The Crossword Centre Clue-Writing Competition

CCCWC July 2011 competition results

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44 clues entered. 40 votes cast (35 competitors, 5 others).


PosNo.NameClueExplanationPoints Merits 
143Luciano WardWhat's cracked head of criminal on the run?Anagram of C ON THE RUN; &lit.452  4  
22Andrew TaylorBaton needed for arrangement of Chopin's Second Nocturne.Anag of H + NOCTURNE.34.52  3  
331Nigel LackRun TC! He fouled on Officer Dibble's equipment?Anagram of 'run tc he' + 'on'33.50  7  
338R.E.BootTorch runner endlessly trained to present the batonanag(torch unne); ref Olympic torch relay33.50  5  
544Dave ParfittWhat's smashed head of criminal on the run?C(riminal) + ONTHERUN all anag. & lit.32.53  3  
618Mike BakerFlailing a ———, one can hurt crookComp. anag & lit; a truncheon* = one can hurt*301  3  
717Margaret IrvineFirst requirement of copper intercepting criminal on the run?C (1st of copper) in (on the run)* &lit291  2  
840Don ManleyTurkey meal without starter for staffTR + (l)uncheon271  2  
91Rob JonesBadly-run techno clubAnag. (techno=dance music)25.52  7  
921Eddie LoobyIt may be used to subdue criminal caught on the runanag C + ON THE RUN25.55  3  
1123 Lunatic caught on the run; one secure in police hands we hope.'c on the run'*24.51  1  
1237 The Officers' Club?Cryptic def.22.55  5  
136 Chopin's 2nd Nocturne remixed?…We hear The Police expected a hit with it!C(h)opin's 2nd + Nocturne(anag)…The Police / pop band.222  6  
1432 Spin 0 hunt with CERN staff?Anag. of O,HUNT,CERN. The surface alludes to CERN's pursuit of the Higgs boson, which is an elementary particle of spin 0.192  6  
1524 One devoted to clubbing – count on her raving, ‘Love to go out!’Anag. 'count on her' less O171  2  
1626 Police club gives a pound off midday meal with turkey starter.Def/TR + [l]uncheon142  6  
1728 Police staff used to strike (9)Double meaning of staff, used to & strike12.52  2  
1815 Dash into alternative techno club (9)RUN into TECHNO*; CLUB being the definition11.50  1  
1910 Constable's use of this for brushes often producing mottled colours?91  5  
1911 Copper stickCan signify def. (or stick made of… or used with old-time laundry copper)90  1  
214 Bobby carries Billy! (9)Double def: Billy = truncheon truncheon is something a "bobby carries"8.50 
2216 Fanciful diving from Hindu converting Swimming Club (9)Fanciful = anagrind to diving. Swimming = anagrind to Hindu converting; minus diving. Club = definition.72  5  
2312 Criminal on the run's caught getting entertained in club (9)(ON THE RUN)* has C(=caught) getting entertained (insertion indicator)61 
2329 Policemen finally cracking trounce hard nuts with this(Policema)n in anag incl h = hard; nuts = crazy & lit60  1  
2330 Press chief in No. 10 to back not entirely honest staffTRU(E) = not entirely honest; CH = chief in NEON = (element) no. 10; def. 'staff', ref. Murdoch(s)60 
2613 Cut piece from joint, scrape carbon off, chew nearly foreverT+cRUNCH+EON50 
2641 Turn, turn, echo before noon; this'll beat you!TURN ECHO anag + N50  1  
287 Club treasurer was short before he entered extraordinary numberTR + UNC(HE)O + N4.51  4  
299 Con-hunter seen with it after breakout?anag. & lit.; i.e. convict-hunter31  2  
3019 Formal meal's cancelled at outset – restaurant's closing, run previously with short staff(l)uncheon after (restauran)t r2.51  4  
318 con hunter may be used to beat you into submission.con + hunter = truncheon ( verb to beat )21  1  
3134 Staff producing formal midday meal with bits of trout for starterDefinition = staff luncheon with tr(out) for l(uncheon)20  1  
333 Beater on the beat?Beater (weapon) on the beat (police jargon)11 
335 Carve eel, cunner – hot, cookedAnag.10  2  
3322 Law enforcement agent in crisis clubs away from time to time (9)(c)RUNCH in T EON10 
3627 Police staff lost in Incheon after wrong turnTRUN (wrong TURN) – IN (lost in) + INCHEON = TRUNCHEON (Police staff: definition). Incheon is a South Korean city.0.50 
3714 Cut single I need to fulfil hundred(RUN + CHE) in TON : Ref: cricket; CUT(n) – a piece cut off = TRUNCHEON(n); fill = fulfil00  1  
3720 Holding club, crunch blue not surprisingly!&lit clue. anagram of (crunch blue not) without (club) with "holding" used in the sense of "hold the mayo" for the anagram construction. Also using truncheon as verb which i found as archaic use of the word on, online dictionary site.00  1  
3725 "Pig-stick?" leads to tedious reminiscences' over almost an entire meal in officers' clubDown clue. Double def.: "Pig-stick?" [See OED for this formation = "a boar hunt"] / "officers' club". T(edious) + R(eminiscences) + (l)UNCHEON00 
3733 Staff in underclothing gild this messily(gild truncheon)*00 
3735 Staff time manage with Swiss timedef: Staff = TRUNCHEON: T+RUN with CH+EON00  2  
3736 Staff told to prepare lukewarm bath in kinky noteDefn: Staff. "RUN C H" in NOTE*00  2  
3739 Trustee left out of noon social buffet with a short staff (9)TR+left out of noon social = (l)UNCHEON/buffet with a short staff = Definition TRUNCHEON, verb01  1  
3742 Use heavy stick and bone to bleed radiators? One is strange!T(bone)+RUN(bleed)+CH(central heating)+ONE*. Defined as vt.00