The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC September 2020 competition results

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57 clues entered. 41 votes cast (38 competitors, 3 others).

SEVEN (Printer's Devilry)

The winning clue was just about my ideal for Printer's Devilry – a devilled version that you could imagine the impish Ralph sniggering at – quirky and a little risqué – and then undevilling reveals a more "sensible" statement! Great stuff and hearty congratulations to Andy Smith – his first win for a couple of years.
Just behind in second place is Steve Randall – who won't let the deviation away from standard cryptic cluing prevent him from maintaining his amazingly consistent year. Another excellent (and topical?) clue.
Dave Williams podiums for the second month in a row with what I thought was a very neat, concise PD clue. Well done Dave!
A new name next – Charlie Oakley bags fourth place with a first ever entry! Impressive – and again the quirky devilled version I like, that unravels to become just a little more sensible; congratulations Charlie and welcome!
Finally, Don sneaks onto the podium in fifth with another neat, concise clue – a fine example of the genre!
Thanks to everyone for the devilish entertainment and good luck for glorious October!

PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
129Andy SmithLarge chests attract many in the mating gameLarge chess events attract many in the mating game533  3  
210Steve RandallDespair at the man I actually trusted to run the countryDespair at the maniacs eventually trusted to run the country491  1  
348Dave WilliamsTeachers hate parenting as much as youTeachers hate parent(s even)ing as much as you412  2  
414Charlie OakleyFarmer found his school days unfulfilling – no wheat tending classesFarmer found his school days unfulfilling, now he attendS EVENing classes ——— 'His' used to qualify 'he' in undevilled. Also 'days' used to suggest 'evening classes' is correct as opposed to a more specific class that might work.350  2  
541Don ManleyPeasants' Revolt — Wat changing English historyWa/t: Peasants' Revolt was event changing English history (ref. Wat Tyler)312  1  
642Tony HarkerPicturing sets? Then diagrams may help.Picturing sets? These Venn diagrams may help. (See definition of Venn diagrams in Chambers)253 
739VinaParenting: it's all academic at the end of the dayParents' evening: it's all academic at the end of the day200  2  
838Terry NealeOne choice for a dirty weekend in ItalyOne chose Venice for a dirty weekend in Italy19.52  1  
932Tom BorlandMany art lovers' choice for a getaway last yearMany art lovers chose Venice for a getaway last year192  1  
1019Barry SolomonsFor elderly one sailing lots of masts aren't suitable.For elderly ones ailing lots of mass events aren't suitable.173  1  
1021John AppletonGeorge Osborne disregarding standards, Tory-styleUndevilled: "George Osborne disregards Evening Standard story style". Ref. to that newspaper's Editor-in-chief.171  1  
1036Paul CoulterNewt made a big splashNewS EVENt made a big splash177  1  
139 Defrauding machines to sell snacks to farm workersDEFRA use vending machines to sell snacks to farm workers16.52 
1347 Stay at home for New Year? Ever done that?Undevilled version: Stay at home for New Year's Eve? Never done that!16.54 
155 Chest scan makes tar conspicuous.Undevilled version: Chess events can make star conspicuous. Answer: SEVEN. Reference to tar deposits in the lungs of smokers.162 
1616 Felon hides loot he’s lifted to escape jailFelon hides loose vent he’s lifted to escape jail15.53  2  
1717 First mate to make riot forgivableFirst mate to Maker: "Is Eve not forgivable?"141 
184 California newts are somewhat alarmingCalifornia news events are somewhat alarming [California newts secrete a dangerous neurotoxin; California forest fires etc]11.53  1  
1923 Great to get fresh air (5)GreaSE VENt to get fresh air10.50 
1951 Virtual parenting is an unexpected successVIRTUAL PARENT/S' EVEN/ING IS AN UNEXPECTED SUCCESS10.52  1  
2124 Hit list included some big shotsHis event list included some big shots101 
2154 "What was the controversy about Newt Gingrich?" asked the pressUndevilled version: "What was the controversy about news event?" Gingrich asked the press101 
2322 Great! Despite lockdown, choir singsong after all – via Zoom.Great! Despite lockdown, choir singS EVENsong after all – via Zoom.9.51 
2450 Trump trailing and ranting as usualTrump's event – railing and ranting as usual92 
257 Criminals would have touts to access the buildingCriminals would have to use vents to access the building8.54  1  
2546 Shockingly, morality revealed in TV detective episodeShockingly, Morse venality revealed in TV detective episode8.53  1  
2712 District nurtures top Arts in the countryUndevilled reads: District Nurse ventures to parts in the country83  1  
2734 Match oddly favouring IndiaAnswer: SEVEN Undevilled version : Match odds evenly favouring India81 
2930 Major African newt concerned LivingstoneMajor African news event concerned Livingstone [ref Ken (newt aficionado) and David (explorer); play on 'concerned']7.52  2  
301 A number of newts convergeA number of new(s even)ts converge72  1  
3018 For a romantic getaway, Florence makes nose nice … definitely better!For a romantic getaway, Florence makes no sense; Venice definitely better70 
328 Data bad or good for big companies? (5)Database vendor good for big companies?5.51 
3240 Paris… A hedonistic house, 'specially for the fruitiest; I mated with Hélène – very thin, gin order for the most partParis (a hedonist): "I chose Venus especially for the fruit; I estimated with Helen everything in order for the most part"5.50  1  
3431 Man I actually stop obsessing over, an unobtainable object of desireManiacs eventually stop obsessing over an unobtainable object of desire52  1  
3515 Feelings can be overwhelming sometimesUndevilled version: Feels evenings can be overwhelming sometimes41 
3528 Jaywalkers’ choice to duck and dive amid the traffic.Jaywalkers chose Venice to duck and dive amid the traffic.41 
376 Clot holding in hot airClose vent holding in hot air2.51 
3735 Misguided actions from militant posturing to subvert justiceMisguided actions from militant posse venturing to subvert justice2.51 
3749 The Pope handed over the designation of cardinal (5)The Pope'(s even)-handed over designation of cardinal (with "designation of cardinal" sneaking in as a definition)2.52 
4052 Was Adam ever married?Was Adam'(s eve n)ever married?20 
4055 When lacking common parts, then diagrams look oddWhen lacking common parts these Venn diagrams look odd20  1  
423 Beware of the Turin gout wardsBeware of theSE VENturing outwards1.51 
4244 Postured as a groupPosse ventured as a group1.50 
4425 I wonder, Adam ever had fun! (5)Answer: Seven Undevilled version:I wonder, Adam's Eve never had fun! I wonder, Adam'(s Eve n)ever had fun!11 
4427 It's good to have a tonic; to stir one in ginIt's good to have a tonic to stir one's evening in10  1  
4433 Many more mists due to Covid-19.(Devilled version, seven removed)Many more miss events due to Covid-19. (Original sentence)11 
4457 Young love rightly delightsYoung lovers Eve nightly delights11  2  
482 Anglican songs top small services' numbers tableAnglicans' Evensong stops: Mall service's number stable0.50 
4820 Forever one for a lay up at Lytham, performing with panache in a car park came naturallyFor Seve – never one for a lay-up – at Lytham, performing with panache in a car park came naturally [Reference to an iconic shot played by Seve Ballesteros from a car park at the 1979 Open. In golf, a “lay-up” is a safe shot] 
4837 Odd times – odd is odd and odd and oddOdd times odd is odd, and odd and odd’s even0.52  2  
4845 Prolix Proust, old critic to revereProlix prose Venus told critic to revere0.50 
5211 Did the ultra-religious Australian, Court, have a promising service?Did the ultra-religious Australian court have a pro miss evening service? ref Margaret Court who won 24 grand slam titles with her powerful serve, well-known for her religious views00  1  
5213 Do the reading matter this time(5)Do the readingS EVEN matter this time00 
5226 Inappropriate lighting is dazzlingly bright.Inappropriate lights- evening is dazzlingly bright. *******00  1  
5243 Playing craps throwing this number means he lostPlaying craps throwing this number mean[-S EVEN] she lost >Playing craps throwing this number means he lost (possibly &lit)00 
5253 Week of days to aver ice?Undevilled version: Week of days to averse Venice?00  2  
5256 You probably won't see nutters in the wood stock mast anytime soonYou probably won't see nutters in the Woodstock mass event anytime soon (ref. cancellation of Woodstock 50 and doubts over it's future ; mast = nuts)01