The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC February 2020 competition results

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53 clues entered. 43 votes cast (41 competitors, 2 others).


Well he certainly is the form horse and he romps home by some lengths this month! Congratulations to Steve on another top place – excellent use of the word "putting" in his winning clue.
Tom opens his "podium account" for the year with a clue that employed some nifty wordplay to craft a smooth surface reading.
The Don grabs 3rd place with a trademark biblical reference in a neat hidden clue.
John Hood pops up in 4th with a nice anagram subtraction.
Fifth place is shared by Alexander – second podium in a row, well done indeed! – and Anthony with some neat wordplay that I enjoyed.
Well done to all and thanks for your continued support during these turbulent times. Stay safe and enjoy the seemingly only competitive sport still running!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
132Steve RandallMan on tee excited having finally got putting rightMANONTEE* + [go]T821  3  
249Tom BorlandStaff stick together if heads cut compensation(B)ATON + (C)EMENT = staff stick together; def. compensation372  5  
347Don ManleyScapegoat — one men thought would bring this?hidden & lit., ref. Lev.16:21-22351  4  
446John HoodSatisfaction is getting out of dilapidated maisonetteAnagram of (MAISONETTE – IS). Def=satisfaction.27.51  5  
541Alexander AntaoRebuild home, tenant wanting hotel as compensation (9)(hOME TENANT)* [Rebuild: anagrammatise | home, tenant: HOME TENANT | wanting: without | hotel: H (NATO alphabet) | as | compensation: ATONEMENT]231  1  
542Anthony NanniniReparations reconciled people at end of conflict (9)Reparations=definition, at one = reconciled, people = men , at end of conflict = +t.231  1  
743Peter Moore FullerRestoration comedy on at National Theatre after terrible bedroom farce closes (9)Restoration (def), comedy (anagrind), on at (fodder), National Theatre (NT), after (position) terrible bedroom farce closes (last letters EME)21.51  3  
825David McKieGetting caught, what one mentally should prepare for?Hidden (indicator = getting caught) and lit?211  3  
852Vinit WankhedeWhat one mentally embraces as self-punishment (9)wh-AT ONE MENT-ally211  3  
1010Terry NealeAgreed with crew, time to make amendsAt one + men + t: to make = link words to def; amends = def19.50 
1123 Flourished note meant appeasementStraightforward anagram that refers to Neville Chamberlain's infamous piece of paper promising 'Peace in our time.'18.51  1  
1135 Meant to ultimately make reparation, perhaps?MEANT TO [mak]E [reparatio]N*; &lit18.51  3  
1329 Making good panettone when getting drunk involves replacing primary ingredient with a dash of Malibumaking good = def; PANETTONE anag ('when getting drunk') with M for P171  1  
1411 Amends note – meant otherwise(note meant)*15.50 
1420 Final word about temper? Time for reconciliation.TONE (temper, n.) in AMEN, + T15.51 
1619 End of Yom Kippur?End = purpose; Yom Kippur, ie Day of Atonement151  1  
1744 Restoration works mean tent housing a ballO in anag.; work = manipulate141  1  
1830 Making mental note to sacrifice capital for loan repaymentMENTALNOTE* – L133  2  
1940 Ransom note conveyed on phone by abductors’ leader (9)Definition : Ransom (chambers – religion) ; TONE (note)+ MENT {Homophone of MEANT (conveyed)} next to (by) A(bductors’). Homophone indicator – on phone122  2  
2053 When it's time for lunch, soldiers finally eat, getting satisfaction (9)When it's time for lunch = AT ONE soldiers = MEN finally eat = T getting = connector satisfaction = def10.51  1  
214 A note possibly intended to skip a payment (9)A (NOTE)* ME(-A)NT, intended=meant, anagram-ind: possibly, deletion-ind: to skip A, def: payment9.51  1  
228 After midday workers finally get reparationsAT ONE MEN + (ge)T8.52 
2337 Muddled note meant to express reconciliation?"muddled" an indicator of anagram of "note meant" + def.7.51 
245 A number caught in Mt.Etna eruption get (anag)72  5  
2416 Briskly decontaminate after spilling volatile acid, maybe saying sorryAnag of DECONTAMINATE minus anag of ACID71 
2426 Harry meant Eton to make a reparation for make is anagram indicator: Henry IV founded Eton College.73  1  
2714 At lunch time, workers get final payment (9)At/ lunch time is one/ workers is men/ get final is T6.50  1  
283 A manner proclaiming intended repentanceA+TONE(manner)+MENT(hp~meant/intended)60 
286 A sorry note by fellows on time makes amendsA + NOTE* + MEN + T60  1  
2834 Marianelli’s film score meant note changesDario Marianelli’s film score (for the 2007 film “Atonement”); meant note (fodder); changes (anag. ind.60  1  
2850 United, Me Too at the outset saw Weinstein finally in for expiationCharade – united (at one) + me (n) t.61  1  
3221 Finding Nemo, floundering in a shelter, is redemption (9)NEMO* (indicated by floundering) in A TENT (a shelter). Definition – redemption52  1  
3245 Retiring volunteers surround mood pieces for a penance.retiring volunteers (TA-AT) surround mood (TONE) pieces (MEN)50 
3417 Cheat one mentored, needed to make amendsHidden word40  2  
3448 Sorry mate, No! – not even the one that's damaged (9)Anag (that's damaged) of MATE NO T(h)E(o)N(e) – def sorry40 
3633 Man on vacation ate Eton mess to get satisfaction(M[a]N ATE ETON)*; def: satisfaction (N.B.: The nounal anagrind "mess" works just fine here.)33  1  
3636 Met NATO envoy at sea, making amends after missing half of voyage.'MET NATO ENvoy' minus 'voy'; definition = 'making amends'; anagram indicator = 'at sea'31 
3638 New Testament on saintless reparation for sin.Anagram (new) 'testament on' minus st30  1  
3639 Note meant reparationNOTE MEANT anagram – & lit is also anagram indicator30  2  
402 A man in a tent for penancea t(one m)ent2.51  2  
419 Agreed at halftime – empty net requires redemptionAT ONE + tiME + NeT20 
4124 For an instant, little Maureen flees repentanceAT ONE MOMENT – MO20 
4127 In passing, the great one mentioned compensationIn passing (indicator), the (joiner), great one mentioned (container for atonement) , compensation – straight clue.21 
4151 What makes good man to repent after reputation’s left in tatters?Def ‘what makes good’; *MAN+TO+REPENT less REP (abbreviation in Chambers)20  4  
4513 Amends tone, meeting me with social worker aroundAmends = definition, wordplay is (TONE+ME) contained by ANT (=social worker)10 
4518 Coming together's giving satisfactionDD10 
4531 Making one play badly on tee at major; nervous starts (9)def: MAKING ONE. Anagram (play badly) of ON TEE AT M N.10  1  
481 1 Dec Mate entertained the only new English mistress excitedly at first, as reconciliation1 Dec mate = ANT (comedian duo) A ( T O N E M E ) (first letters) NT; reconciliation = def.00  2  
487 A sound folk turn head for penanceA (A) sound (TONE) folk (MEN) (in plural form) turn head (T) (head or first letter of turn) for penance (ATONEMENT)00 
4812 Amends thermostat – one men tried to setAmends=definition. To set=hidden word indicator. Reference to the battle between the sexes re thermostat settings.00  1  
4815 At lunchtime it's intended, they say, to have a sample of McEwan's.At one = lunchtime + ment = meant/intended (homophone)/"Atonement" = novel by Ian McEwan (but the implied reference to "McEwan's" is to a rather tasty brew of ale).01 
4822 Flip me not a cent, ignoring the first act of making amendsFlip 'me not a' = ATONEM + cent ignoring the first = ENT; definition = act of making amends00  1  
4828 Lunch was served then bishops started their penanceLunch was served then (AT ONE) bishops (chessMEN) started (Their) penance (def)00