (Iowa) follows LOR =my; Prayer = definition6.53 
3358 Walk round lake and valley in a splendid circleL in go + ria (a drowned valley)6.52 
356 A girl on the run without loveAnagram of A GIRL and O (love); &lit, anagrind 'on the run' is probably a bit of a stretch but it's from the first line of 1980s Laura Branigan hit Gloria60  1  
3534 Log tossed into turbulent air in this hurricanelog & air anag. Ref Hurricane Gloria which caused damage and loss of life in Eastern USA in 198560  1  
3539 Object of philosophical musing while passing noisy ailing van (6)Noisy ailing + van => sic[k] Transit; object of musing = sic transit GLORIA60  1  
389 A girl with nothing on but a halo(AGIRL+O)* Anagram indicator: "on" (= "about" and "on the way to being drunk" (Chambers)). Definition "a halo".51 
3817 De Janeiro gal mixed-up womanDe Janeiro = Rio + gal (anag (mixed-up) = woman (def)50  1  
3857 Van originally delivered this in pieces. It was something out of the ordinary (6)Much covered song – originally delivered (ie sung – also composed) by Van Morrison (when in the band Them), wherein the name is spelled out G-L-O-R-I-A – hence the hint "in pieces". The Gloria is part of the mass – also known as the Ordinary when not a special one (eg Requiem etc). Apparently it's OK not to capitalise "ordinary" in that context.51  3  
4142 Psalmist's swansong, possibly endless?The gloria concludes the performance of a psalm; Gloria Swanson(g).4.50 
4227 Good men having trouble about accepting a haloG L(OR)IA; G-good, OR-men(other ranks), inside rev of AIL-trouble; def: a halo43 
4249 She's aptly named to set out goal covering biblical teachings.Gloria = Hymn of praise..Glo(RI)a…Goal (anag)..RI = Religious Instruction.40 
444 A girl, character featured once in pop hitanag. incl. o & lit., ref. Laura Branigan's 1982 record3.52 
4513 Alias girl with a haloAlias=otherwise; *GIRL+A+O(halo)30 
4526 Girl's a girl, upset over love (6)Direct: Girl; Wordplay: [agirl]* (indicated by upset) containing (over) O (love)31 
4528 His praise unsettled girl with a ringHis praise = God's praise = definition, (GIRL + A + O)*31 
4546 Ring embellished long ago for King and Emperor to wear (6)Ring = definition, embellished = anagrind, long ago = lago = anagram fodder, to wear = inclusion indicator, King and Emperor = ri30 
4919 Even bigger length of a woven materialbIgGeR (igr+ l + o' + a)*, anagrind: woven10  1  
4923 Fine cycling, rejecting dry fabricfine = log, cycling > glo; rejecting dry = reversing air; fabric – definition10 
4954 This fabric is for the girl on arrivaldef gloria (fabric )- anagram Girl+o +a10 
5212 A van Morrison hit with them, and him reported"GLORIA" 1960s hit song written by Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker and recorded by Morrison's band "Them" and him reported (homophone – hymn [gloria]) def.0.50 
5235 Love seen in a girl struggling for a haloO (love) seen in A GIRL struggling (anagram indicator) for GLORIA (a halo)0.50 
5260 Woman nominally from part of Florida residing in Georgia(f)LORI(a) in GA0.50 
5514 Back-to-front record recalls song by who? Them? (6)Log -> GLO (synonym of 'record' with back letter moved to front) + AIR< (air = song) = GLORIA ('Gloria' is a song performed by a band called 'Them')00 
5516 Day-Glo rialtos exhibiting a musical settingHidden00 
5520 Extraordinary girl with halo seen ocasionally (6)Two readings. 1. WP only: (GIRL + AO)* (extraordinary). 2. Double def: Girl('s name) from the ordinary (mass) and a relatively rare (I've never seen one!) optical effect.01  1  
5538 Me or Gail? Take your pick!* or gail00 
5553 The band of renown? (6)Double definition. (The clue stands by itself but as a matter of interest [or not] "Les Brown and his band of renown" featured in Bob Hope radio shows. Gosh, was that in the fifties?)00 
5559 What goes with the power? Sounds like a halo!The Power and the Glory (Graham Greene novel): ie Glori (homophone) + a/def.00  1