The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC Christmas Special 2018 competition results

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37 clues entered. 32 votes cast (27 competitors, 5 others).

TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)

We finished 2018 with a very close run contest, with Don Manley squeaking home by a mere point! Perhaps the different approach from the other contenders made the difference, so well done Don! His first win for a while and good to see him back on top of the pile!
Tough luck to Pete Milne who was that mere whisker behind – his second podium in a row rounding off a fine year for him.
Bhalchandra was even closer in third – just a half point the difference! Bhalchandra has been having a fine run of form – one to watch in 2019?
Tom Borland completed his excellent year with yet another top 5 finish! Steve Randall completes the podium with very similar wordplay to Tom. Another who scores two top 5 finishes in a row.
And that completes another year of fine competition…
…hearty congratulations to Tom Borland who is one of our most comprehensive winners of the Annual Competition ever – a superbly consistent year and a well-deserved victor!
Congratulations to the chasing pack of David McKie, Pete Milne, Satyen Nabar and Steve Randall who along with everyone else who took part this year have contributed much entertainment – thanks to all and good luck for 2019!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
114Don ManleyFor me, Christmas is the pits — your take, having demolished seconds, must be different!anag. less o, a; pits38.51  2  
24Pete MilneAt leaving, UK treaty rocks countryAnagram of UK+TREATY minus AT. Anagram indicator = rocks. Rocks = stones. Def = country. Ref Brexit.37.51  2  
311Bhalchandra PasupathyCountry heading for recession, yet UK rocksdef:country; (R YET UK)*; rocks as anag indicator(v) also meaning stones(n); surface referring to potential fallout from Brexit373  1  
430Tom BorlandUK entry rocks, leaving Norway an abject failure*UK E(N)TRY; def. an abject failure; rocks = stones; ref. Eurovision331  4  
535Steve RandallWhen finally released, UK entry rocks the countryAnagram of UK ENTRY minus [whe]N29.52  1  
632David McKieUK try renegotiating with Europe? It's the pits, ratings-wiseUK TRY E (anag) – turkey as in ratings flop; pits27.51  4  
729Anthony BradleyTwo pounds of this meat makes folk truly swell in the middle!&lit comp anag: (LL OF TURKEY) = (FOLK TRULY E); pounds23.52  2  
831Vinit WankhedeUK treaty on the rocks – not a time for Christmas feast (6)Christmas feast – definition, UKTREATY – fodder , on the rocks- anagrind , not a time – deletion of AT, UKTRE(-at)Y*19.51  1  
95Brian DungateBird disheartens jailerBIRD = def.. TUR (-N) KEY (disheartens jailer); DISHEARTENS = STONES def.. n.b. Bird also = prison, so improved the surface reading18.52  3  
1010Satyen NabarComplete failure rocks EU! Try to accommodate UK finally(EUTRY)* around (-u)K; rocks= extra defn and anag ind, complete failure= defn173  2  
119 Bomb that rocks theatre?Bomb = failure; a commercial failure (especially in the theatrical world) is known as a turkey. 'rocks' = 'stones'15.51  3  
1222 Security risk rocks this country, crisis? (6)(security risk)* = (TURKEY + crisis)*, composite anagram, def=this country ; rocks (stones), used as an anagram indicator13.53  1  
1319 Initially, unforeseen red tape rocks island countryInitials, U + R + T anagram ('rocks'), key = island – a post-Brexit vision130  2  
1326 "The Heartless Screw" -at the box-office, it's the pitsTUR(N)KEY. Def.(1) "at the box-office, it's the pits" (2) "pits" (i.e.. (fruit) stones)130  4  
158 Blockhead pits Tory against confused UK Queen (6)Blockhead (Turkey) pits (stones), deletes centre of Tory (leaving TY), to go against (i.e. near) confused (anagram) UK +queen (ER) = TURKEY121  1  
1628 Three strikes for heartless wardenIn tenpin bowling a turkey is 3 strikes in a row, TURnKEY; strikes (i.e. makes a violent attack on)110  3  
1724 Starts to take up rocks on important landT[ake] U[p] [R]ocks + KEY; def = land; def for STONES = rocks.10.51  2  
183 A true Yank rocks, pulling a Northern bird for Christmas.true Y(an)k/rocks. Anagram of true y(an)k pulling (removing) (a [N]orthern); rocks is indicator plus def. for stones; turkey is a bird; "for Christmas" is superfluous, but makes it seasonal.9.51  1  
1934 What starts to undergo roasting, vital for one of the jewels of Christmas fare.Starts..T/o U/ndergo R/oasting…KEY = vital…stones/jewels.8.50  1  
2037 Your trek rocks! (or not) in Eurasian land(YoUr TREK)*70 
2123 Silly nuts stripped and flipped over by river on islandsilly (n) = def (turkey = fool); nuts stripped = UT; TU flipped = TU; river = R; island = KEY; nuts = stones (testes)61  1  
227 Bird's randy days return with a lot of weight gainedTUR+KEY (with a lot of weight = key) weight = stones52 
2212 Fool cobbles together flipping humdrum clueRUT</KEY; cobbles = stones51 
2418 Hollow entry Kurt cobbles into a flopAnagram of E(ntr)Y and KURT, flop = definition; cobbles = stones4.50  1  
2527 This bird across estuary rocks in a storm.Anag (in a storm) TURKEYACROSS <-> ESTUARYROCKS. ROCKS -> STONES40  1  
2536 With busts covered, "Ruby's Kutest Revue" audibly a flopanagrind = review (revue audibly), fodder = RUYKTE (Ruby's Kutest – busts), def flop = TURKEY, extra def rubies (Ruby's audibly) = STONES40  1  
2717 Holiday group has right to substitute island with another in ME territoryTUI with r for I + key; group = (Rolling) Stones30  2  
2720 Present course UK and EU leader try rocks*UK+E+TRY ind by rocks(falters); present course=(Christmas) turkey31  1  
2721 Security risk as crisis rocks Middle Eastern state.Rocks *security risk = crisis + Turkey (Rocks = stones).31  3  
2733 Weights announced in song when this is on the menu with vegetables, nips off home maybe (6)Weights = stones: Weights announced = waits: vegetables nips off = TUR(nips): home = KEY.30 
311 A balls-up! Van's to be found here, dimwit!Balls = testicles = stones (slang – ref Chambers). Balls-up + Turkey = a failure; Van = a town (and a lake)in eastern Turkey; a turkey = a fool or inept person.20 
3115 Georgia's neighbour can guard an unspecified number of stolen jewels (6)Georgia's neighbour = definition , can guard = turnkey (prison guard) an unspecified number of stolen = remove 'n' + jewels = stones21  3  
3116 Good cobbles trimmed right in southeastern European republicG + (c)OBBLE(s) + R = GOBBLER, double definition TURKEY bird and country, COBBLES = STONES21  1  
3125 The country is cold by St Stephen’s DaySt (stones weight); 2 meanings; i.e. cold turkey, St Stephen’s Day = 26 Dec21  2  
352 A completed brick construction project ready to go but without the n'th keyTurnkey building project less the letter n. brick = stones, key = letter of alphabet and link to turnkey,00 
356 Bird leads to riches kept under the rocks near empty hollow (6)Def: BIRD; Def of Stones = ROCKS which is also anagram indicator ; Anagram of {R(-iches)K(-ept)U(-nder)T(-he)}*+ E(-mpt)Y Leads to is the acrostic indicator and hollow the indicator for deleting middle letters of Empty. Surface could be a sequence from a fairy tale01 
3513 Fool. You are, they say, bound by two weights.You are (UR), two weights T(ton) and KEY(drug slang for a kilo). With "weights" being STONES.00