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CCCWC Xmas Special 2019 competition results

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37 clues entered. 27 votes cast (24 competitors, 3 others).

Christmas Cocktails (Right & Left)

A different look to the podium in the Christmas Cocktail Special. A first win for S.Sreeni after a third place in October, so congratulations and welcome to the winner's enclosure!
Rather appropriately, there was a fair amount of bubbly on the podium and Neelima provided a glug in second spot, following up a 4th place in September.
Neil rounded off a successful first year in our competition with his 3rd top 5 finish, incorporating two neat anagrams in a concise clue – well done!
More bubbly from Satyen with a 5th podium finish for the year – another with a successful campaign!
The final spot goes to Vinit, who completes the year with 3 podium finishes…
Hearty congratulations to Steve Randall who was a runaway winner for 2019! 2 wins, 5 other podium placings and over the year he finished in the top 10 on 10 out of 12 occasions – the model of consistency and a well-deserved winner!
Closer bunching further back with Tom Borland, John Tozer and Don Manley coming 2nd, 3rd and 4th, followed by Pete Milne and Satyen Nabar tying for 5th.
Well done to all and the slate is wiped clean for 2020 – GOOD LUCK!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
17S.SreeniBubbly cocktail of peach with cut mango, mint and essence of matured rum liqueur (9)(9)Left is CHAMPAGNE. Def: Bubbly. Anag (PEACH+MANG(-o) with “cocktail of” as anag. ind. Right is COINTREAU. Def: Liqueur COIN (mint – verb as in coin a phrase)+ anag of -m(ATURE)-d with Rum as Anag.ind.330  2  
28NeelimaBubbly girl kept by mean chap, sadly a neurotic, turned to drink (9)(9)R&L separation: Bubbly girl kept by mean chap, sadly // a neurotic, turned to drink; LEFT: Bubbly girl kept by mean chap, sadly; def=bubbly, girl=G, kept by=container-ind, (MEAN CHAP)*, sadly=anagram-ind; RIGHT: a neurotic, turned to drink; (A NEUROTIC)*, turned=anagram-ind, to=connector, def=drink; Surface: story of a kept woman taking to drink281  4  
322Neil MondalFrench region's map change ruined a Nice tour; supply drinkFrench region = definition for Champagne, *(map change); *(a Nice tour), drink = definition25.50  2  
412Satyen NabarBubbly winner's date drinks new liqueur with funny reaction for all to seeBubbly= Champagne, CHAMP + AGE around N (new), liqueur= Cointreau, REACTION* + U (for all to see)23.51  2  
532Vinit WankhedeVictor and Agnes mostly drink liqueur at our nice clubVictor = CHAMP + AGNE (Agnes mostly), drink = defn // liqueur = defn at our nice = ATOURNICE = fodder, club = anagrind20.51  4  
627Tom BorlandMoan about barren ground, fruit a pale yellow, mangy peach after year spent sprayingCRY (moan) round *BARREN; fruit = cranberry; *MANG(Y) + PEACH; a pale yellow = champagne17.50  2  
737John DoylendWithout hesitation substituted cheap magnum in place of wine liqueur (ice ran out unfortunately) (9,9)Anagrams of CHEAPMAGNUM – UM (substituted) and ICERANOUT (unfortunately); defs "place of wine" (Champagne) and "liqueur" (Cointreau)172  2  
829Terry NealePlay game regularly with panache, getting some bubbly orange drink creation prepared by universityPlay = anagrind; game regularly with panache = g + m + panache* (champagne); getting = link word to def; some bubbly = def / orange drink = def (cointreau); creation* = cointrea; prepared = anagrind; by university = + u13.50  1  
93Steve RandallActioner shot around posh part of cosmopolitan region has hero Cagney robbing banksACTIONER* around U (posh) = COINTREAU (part of cosmopolitan) / CHAMPAGNE (region) has CHAMP (hero) + [c]AGNE[y]120  2  
104Bhalchandra PasupathyAiring open wine to make out with a nicer drinkChampagne = ~champaign(open), def wine / Cointreau = (out a nicer)*, def drink. Ref Chambers110  1  
1133 Victor has time to consume new bubbly liqueur that's producing the beginning of unforgettable reactionCHAMP/AG<N>E [CHAMPAGNE bubbly] and UREACTION* [COINTREAU liqueur]10.50  1  
1219 Drink fizzy tonic water in Reims after a bit of robust bubbly, whipped ganache and slices of mouthwatering pastriesCOINTREAU (drink) (TONIC anag with EAU after R); CHAMPAGNE (bubbly) (GANACHE + M + P anag)101  1  
1314 Carer with Bryn's new fruit liqueur, drunk to cure an infection, primarily.CRANBERRY: (CARER BRYN)*; def = fruit. COINTREAU: def = liqueur; (TO CURE AN I)*.9.50  1  
1336 Winner's corner having a good bubbly drink unfortunately ice ran outCHAMPAGNE – Indirect: CHAMP + NE [winner's ('s=has) corner (NE)] having (container ind.) A G(ood) Direct: bubbly COINTREAU – Direct: drink Indirect: unfortunately (anag. ind) ice ran out (anag. fodder)9.51  2  
1523 Going astray, change Pam for bubbly cutie Nora, unsteady in drinkAnagram CHANGE PAM = champagne, bubbly = definition; anagram CUTIE NORA = cointreau, drink = definition8.52  1  
1635 Vintage fashion mag, cheap and new, worried a neurotic contributor to CosmopolitanVintage: CHAMPAGNE; vintage = wine (poetically) [ODE 1.2] | fashion: anagrind | mag, cheap and new: MAG CHEAP N; fodder || worried: anagrind (Chambers) | a neurotic: A NEUROTIC; fodder | contributor to Cosmopolitan: COINTREAU; a key ingredient of the cocktail [International Bartenders Association] || SURFACE: Cosmopolitan = the fashion mag80  2  
1730 Pop vocalist’s faux anguish spilled out in a record? Not half, it’s bittersweet and headyCHAMPAGNE / COINTREAU; ‘sham pain’, pop informal name for champagne; anag. of out in a rec(ord)7.50  1  
1811 Bubbly winner, cricketer Jonathan, endlessly neurotic, with a distilled orange drinkCHAMP + AGNE(W); NEUROTIC + A anagram71 
1934 Victor takes his time grasping new, bubbly type of bog – gets sort of redCHAMP+AG(N)E/CRANBERRY (double def.)6.50  2  
205 Angers spirit? A neurotic's convulsed with simulated agony, they say, becoming bubbly.Angers spirit = Cointreau (spirit made in Angers, France)/anag (a neurotic)/simulated agony = sham pain (homophone) = Champagne/bubbly = Champagne.60  1  
2031 Sadly neurotic after swallowing a liqueur with bubbly, to feign distress we hear.Neurotic (anag)..COINTRE(a)U..SHAM/to feign PAIN/distress.61  4  
222 A winter fest, you’ll have heard, is made merrier by black and white Russians.A winter fest, ie Christmas = Yule (you’ll homophone); Black and White Russians are both vodka based cocktails50  5  
2310 Bubbly Meghan involved with PC and a harassed auctioneer loses tip of emerald – it's found in between the sheets(MEGHAN + PC + A)* / (AUCTIONEER – E)* bubbly=champagne / between the sheets is a cointreau cocktail.4.50 
2413 Campaign not one he planned for bubbly liqueur a true icon blendedcampa(i)gnhe*: atrueicon*.30  3  
2417 Corruptly Simpkin, we hear, pretended sheet of stamps confused non-European auctioneer. It's essentially orange.Simpkin – corruption of champagne. Sham pane -> champagne [note: pretended is verb for surface reading, adjective for wordplay]. Cointreau anag of auctioneer-e.30  1  
266 Best bubbly a true icon mixed with ice and tequila for margaritaBest & Bubbly (both meanings for champagne), a true icon (anagram for Cointreau) mixed (indicator for anagram) with ice and tequila for Margarita (straight clue for Cointreau as this is how it is used)2.50  1  
2726 I'm drunk and spirited, awful loveless roué, action man grabbing married 'holy' woman being bubblyanag.minus o, m in chap Agnes (name means 'holy')20  3  
289 Bubbly Guy, me (half-cut) and little Agnes are in court with no end of beer, drunk at Xmas!Chap(m)agne / Cointreau – anag of 'are in court minus 'r')1.51  1  
2820 Drink making a neurotic bubbly, leads to party adopting mood change, correctCOINTREAU=A+NEUROTIC anag; bubbly=weepy/CHAMPAGNE=P+A+M+anag+CHANGE1.50  1  
301 A characteristic of Margarita's treatment of a neurotic horse in French country regionCointreau , definition + treatment (anagrind) + a neurotic (anagram fodder) horse in French country (c(h)ampagne) + region = definition10  2  
3015 Chap (man), e.g., stirred bubbly liqueur a true icon shookBoth anagrams10  1  
3216 Cordial captain selected for three Italian "golden" clubs fled the best, in singular fashion – the sauce!CO+IN+TRE+AU/C+RAN+BERRY (singular of berries)00  1  
3218 Cosmopolitan French quarter – ice ran out, re-ordered Charlie's drink? Fizz!Cointreau (made in France) is 1 of 4 ingredients in a classic Cosmopolitan cocktail (surface refers New Orleans famous French Quarter); Anagram of 'Ice ran out'; indicator = re-ordered; ref: champagne Charlie; Fizz = bubbly/polite exclamation of annoyance.01  1  
3221 French drinks producing fuddled neurotica and sad dampening ignoring drunken din after teaNEUROTICA* + CHA and (DAMPENING* less DIN)*00  1  
3224 Hearing foul tales may make a certain coward merry.Foul tales = homophone for fowl tails = cocktails; coward, ie Noel = Christmas00  5  
3225 ILL town sounds like a wine liqueur cocktail a true icon.ILL town (CHAMPAIGN) cocktail of "a true icon". Hence champagne, Cointreau.00  2  
3228 Nice guy Alexander McQueen starts ordering cheap sparkling wine for all after avant-garde creation featured in CosmopolitanNice guy Alexander McQueen starts – NGAM (part fodder); ordering – anagrind; cheap – CHEAP (rest fodder); sparkling wine – def1 (CHAMPAGNE); for all – U; after – position indicator; avant-garde – anagrind; creation – fodder; featured in Cosmopolitan – def2 (COINTREAU), Cointreau is an ingredient of a Cosmopolitan, which is also a fashion mag01  4