The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC May 2015 competition results

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42 clues entered. 38 votes cast (35 competitors, 3 others).


Thanks to all those voters who, with a late flurry, pushed the numbers up to a very respectable total. This month's winner coming with a very late run to squeeze home by a very narrow margin, is Luciano – his second victory of the year – well done indeed!
The unlucky runner-up was our podium mainstay Dave Parfitt! Dave has extended his run of top 5 finishes to 6 (without a win!) which is amazing – where will it end? Bad luck on just missing out again – two excellent clues to top the list this month.
A little way back in third was John N – nice to see you back on the honours board, John – another to take advantage of the bum meaning of sponge!
Congratulations to Barry who achieved his first podium finish of this year in 4th spot, and similarly to Anthony who managed his first ever podium, completing the list in 5th place.
Many thanks to all, I believe I was generous with the choice of clue words, but this is a tough clue type to deal with so well done!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
135Luciano WardStart to make bum take bottles back to liquor storeM + [R in TAKE*]; M (start to Make); AKET (bum TAKE); inclusion indic = bottles; R (back to liquoR); store = def; extra def = bum44.51  2  
218Dave ParfittFair Kate M gets drunk with Queen!KATEM anag. including R; fair = 'a large market'; sponge = drunk430  2  
32John NicholsonBum team starts to regret keeper’s sale(TEAM R K)*; bum342  1  
434Barry SolomonsSign at centre of fete – 'cake stalls here'.sign/mark..f(et)e…sponge cake…market stalls30.50  4  
538Anthony NanniniTake box in opera house or stalls? (6)Take=sponge Take box in opera house= M(ark)ET , or stalls?= definition300  2  
640Margaret IrvineTrade vehicle reversing, laden with cake, about to go(ca)ke in tram rev, market def=trad; sponge def=cake283  1  
737Todd KonkelSuffering net loss, drunk tentmaker leaves bazaar(TENTMAKER)* – NET; drunk (n.)241  3  
814Tom BorlandDemand that Primark etc. could absorbHidden in PRIMARK ETC; def. Demand; absorb = sponge204  2  
923Anthony BradleyMake racket about losing cake tradeAnag. (about) MAKE RACKET —CAKE; def: trade; cake19.50  4  
1041Robert VereWhere original maker finds excited takerm + (taker)*, Taker=sponge15.50  4  
1111 Demand drunk toolmaker cleans out foul loo (6)(TOOLMAKER)* – (LOO)*; DRUNK14.51  3  
127 Celebrate like drunk after wife leaves to shopMARK + (w)ET(=tipsy); drunk141  2  
128 Clientele chose to leave mother's cake mixture.Def: clientele. Composite anagram MOTHERSCAKE less CHOSE. Cake=sponge.141  3  
159 Deal cabinetmaker cut in half when drunkdrunk; anag. of (cabine)tmaker; deal2 = piece of wood132  2  
1627 Money taker's bum bargainM+anag; bum122  3  
174 Cake about to be cut in store in popular demand(ca)KE inside MART; CAKE; def=popular demand110  2  
1832 Scour Mr. Keta at Billingsgate, for one.scour; anag(mrketa)+def=B.Fish(Market);Mr Keta=male salmon100  5  
195 Cake, topped with tamari oddly, in jumble sale(c)AKE + T(a)M(a)R(i) jumbled; cake90  2  
1925 Met to take up ship trade (6)Trade, M(ARK)ET, take up91  5  
2131 Promote type of cake maker broadcast on television primarilyType of cake = sponge. Promote = market. MAKER* + T(elevision)80  7  
2222 Make first of toes assimilate start of rhyme to get hereMake + t around r, &lit; assimilate (ref. 'This little piggy went to market …')6.51  3  
2242 Where you might clean up?'clean up' in the sense of grabbing a bargain/profit. Sponge = clean6.51  3  
2428 Mop top box set missing one side of Beatles for Salem(op) + ark(=box) + (s)et Definition: Sale sponge = mop5.51  2  
256 Canvas loafer maker cobbled on last of walnutCanvas = MARKET loafer = SPONGE /maker* cobbled (mended shoes OR patched together) walnu(t) (last = wood or metal shoemaking form)50  5  
2529 Police take in cougher – I say, is that a common thing for Europe?M(ARK)ET coffer hom; take in = sponge50  5  
2539 Taker is beaten up after beginning to mooch shop (6)anag of TAKER after M(ooch); shop = defn of market; mooch = sponge50  3  
2812 Demand Dutch boy eats half of cake?MA<ke>RT; cake [MART is a common Dutch given name]40  2  
2910 Decided to wipe daughter off top trade fair (6)MARKE[d] T (wipe, syn of SPONGE), 'fair' is def.31  2  
2933 Sell sign wet, without an initial wipe (6)sign=mark + et (wet – w which is an initial wipe) def. sell; wipe and wet30  3  
3117 Dun from drunk mate made nonsensical demand (6)(DRUNKMATE – DUN)*; made nonsensical = anagram indicator; demand = definition (as in 'demand/market for x'); DRUNK = SPONGE; ['Dun' is a demand for payment]21  1  
3136 Store's first mop taker is not satisfied(6)To follow Toot's directions:mop used for sponge! direct = store, first Mop = M, taker = ARKET ; "not satisfied" = anagram indicator. (Toots musta been in bad humor when he devised this torture) :)20  4  
3326 Model maker, drunk earlier on, stalls prototypeModel = T; MAKER; drunk = anagrind for MAKER*, earlier on = positioning indicator, DRUNK = def. for SPONGE (noun), stalls = def. for MARKET and verb for main clue, prototype = exemplar.1.50  2  
3416 Drunk ultimately interrupting to spoil film showing in RialtoK(drunk ultimately) within MAR(spoil) ET(film) – drunk one-word definition of SPONGE12  2  
3420 Here you can buy; old German bread, clean German film,…….O G bread (deutschMARK) clean German (rub-out deutsch) + film ET. CLEAN (SPONGE)11  2  
3615 Demand use of backside to cake queen and king.Demand = market. backside = TEAM >> MAET cake (SPONGE) = inclusion indicator queen = R, king = K >>>> MA(RK)ET0.50  2  
3619 'Flea' may describe this parasite, ultimately infecting male modelSPONGE = PARASITE; Def = "'Flea' may describe this" (flea market); [parasit]E inside (infecting) MARK (male) + T (model)0.51  3  
383 Business situation encountered by Mr Carney? Minimum of money needed to go down the drainMark + (m)et, drain, ref. Mark C., Governor of the Bank of England01  3  
3813 Demand head of Marie Antoinette reduced to eating slice of cake?KE in M A R T. Cake = sponge.02  5  
3821 Make Australian drunk with shots of absinthe, rum and tequila. Forget A.A.! Going there might turn him violent((MAKE + A(ustralian) + A(bsinthe) + R(um) + T(equila)) – A – A)*. A.i.: “Drunk” = SPONGE. “Go to market” is Australian slang for “become violent”.00  5  
3824 Manipulative knavish traders primarily live off buying and sellingFirst letters mkt+are* (and=live); anagrind = off; buying and selling = market; 2nd def live = sponge00  4  
3830 Promote bum team that includes Robson and Keegan, to start with? That's fair, too!Def/r+k in anag of m,a,e,t/bum = anag indicator, and "sponge"…..and another def, for good measure.00  4