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CompClue wordClueExplanationPosPoints Merits  
2021 Annual Competition136  
August 2021BIBLIOMANIAIn a lib. I am book mad — showing this, OK?comp. anag. & lit., lib.=library921.50  3 
June 2021NELSON/PRINCE (Right & Left)Royal Navy – in charge, one's admiral, slain finally at seaN in price; anag incl.l,n & lit.7263  3 
April 2021ODYSSEYDo say yes to travel, but not a long journeyanag less a, Govt advice paraphrased?170.52  6 
2020 Annual Competition145  
Christmas Special 2020A Christmas List (Anagram)GIN,TONIC,JAM,ROCK,BLAZERS,HIPSTERS,DOZEN T-SHIRTS1023.53  2 
November 2020SUBMARINEOne having to go under for operation is put out with a 'number'anag.7351  3 
September 2020SEVEN (Printer's Devilry)Peasants' Revolt — Wat changing English historyWa/t: Peasants' Revolt was event changing English history (ref. Wat Tyler)5312  1 
February 2020ATONEMENTScapegoat — one men thought would bring this?hidden & lit., ref. Lev.16:21-223351  4 
2019 Annual Competition413.5  
November 2019GENTLEMANAnimated fifth of November glee at end of celebration, finishing with ashen guyanag. incl. m,n,n9160  2 
August 2019STERNUMBone could be problem when eating birdtern in sum235.54  2 
February 2019RAINBOWA sign of hope for couples coming out?double mng, refs LGBT symbol and pairs emerging from Noah's ark (Gen. 9:13)240.51  5 
January 2019PINKWhat's hidden by chap in kilt gets one looking slightly embarrassed maybe!hidden138.51  2 
2018 Annual Competition612  
Christmas Special 2018TURKEY (STONES) (Wrong Number)For me, Christmas is the pits — your take, having demolished seconds, must be different!anag. less o, a; pits138.51  2 
October 2018OPAL (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Many will curse a motorway idiot, but a traffic cone can stop himMany will curse a motorway idiot, but a traffic cop alone can stop him5282  1 
September 2018JOANNA LUMLEYActress originally inspired by a jolly nun — me, possibly?a in anag. & lit., ref. JL's convent education3323  2 
March 2018SEAWATERWhat could make rocky areas wet?anag. & lit.3354  1 
2017 Annual Competition164  
September 2017MAIDENI end flying on something a bit better than BA — VirginMA ( + anag.3433  6 
August 2017HALFPENNYHistorical bit shows Henry VIII taking one female after anotherHal+f+Penny723.53  2 
April 2017CORVUSFirm Republican opposed by American that would put paid to wallCo.+R+v.(=versus)+US, ref. USA-Mexico border controversy914.51  3 
2016 Annual Competition212  
May 2016DISMAYEDBlue dye? Madder is wrong — you don't want red, silly!anag. less anag.722.51  3 
MARCH 2016IMARI (PRINTERS DEVILRY)Can't rump survive the pressure?pr/essure: Can Trump survive the Primaries? Sure!526.52  4 
January 2016PLAIN-JANEResolution for Jan. : I plan termination of booze? Unattractive!anag.incl. e7231  1 
2015 Annual Competition713  
Christmas Special 2015a "FIVE GOLD RINGS" wordPhotographic image of destruction round ancient Middle Eastern cityGRAVURE: Ur in grave9182  5 
August 2015CHESTERFIELDWhere Tony Benn sat spouting leftish creedanag.532.53  4 
June 2015PARLEYVOOMagical lover boy not born a Prince? Frog!anag. less b incl. P, with apologies for definition!10160  2 
April 2015CHOKEYNick contrived to back leader of ConservativesC + hokey, ref. Clegg and Cameron in 2010 Coalition3441  3 
February 2015RED-HOTBe this getting terribly bothered?comp.anag. & lit.1330  2 
January 2015GREEDY GUTSGets endless grub, ye'd fancyanag & lit336.50  9 
2014 Annual Competition107  
Christmas Special 2014MOUSETRAP / HERMITAGE (Right & Left)From secluded abode three Magi diverted, map's detour configured to avoid Herod's ultimate trickanag., anag less d, ref. Matt. 1:129161  3 
July 2014SHOESTRINGOne's girth's spreading? Trainer may get one tightened upanag.238.51  1 
World Cup Special 2014Any 8-letter "PEN" word (Penalty Shoot-out)Inferior Portugal knocked right out — no getting rid of America!TUPPENNY/TUPGOALNY: anag. less r + n(A)y, ref. Group G final positions7211  5 
April 2014MESMERISE (Letters Latent)Charm Miss contrived to ensnare MisterLatent E: Mr in anag.429.51  5 
2013 Annual Competition611.5  
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2013CROSSWORD / CENTENARY (Rhyming Couplet)Oblique linguistic thing that keeps our minds alert
Makes celebration now of Wynne a cert
cross + word, YNNEACERT243.52  2 
March 2013EASTER (Misprint)Prodigal son? Type to enjoy fatted calf, having rejected father initiallyWASTER,(f)easter, Luke chap.1510184  3 
February 2013SPIDERMANMind a spire being awkward? Not I!anag. less i & lit., possibility of steeplejack definition justified generally by other dictionaries and specifically by OED253.52  2 
January 2013PIPSQUEAKI speak up animatedly to defend Queen being described as a 'nobody'Q in anag.,being=person3372  4 
2012 Annual Competition164  
September 2012GUESTIMATE'Mr Smith' staying at hotel with one 'Mrs Smith'? It could be what you reckon!guest + I + mate, ref. suspicion of couple having affair10233  2 
Olympic/Paralympic Challenge 2012DIALOGUE, MONSTER, SCHOOL (DLM)With all the talk of Bolt being due a gold, I knew that giant was the runner most fancied, and though it could have been oh so close he went like a trainTALK/UEAGOLDI, GIANT/NERMOST, OHSOCL/TRAIN526.51  3 
March 2012A "GMT" word (Letters Latent)Groan — he's misfit here (11)(G)OR(M)ENGHAS(T): anag. & lit., Ref Titus Groan in Mervyn Peake trilogy6303  4 
February 2012BISSEXTILESixties belles not half wrinkly in 2012?anag of sixties bel(les)4380  2 
2011 Annual Competition330.5  
July 2011TRUNCHEONTurkey meal without starter for staffTR + (l)uncheon8271  2 
2010 Annual Competition252  
June 2010Any "Double" Word (6 or more letters) (A Game of Two Halves)Crouch has sufficient power for high-kicking actionCANCAN : Crouch, can430.50  4 
2009 Annual Competition311.5  
November 2009Any FireworkSomething dependable for space traveller to go by? (6)Rocket: rock + E.T. (as in film) & lit.9230  3 
September 2009BONESI may come within the designation of 'Bachelor of Surgery'one in BS & lit., nickname for doctor10210  2 
August 2009CABOOSEAffectionate sounds with Wade finally overcoming one B. Stovea B in coos e, ref. 1977 Wimbledon women's singles final625.50  3 
June 2009OSCARNovember — then what? Carols being blasted, pounds being spentphonetic alphabet, anag. less L1530  2 
April 2009MOONSHINE (Letters Latent)Tripe? Cook me with onionsH, anag.188.50  6 
2008 Annual Competition212.5  
September 2008SWATSRebel in middle of lesson? They certainly won't!Wat in ss547.50  5 
August 2008RELAUNCH——— is out : fantastic arrangement for writing author's clue in!comp. anag. & lit.536.50  5 
February 2008TETRAOdd glimpses of The Eternal that could come to those fishing on lake?alternate letters, ref. disciples on Lake Galilee10180  4