The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2015 competition results

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57 clues entered. 46 votes cast (41 competitors, 5 others).


As expected this month, some clues were sounder than others and the competition saw a very unusual occurrence. A runaway winner – not that unusual – but the winner was a first time entrant! Well done Aakash – a wonderfully natural surface to your winning clue!
The rest of the podium though was closely bunched. Luciano has already had 3 wins this year and just missed out on a 4th with his runner-up spot – neat wordplay.
Teyrnon achieves his 2nd podium of the year with third place – a simple, neat anagram that was also deployed by Ava back in 5th – first time we have seen Ava in a few years! – well done to those two.
Margaret secures 4th position in what is a very consistent year for her, and moves into joint 4th in the Annual Competition.
Thanks to all competitors as usual for another fine month.

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
157Aakash SridharWhat's better – new or used mobile?anag. [n(-ew) or used]* def: what's better531  6  
221Luciano WardFitter undoes screws close to dishwasherUNDOES* (indicated by 'screws') + R (close to dishwasheR)393  4  
320Teyrnon PowellFaster US drone being developed?anagram; sounder = faster (re. sleep)35.52  5  
437Margaret IrvineMore reliable chap doing the plumbing?2 defs342  5  
550Ava HongSafer as a result of US drone deployment?(US+DRONE)* Def:safer332  4  
629Tom BorlandIn case of worn-out part, ring plumber?O = ring in SUNDER = (obs.) part; def. plumber?29.51  4  
722Dominic BaggottFor measuring depth of dunes or driftsAn anagram (‘drifts’) of ‘dunes or’22.50  4  
810Jeffery RobinsonAppallingly rude son's a pig(RUDE SON)*214  2  
949Dave ParfittRude son is out of order, the little swine!RUDESON anag.; def. = a young boar (Chambers)20.51  2  
1053Paul CoulterTear around – nothing's healthierS(O)UNDER200  3  
1156 Well, Queen Elizabeth lasts longer! (7)SOUNDER = lasts longer. well = SOUND (healthy); Queen Elizabeth = ER (my thanks to the Queen for making my crypt possible!!)190  3  
128 Alien red sun engulfs the last of Pluto – it's more solid nowS(O)UNDER (red sun)*171  4  
134 A lot of pigs also understand to some extentalSO UNDERstand15.50  3  
143 A group of oinkers nursed sow's middle higgledy-piggledy.def+ang of nursed+o150  4  
1551 Send our engineer. He'll do the plumbingSend our= anag fodder , engineer= anag indicator. + def (one who takes sounds= one who plumbs)142  5  
166 A young boar does run around (7)does+run anagram12.52  1  
1735 Maybe siren song's beginning our end at seaS + anag120  2  
1743 One measures, to a great extent, beneath the surface (7)Extended definition (One measures), to a great extent = SO (as in "so" deep), beneath the surface = UNDER, Sounder measures depth122  3  
1931 Inhabitant of Essex town loses the group of wild pigs.Sou(the)nder, def. group of wild pigs.11.51  5  
2027 Herd of does run around (7)Anag. ref: female deer / pig herd10.50  3  
2111 Better part carried overSUNDER(part) outside O(over); def: better101  3  
2241 One in Paris goes after staff officer – the German pig!staff officer = SO, one in Paris = UN, the German = DER, pig=def (cf Chambers)9.51  2  
2244 One probing the depths is submerged inhaling oxygenO in 'S + UNDER9.52  3  
2432 It's no use, Doctor, changing to be healthieranag. of no use Dr8.50  2  
2528 Ignoring borders, our drone's destroyed a young swineanag incl (o)u(r); killing of Reyaad Khan within Syria by RAF drone82  3  
2539 More wholesome, thus a French dessert (eclairs) rates tops.definition; thus=so, a French=un, tops=d+e+r80  2  
2716 Dreadfully rude son – a young hog!RUDE SON*64  1  
2726 Herd hearing hesitation. (7)Definition (SOUNDER = HERD) with wordplay SOUND (HEARING) + ER (HESITATION).61  3  
2754 Thus, down below, it comes in view – A means to plumb the ocean blue.Thus down below = so under and def.61  4  
3013 Comparatively fit guard regularly does pole dancing.anag [g]U[a]R[d](regularly) DOES N(=pole)5.50  2  
3048 Rotter swaps bit of bacon for special herd of pigs (7)BOUNDER swaps B for S5.50  2  
3223 Gadarene one rushed downhill, thus getting into a submerged stateso + under, ref. herd of pigs drowning in Matt. 8:3251  3  
3252 Speaker, perhaps, which might give out crackling?Double def (a speaker may sound, a young boar or group of pigs might provide crackling).51  2  
3436 More consistent, maybe, but team's netting nothing, and is losing ground.Def/S(o)underland = (football) team minus "land" = ground.4.50  3  
3446 Pigs? No! Dave heartlessly entered tart.Pigs = def. (N)o. (D)av(E) heartlessly entered tart (SOUR)4.50  3  
367 Aha! Two foreign articles for a code?Aha (expression for SO); two foreign articles (UN – 'a' in French and DER – 'the' in German) for a code (SOUNDER).41  3  
3612 Builder fellow becomes society plumberFounder with S for F41  2  
3633 Lead in 1972 movie (7)Double definition sounder = lead (Bradford's dictionary) sounder = one of top 1972 movies40  3  
399 American drone could be more reliable(US+DRONE)* Def: more reliable3.50  3  
3942 One measures depth of water or dunes disperseDef = one measures depth of water; anagram = OR DUNES; anagrind = disperse3.50  4  
3955 Trigger happy US drone?Trig adj=sound; happy=*indicator(see CCD); *us drone; trigger happy=taking risk of starting war3.50  3  
425 A tremendous olio – could be much better without meat.Anagram "a tremendous – meat" def: "Much better"31  4  
4218 End up separating inharmonious herd of pigsEND* in SOUR31  2  
4238 More reliable one to go into depthDouble definition: more reliable/one to go into depth (person or device)30  3  
4240 Noise maker in National Union of Students heads up socialist revolution(National Union of Students heads=NUOS; up=reversal) + (socialist=RED; revolution=reversal)30  2  
4625 Healthier shade of Socialism’s returning after common sense has introduced extreme changes of directionnous with N and S exchanged at ends + red (rev.); ref. demise of ‘New Labour’2.50  2  
4714 Deeper, very below! (7)Def.: deeper – as in sounder sleep Wordplay: SO (very) + UNDER (below)20  3  
4719 Examine casualty with American probing apparatusSOUND + ER (emergency room in US = casualty)20  3  
4734 Leaving tripe out, mixed purer diet's no healthier.Anagram of PURERDIETSNO less TRIPE: definition is HEALTHIER.20  4  
502 A group of animals that does run around wildlyAna. does +run = sounder group of wild animals1.50  3  
5130 Increasingly appropriate property of music entertainer on vacationDef: increasingly (more) appropriate (fit/sound); SOUND (property of music) + E[ntertaine]R (on vacation)10  2  
521 A dog that liked hunting pigs.Sounder is the dog who hunts in the book/film of the same name. Sounder=(herd of) pigs0.50  2  
5215 Dogs' Home address Spooner's given should be assumed to be more reliable'Down, Sir!' / Sounder0.50  2  
5245 One who’s sometimes deep, yet, is a pigdouble definition – diver/pig0.50  2  
5517 Drunk roused with trapped gas, from bed one might fathom (7)gas = N (trapped = containment indicator) // drunk = anagrind ROUSED* // from bed one might fathom = def. (one that fathoms from the sea bed)00  3  
5524 Green pig's bladder with jester hiding behind it. It's no joke!SOUND (Chambers4) + (jest)ER. "It's" = "It has". Def: "Green [ie, young] pig".00  1  
5547 Result of awful drone joining us, bore maybe heard?(anag) drone + us…bore/boar – ref: young boar01  3