The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC January 2018 competition results

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46 clues entered. 37 votes cast (32 competitors, 5 others).


Congratulations to Tom Borland who kicks off 2018 with a victory – his first success for a while after a "barren" 2017. Neat wordplay with a nice surface.
Satyen has established a routine of regular visits to the podium and starts off the year with a second place – again some nice natural wording in the surface.
Toby regains his excellent form from the first half of last year and snaffles third spot – and once again a natural surface reading.
Hearty congratulations to Dhirendra who can celebrate a debut podium finish! Discovered wasn't to everyone's taste but it found enough fans to push it into 4th place.
Final podium spot went to Simon Shaw – good to see him back in the fray and could be one to watch for 2018!
Well done to all – on to the February challenge!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
141Tom BorlandVintage silver car's back in 007's possession?R (car's back) in AGENT (007); def. Vintage silver, ref. Bond's Aston Martin DB7531  2  
230Satyen NabarSilver ring lost? No great shakes(nogreat)* – o342  2  
246Toby RobertsonWhite pawn checks kingR in AGENT (checks=contains), def. white (Chambers)342  3  
45Dhirendra TCurious stranger discovered silver (6)Definition: silver (as an adjective) Wordplay: [(-s)TRANGE(-r)]* (which is stranger "dis-covered"); anagram indicator curious322  3  
524Simon ShawShield designed with this displays herald's tingeComposite anagram & lit.; ref. heraldic tincture312  2  
620Steve RandallRegret unevenly donning fake tan seeing colour on armsReGrEt in tan*; def as heraldic colour30.50  3  
731Jeff RobinsonSilver surfer's terminal seized by spook[A<R>GENT]26.50 
828Pete MilneSilver in Great North RunAnag of GREAT+N. RUN as adjective.240 
916David McKieNice money to be had from "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"?French word for money, hidden in guitAR GENTly19.51  3  
106Colin ThomasDoctor Strange – not initially white?Anag. [s]TRANGE. Reference to the Marvel comics character, who is now Caucasian but was originally drawn as having Asian ethnicity.181  2  
109Rod BeardsFed seizes last of poor poet's silverAGENT seizes R180  2  
1211 Garnet changes colour (6)Garnet and argent are both colours – and are anagrams.17.53  2  
1345 White knight's great move*N(knight)+GREAT161  2  
147 Dope dressed up by painting white on armsGEN inside ART : Argent = white in heraldry142  3  
1437 That particular gentleman is partial to French bread.Hidden/def ("French bread" [money]).143  1  
1632 Silver trout ? (6)Def: SILVER. Tout = AGENT around R. A(R)GENT. The “?” is to indicate unusual parsing121  2  
1735 Sun returning, bloke reveals white part of armsRa rev. + gent; coat of arms11.53  1  
1844 White alpha male capturing power at last (6)White = definition. Alpha = A, Male = GENT, power at last = R, capturing = surrroundicator. A GENT around R. Maybe Trump and his base view his presidency as such.114  2  
1925 Silver and garnet designAnag.garnet102  1  
201 A red knight is white on his escutcheon.a(A) red(R) knight(GENT) = heraldic white90  1  
218 Every other hair on nice man’s head is silveryEvery other hair = (h)a(I)r, nice man = gent, head suggests the ar is at the head (front) of gent and silvery is definition8.50  1  
2126 Silver dollar finally found in bureaua-(dolla)r-gent8.51  2  
2343 What's vital for silversmith – granted when struggling and penniless?Grante(d)..anag… less..d = penny.82 
2417 Not oddly, hair on man's top becomes silvery (6)Not oddly hair = AR; on man's top = on top of GENT; becomes = connector; silvery = def51  1  
253 Blue garnet or white (6)Garnet*4.51  5  
2538 The 'Lone' Ranger? Not he, no loner, going out with Silver!anag less he, loner, name of his horse in TV series4.50 
2542 What field sports regularly featured game tenants?Def: WHAT FIELD SPORTS (vb). Regularly fe A tu R ed G am E te N an T s. ('Field' = surface of shield. 'Field sports' = hunting, shooting and fishing. 'Game tenants' = those who hire shooting or fishing rights)4.51  1  
284 Colour-sergeant parading south-east off ground[se]RGEANT*41  3  
2822 Sailor's head chopped off – by mostly John Silver?Sailor – TAR, John – GENTS, (-T)AR+GENT(-S), Ref to Treasure Island43  1  
3014 Information welcomed in the application of skill producing silverART around GEN3.51  1  
3118 Old silver found in two thirds of country. Don't shed tears for it! (6)Don't cry for me Argent(ina). Old silver= definition30  1  
3119 Old silver piece of Ancient Roman origin found by short chapOld silver – def (listed as archaic in C.); A (piece of Ancient) + R (Roman origin) + gent (gent[leman])30  1  
3121 Retired bank manager pocketing a bit of René's money in ParisAGENT containing R(ene) def argent = money in French30  3  
342 Artist returns with the following information for a heraldic colour.Definition: 'a heraldic colour'. 'Artist returns = RA becomes AR + 'the' = T which follows 'information' = GEN.2.51  2  
3415 It's silver for La Albiceleste, in a departure from the normARGENTina2.51  1  
3613 Half-cut Lone Ranger and Tonto heading drunkenly for Silver([loner]ANGER + T[onto])*; Ref. to the TV series characters.20  2  
3723 Say mole having subdued colour, marginally white on armsAGENT(mole) around R(margin in colouR); def: white on arms (heraldry/Chambers, arms=coat of arms)1.50  1  
3810 Force enters row having lost face over old silverAr(g)[-gum]ent10  1  
3834 Stranger, without right, brings the shilling out but is tortured for the heraldic silverStranger without right is STRANGER minus R = STRANGE; brings the shilling out is STRANGE minus S = TRANGE; tortured is anagram of TRANGE = ARGENT or the heraldic silver10  1  
3839 This term in heraldry might lead you to 'grey' (and 'tan', mistakenly)ARGENT and end (term) in heraldr(Y) = GREY & TAN anag ('mistakenly'); silver in Chambers = whitish-grey12  2  
4133 Singer for one – no soprano! – gets fat in Paris(S)ARGENT. “fat” = money (Chambers) or, in French, argent. Ref. Singer Sargent, portrait painter.0.50  1  
4136 Surprisingly The Lone Ranger shot with one in each hand. He fired silver (6)anag of (THELONERANGER) minus (shot) LONER (ONE in LR) and minus (fired=dismissed) HE. NB Confusingly The Lone Ranger fired silver bullets but also his horse was called Silver – "fired silver" indicates the former – not that he sacked (or shot) his horse. The def is of course "silver".0.52 
4312 Guitar gently weeps both old and new moneyHidden word 'guitAR GENTly'; hidden word indicator = weeps; def = both old and new money; ref: Argent is both an old silver coin and a type of Bitcoin.00  3  
4327 Silver found in cracked Red Rock(6)Silver (ARGENT) is to be found in an anagram (indicated by cracked) of a red rock (where rock can mean precious stone – a red rock is GARNET)00  2  
4329 Silver is smuggled in a criminal gentleman's right (not left) pocket.Defn: silver; hidden word indicator: smuggled in; criminALGENTleman, but R replaces L.00  1  
4340 Upcoming article recalled The Clash, without doubt 70s rock legends'Upcoming article' is the 'The', 'recalled' = taken back, i.e. removed; 'Clash' minus 'doubt' = ARG[um]ENT; def: the band 'Argent' feature on this DVD:  1